u back

can’t believe that 1 month from now
  • I will have graduated w/ my Bachelor of Science
  • I will have just seen Bon Iver, Chance the Rapper, Sylvan Esso, etc. with my best friend @ Boston Calling
  • I will be packing up the best bedroom I’ve ever had into my car
  • driving 3.5 hours home from New Hampshire for the last time in 4 years
  • unloading my life in boxes at home in Connecticut again, returning to my house a completely different person than when I left in 2013
  • living again in a suburban, soccer mom, city-like town – a vast difference from rural NH 
  • living again close to NYC and having access to a lot of the stores and locations I missed while at school in NH
  • but at the same time, living again in a place completely devoid of the charm and calm that exists here
  • trying to figure out my life while still taking my mom’s repeated advice to “just relax, have fun”
  • beginning prep for the GRE, looking for a job of some kind (any kind)
  • just…..completely not having any of the structure that class and studying and meetings have afforded me these last 4 years
  • having to learn how to make my own structure? jeez

life is so strange and fast


[YOI model AU] Viktor’s lingerie collection runway show ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) basically just variations of the eros outfit without the mesh part…and pants. and i imagine they got DJ Beka playing in the bg for this Victor’s Secret runway show ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

god I can’t stop thinking about Yuuri’s added wink in the BD version of ep10…


finally finished this monster of a painting WHEW
done in about 7 hours! started as stress relief and then painted during breaks of working on jaj!

sanvers high school au where alex has a big gay crush on maggie and starts an anonymous instagram poetry account where she writes cheesy sapphic poetry

and then it BLOWS UP and the whole school is following it and speculating who the author is because it gets really fucking romantic and all these girls are swooning and alex swears to never come clean because it’s embarrassing af 

and people start trying to compare everyone’s handwriting to this account’s but alex manages to get away with it because she’s one of those people who can write in like 7 different fonts of handwriting

but duh maggie knows it’s alex because they’ve had english together since freshman year and she always sees the little poems alex doodles in the margins but she doesn’t know it’s meant for her but she’s had a crush on alex for AGES

so she starts quoting alex to alex in all of their conversations and alex starts bugging out and realises that maggie knows but she’s still too nervous to make the first move

so she writes a poem that’s explicitly about maggie (idk dimples and short or some other shit) and maggie pulls her behind the bleachers and kisses her and alex was like ‘they were all about you, you know’ 

and then they make out a bit more