u babe ugh

this is such a failure transparent imo and i needed to get rid of this thing that was covering part of sweden’s hat so i hope it isn’t too noticeable that i edited his hat 


feel free to use c:

dane dehaan spam time




What about a serious dane, eh?

happy dane

sad/depressed dane

angry dane

no expression dane

dorky dane

very happy dane

Modeling dane?

fetus dane

sleepy dane


if you think Dane DeHaan isn’t the hottest person alive then please consult your eye doctor

First pics of Bob in 2016 and it looks as though he’s dead-set on keeping one of his New Year’s resolutions, 

which is to remain inexplicably super-duper cute–

More power to you, Bob.

anonymous asked:

Yes Milleeee please give me some hot luge ! You would save my useless life *heavy breathing*

not an easy mission for me but i try my best
this post is probably going to be very long and i really try to exclude my weird fetishes like his moustache ok? ok

so i guess hip thrusting is always good right especially with some horny dinosaurs next to him

talking about hip thrusts: don’t miss any chinese overdose performance

btw gege’s selfie game is oh so strong 

or heavy-breathing-ready-for-a-fight-gege 

did i already mention hip thrusts?

or the overdose perfomance

luge claiming his manliness ok still hot af

i should actually mention every single part of his body like have you ever noticed his majestic thighs

or jawline

oh some overdose perfomance

and another one


you don’t even need to see his front side tbh

but sure if you want to his non existent abs give me chills

business-suit-and-tie-lu is important tbh don’t look at his hands fixing his belt

but don’t forget his elle photoshoot haha

but yah you don’t need to show some skin if you want to be attractive idek why but my panties turned into the niagara falls 

business lu

hot high school teenage lu

some more business lu

back to bare chested lu

idk where to stop his cocky smile tho

just imagine- nvm

oh wait

i know where to stop ignore hot important rocker!lu

did i already mention overdo-

ok bye