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voltron band au

band au bc???? i fucken wanna ok 


  • shiro is the lead singer n he has one of the most velvety voices ever?? and everyone is like holy shit ma n,,, like holy fuck. he used to just sing in choirs and stuff but he eventually put that aside once befriending the rest of the band. his folks back at his small hometown weren’t exactly happy with his choice of music, but they’re proud enough. but not only can he sing, he can play the guitar too. shiro stans are constantly talking about his sharp handsome features along with his muscles. out of the band, hes the most collected of them all but has a bit of a goofy side that the fans freak out over. 
  • keith plays lead guitar and is a fucking beast at it. everyones a fan of keith’s guitar solos. his electric guitar is colored red and is named the Red Paladin. keith has been playing the guitar since age 8 when he was first put into guitar lessons. additionally, keith adds his own vocals at times and sometimes sings solos in songs. keith stans are attracted to him for his emo-like persona and a few jokingly refer to him as gerard way (which keith doesnt mind until the rest of the band begins calling him that too) and a lot of the fans are attracted to his ~mysterious~ personality. despite looking the scariest, hes actually a puppy at heart and is probably the dorkiest of the group 
  • lance plays the bass and plays it like a god. his rhythm is smooth and constant and everyone’s got a thing for his bass solos. he owns a blue bass that he calls the Blue Paladin (a mirror to keith’s guitar). he first self taught himself the guitar at age 12 and then further on taught himself how to play the bass. he too provides vocals and the group all agrees that he harmonizes best with keith. to the fanbase, he is revered as memelord and king of shitpost. hes the one whos constantly dabbing and making awful jokes at concerts. lance stans love him for his charisma and oozing confidence. he is one of the funniest and light hearted of the band. 
  • pidge plays the keyboard and can play at such a fast rate it rivals sonic’s speed (lance’s words). when shes playing the keyboard she is completely in the zone, eyes trained as her fingers glide across her instrument. in between songs at concerts though, shes always ready to provide a joke at the expense of her teammates (all in love ofc). shes also the one in charge of the effects that go on during concerts (aka how lights will go, whats on the monitors, etc). the smartest of the bunch, pidge is also considered the most savage and wont hold anything back. pidge stans love her for her fiery personality and just maybe bc pidge is adorably tiny 
  • hunk plays the drums and is phenomenal. hes always so enthusiastic to play and has the most energy to play during a concert. his beats are the backbone of their songs and as a member is the heart of the band. he began playing the drums at a young age and was always fascinated by music. he lovingly refers to his drum set as the yellow paladin and he insists pidge call her keyboard the green paladin but she finds it ridiculous. he is also the one they depend on to fix their instruments and equipment, seeing as hes rather handy with those things. hunk’s fanbase loves him for his kind personality and humor. along with keith, he too is a bit of a puppy and the fans l ov e it. hes also the most hard working of the band, always the last one to leave the studio bc he just HAS to get this right. 
  • allura is actually a solo artist herself and was the one who discovered them. she saw them playing at one of their small gigs one time and decided that they needed to tour with her. she is the daughter of alfor altea, owner and creator of Altea Records. allura offers the band a recording label there, to which they agree to gladly. as a solo artist, she has a large following. her voice is known in the business for being so powerful with her barely trying. she serves as a mentor to the band and helps as much as she can. 
  • coran is allura’s manager and works for alfor at altea records. as allura’s manager, he also doubles as the band’s manager too. very quirky and a bit of an oddball, coran always has ideas and is the best when it comes to PR. he too is known by the fans as manager and often stars in the band + allura’s social media. this gains coran a few fans that hes awfully proud of and thinks its the best thing in the universe. (he also lowkey totally has a crush on alfor but as if hed ever act on that but in reality alfor is trying his best to make it known to the redhead that his feelings are reciprocated) 
  • um ofc the band’s name is Voltron what did u expect 
  • shiro and keith were the first ones of the band basically. keith convinced shiro that his voice was fucking good as hell man and that he should quit choir and maybe start up something new 
    • they end up meeting pidge, lance, and hunk after performing at some open mic night bc lance decided hed insult the song they performed (which keith wrote) it was eventually settled when lance admitted that shiro’s voice was amazing though and that keith’s guitar playing was pretty good
      • “not too good of course”
    • after a week or so when shiro first learns that the others play instruments, it hits him that theyve been whats missing all along and eventually they all come together and form voltron 
  • despite originally clashing, keith and lance actually make a pretty good team and write some of the best lyrics together 
  • shiro is constantly acting as a buffer for each of them, often at times having to cross out inappropriate lyrics or song choices
    • “for the last time, pidge, we’re not gonna write a song about birds fucking”
    • “its a perfectly good song and you know it" 
  • hunk coming up with the best beats and rhythms and all out of nowhere just because he was randomly tapping his hands against some object 
  • pidge playing pranks on them during concerts and one time steals shiro’s mic when he’s occupied on a different part of the stage 
  • um yeah ofc the fans ship #klance and the two blush and get flustered over it every time its mentioned but they get together eventually bc honestly everyone saw it coming 
  • the top two things people look forward to in meet and greets: touching shiro’s bicep and getting to experience one of hunk’s bear hugs 
  • fans know about hunk’s passion for cooking so they like to tweet him about it. some even go as far as gifting him food and its honestly the sweetest thing ever
    • hunk sends out a personalized thank you tweet to everyone who gives him food
  • keith is constantly being asked by the fans to wear eyeliner
    • emo style bc they already have shiro wearing winged eyeliner
  • the band going through the the internet to see what fans are saying and being simultaneously overwhelmed with happiness and also confused as to what the hell theyre going on about
    • “why are they calling me daddy? am i a fatherly figure?" 
    • ”…im a sinnamon roll”
    • “wait who the fuck just called me a rip off pete wentz”
    • “why are people making so many memes of keith but not me?? the actual memelord??”
    • “someone just called me a cinnamon roll?? thats the most adorable compliment ever"
  • allura constantly having to Stop them from posting awful things on their social media 
    • “shiro i dont think #dicksoutforharambe is the social movement you want your name tagged onto”
    • “but lance said it was for a good cause”
  • everyone in the band realizes that coran is head over heels for alfor and finds it both hilarious and endearing but also sad bc?? hes so oblivious?? its so obvious alfor likes him back smh 
    • except for lance though. he isnt even aware until hunk makes a joke about coran and alfors’ wedding 
  • their fanbase being called paladins bc why not
    • (sorry im not letting it be called quiznaks. i cant let us be called fucks i just cant)
  • band selfies more like “pidge i understand its difficult for you to be seen but you dont have to stand on the table–no dont argue its not safe”
  • pidge can secretly rap hella good and decides to showcase it one time in lance’s snapchat story
  • lance wont stop making lance bass jokes and no one knows why exactly
  • o god hunk driving all the fans wild when he throws his drum sticks out to the crowd at the end of a concert and is smiling widely in all his sweat filled glory
  • also shiro totally always purposely wears sleeveless shirts at concerts bc Oh Yeah
    • o and also shiro still has a prosthetic arm in this au just saying 
  • hunk and pidge fucking around with the stage equipment and stuff for shits n giggles
    • until allura and shiro find them n tell them to stop
  • one time lance is told to do the opening to one of their songs at a concert and he just strums his bass idly before saying “anyway, here’s wonderwall”
  • oh my god keith answering interviewer’s questions impulsively without thinking
    • “what part are you from?”
    • “my mother’s womb part”
  • they all adopt a black cat as their band mascot (irl they just wanted a cat) named voltron who constantly wears a multi colored sweater (red,blue,yellow,green) which was knitted personally by lance.

,,,,,,,,, b an d a u


You know, I keep hoping that I’m gonna wake up and that you’ll be gone.

schoolboy! jeno


- aight 

- so

- you guys go to the same school but don’t really know each other 

- actually, you never heard of jeno but he never heard of you so-

- but then

- during ultimate frisbee tryouts, you accidentally throw a frisbee at his face

- so y'all need to go to the nurses


- “ya,,,,,just a lil bloody”


- somehow u both made the team

- so like y'all became pretty close

- even tho u threw a frisbee at his face in your first encounter

- anyway

- so u guys become close right, like close enough to go to each others houses n shit

- cause u b struggling with homework and needs ya homeboi to help u

- n secretly he realized he liked u

- like one day, he just noticed u

- you know what I’m saying

- like, he saw your beauty for all its worth, and since then, he’s been totally in love w u

- its pretty obvious

- during practice n tournaments, he only passes to u

- and always compliments you-


- “jeno thats like ur 9839893th time saying it to me, i think i get it”

-” bUt itS SoO gOOd!!!!!!”

- lol dis boi has no chill

- everyone on the team knows

- even you (he doesn’t know that part tho)

- so they plan on getting u two together

- and so jaemin being jenos bff aside from u

- creates this masterplan on getting yall’s together by “accidentally” throwing a frisbee at jeno’s face 

- plan doesn’t work though cause u just laugh at him while he n jaemin start chucking discs at each other

- plan b was to “accidentally” trip jeno and you would help him

- but nope, you didn’t help him. you laughed at him

- literally after like 83983983 plans

- jaemin just told u that jeno liked you

- honestly he gave up

- but its ok tho cause you like him back

- so then jaemin spilled da beans to jeno who

- was!!!so!!!happy!!!!

- and now calls b wheeling

- bUT!!!!

- jeno gets the courage to ask you out

- its the most glorious thing you’ve ever seen

- just imagine jeno stuttering while holding roses and looking down at the ground 


- time skip 2 months

- y'all r now that couple

- like the one everyone wants

- but can’t have

- like you guys walk to and from school together

- walk to your next classes together

- do everything together


- ok so ofc its related to frisbee

- it was the city championships rite

- and y'all were, catch this:

- ONE POINT AWAY FROM WINNING (y'all were at your 14th point)

- and jeno wasn’t on the same shift as u

- which made him sad

- but 

- you were in the end zone

- and the handler throws you the frisbee cause u made a really nice cut and deeked out your defender

- but the throw was too high




- so then jeno like rushes onto the field

- and kisses u

- right there

- in front of everybody

- u didn’t care tho




- goals

- yo storytime

- when u met


- okokokok so


- and y'all were cuddling on the couch while playing mario kart or smth

- thEN aLL oF a suDDEn 

- his parents like barge into the house

- but freeze when they see you

- “,,,,,,jeno,,,,is this the girl you always talked about?”

- “mo-,,,,,ya”



- lol how old r y'all again? like 17 lol

- anyway u and jeno like couldn’t look at each other

- for a solid hour

- but its ok



- the mom tries to be all overprotective

- but she soon realizes that ur an innocent lil rice bun that doesn’t mean harm :(

- moving on

- jeno luvs u sm like kjskcdfhdcsxchfnsxjdms he is gonna go all out for u

- he spoils u to death

- and just


- appreciate him pls





it’s okay to not be grateful for your parents. If they weren’t good to you, you don’t owe them anything. not your trust, time, or gratitude. I know it’s easy to fall into feeling guilty for this, but I promise you that you don’t owe them anything.

How To: Interrail

This time 2 years ago I packed my life in to a backpack and set off around Europe for 3 months. My only mode of transport was to be trains and walking, A LOT of walking. Interrailing is a steep learning curve and I’m going to start by saying I was lucky I got to learn in ‘off-peak’ season. If you plan to go in summer a lot more planning is involved before you set off because, believe me when I say, trains and hostels get booked up extremely quickly, especially in western Europe (Germany, France, Italy etc.). Unfortunately I discovered this the hard way at the end of my trip in June: I had booked a few days at a surf camp in Spain and hadn’t reaaalllly thought about how to get there… from Slovenia.

I got a fair few questions after I got back, from other people who wanted to try interrailing. And honestly I didn’t find all the information I had needed online when I was researching. So, I hope this helps anyone curious about the journey and what you might encounter.


Going to get straight to the point here and mention the ultimate maker/breaker of a trip. For me, £3000 = 3 months. But I stayed a lot in eastern Europe which is generally considered to be cheaper and at certain points in the journey I was STRICT. If you don’t want to think “how many nights could I stay in a hostel for this price” every time you eat, you may want to consider taking a bit more. But it’s definitely possible.

You will want an emergency fund not accessible for you to use unless the situation is desperate. I’m talking “I don’t know if I can get home” desperate, not “I can’t have any beer today” desperate (as tempting as it might be). A savings account is probably your best bet.

I spent a week in Norway ‘woofing’ just outside of Oslo. Google it. It’s an amazing way to save money and meet incredibly interesting people! The couple who hosted us were amazing at introducing us to the Scandinavian culture and I really felt like I knew the place after we left. But make sure you read host reviews because, I know, at first I thought it sounded like the start of a horror film too.

What ticket do I need?

Interrail offers you a variety of options which can be hard to get your head around at first. I bought 3, 10 days within 22 days global tickets, with a gap of a few days in between each. If you don’t plan to train every day you may as well save the extra money for your travels. I would recommend spending at least one full ‘non-travel’ day in each place, because cramming in culture in all different countries is exhausting. You can then allow yourself the freedom to stay longer in places you really fall in love with! (For us this was Krakow)

Can I go alone?

ABSOLUTELY. You brave person you. I traveled with a friend but to be honest, we both felt we could have easily gone alone after our experience (it might even have been easier but we wouldn’t admit this). Even in March and April the hostels were incredibly sociable places and everyone chatted to anyone over dinner/drinks. The hostels often arrange activities where people can meet and you’ll come across many like minded people also traveling alone. You may even find you have an unanticipated companion for a few places.

One lone traveler who I asked about this explained the experience as: “Look, for me it’s like shopping. I can get done what I want to in the day, and if i want company in the evening, I can have it.” Going alone might have saved a few arguments along the way.


When all else fails, point and mime. Or do what my dad does and speak slowly in English with an accent. You will be fine. All… ok, nearly all hostels will be able to communicate in a range of languages.

*Special mention to sleeper trains, you beautiful mode of transport. I cherish those nights spent pressed against the roof of a dusty train, too hot to sleep for more than an hour. But it’s one of those ‘experiences’. You know, the ones everyone talks about when trading stories over a beer in the hostel bar. Don’t be frightened of them, they’re a great way to save money on a hostel - you won’t need one for a night. But do take a padlock and keep close to your luggage…


People without people

                             Jennifer Jareau

apocalypse!seventeen au

hip hop team edition


  • gathered his boys fast as lightening when he realised what was going down in the world, seemed like he’d been planning for a zombie outbreak his entire life
  • “i’ll keep you all safe, no matter what.”
  • leader in pre apocalypse life, leader during apocalypse life
  • found a base to set everyone up in in like 2 days
  • a scavenger through and through: he’s always willing to put his life on the line despite every1 telling him to get some REST  
  • weapon of choice: big ass kitchen knives. he isn’t playin
  • prefers to team up with wonwoo on serious missions, his bff no.1 soldier
  • but at “home” (a fortified convenience store) he’s 110% all over jeonghan who is 120% okay with the attention
  • “seungcheol i’m going out” “no jeonghan honey u stay inside put ya feet up i got this”
  • tries to keep out of the petty rivalries but lowkey has a scavenging competition with joshua
  • outfit of choice: white t shirt (imagine the grime), cargo pants n heavy duty boots
  • and ok but
  • s t u b b l e


  • the most reliable scavenger of the group… and the tsundere
  • goes about his scavenging missions with a face of steely indifference, eyes are incredibly watchful of his surroundings, and always lookin’ fine
  • when he has a moment to himself he has a small stash of books he’s collected in his area, loves to sit down and read to distance himself from the reality of his situation
  • but most of the time he’s not alone, he’s being pestered by mingyu who is desperate for skinship
  • always gives him “the look” but secretly he doesn’t mind sitting quietly together
  • hates going for scavenging missions with anyone other than seungcheol, minghao or soonyoung bc he couldn’t stand someone getting hurt on his watch 
  • particularly mingyu
  • when mingyu once got scratched by a zombie and had to be put on quarantine he couldn’t forgive himself, and sat brooding in agony that his dearest (boy)friend might die because of him (thankfully mingyu made it) (i want to write this as a scenario oow)
  • weapon of choice is a sword… purely because i think he’d look princely and majestic
  • outfit of choice is black, anything black, everything black. he must become one with the night. probably owns black leather trousers because they “give good protection” . ok hun


  • i have trouble picturing mingyu this apocalypse au because honestly he’d probably die early on in some ridiculous accident (sorry bb)
  • but thankfully he has his squad to depend on so miraculously, he lives on
  • “i don’t know. maybe being a survivor is just, like, in my blood.”
  • the dedicated chef of the group, loves trying to make things out of tinned foods and things nobody would ever want to eat (this sometimes ends in disaster)
  • always whiny about going outside to help the scavenging squad but he’s nearly always banished back inside by wonwoo who gives him the aforementioned “look”
  • master of cards among the “inside group”, aka the hermits who are always left to protect the base. he’ll kick ur ass at blackjack
  • cheerful vitamin of the group, persistent to the point of annoying people when things aren’t looking good or someone is going through a down period
  • but when he was quarantined everyone was insanely worried about him, esp. wonwoo who sat outside his room the entire time
  • he teased them all about it when he was in the clear
  • “i knew u guys loved me…”
  • weapon of choice is a baseball bat, never gets the chance to use it but loves pretending to smash zombies with it to demonstrate his prowess
  • outfit of choice: distressed denim jeans, various shirts with inappropriate english phrases on them and a single pair of trainers which are now incredibly dirty (same, i’m not in the apocalypse i’m just very lazy)


  • when the breakout first happened, he isolated himself in the group and stayed inside a lot: he didn’t really see himself as an asset because he wasn’t physically the strongest and he also wasn’t great at diy and helping with fortifying their base
  • seungcheol noticed this and asked him to come out scavenging one day
  • vernon’s reaction: fear, dear god the fear. but he went anyways because momma ain’t raise no quitter
  • and on the mission they were pretty much backed into the corner without an escape plan, and vernon showed his greatest ability for the group: his creative mind
  • so now he’s the lead strategist for the group, making himself somewhat of an apprentice to seungcheol
  • “i don’t know if i’ll be much help, but…”
  • is one of the most innocent of the group, dislikes seeing any type of gore and cringes when any zombie is killed bc he thinks about their past life
  • writes a daily diary and keeps track of the date even tho it has no purpose anymore
  • sometimes he gets emotional about the past but he keeps it to himself and curls up in his sleeping bag so he doesn’t burden anyone else
  • protect this puppy
  • the master of sad ‘i’m okay’ smiles
  • but sometimes when they’re all sitting by a fire and playing cards or just talking he smiles a genuine smile or lets out a laugh and it is like a ray of sun,, we are saved,, the crops are watered all the zombies r dead (again)
  • weapon of choice: a small knife, rarely used but enough to get him out of a tight situation
  • outfit of choice: the king of comfy clothes, hoards big jumpers and hoodies, probably goes on scouting missions wearing trackies

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(GUESS WHO) in light of our constant sobbing over these two, I would love no. 3 with Alfred and Jay (it can be adult Jay or bby Jay I'll leave that up to you!) <3

thank u so much for sending AND SORRY FOR THE WAIT <333 

Here they are Alfred and Jason. hurt/comfort, timeline?? what timeline. it’s not their first meeting after jay’s resurrection I know that. <33 pls enjoy

3. please don’t leave 

Jason shouldn’t be here.

Coming to the manor for a few books he likes is one of his worst ideas. The weather is dreadful, snow reaching his ankle, cold biting his skin as he strolls to the side of the manor, close to his old window.

The security system is down which means Alfred had stayed home instead of going to grocery shopping. Huh, that’s fine. Jason is going to be quiet and won’t make a ruckus. Alfred won’t even know he was there.

He isn’t avoiding Alfred.

He is only keeping his distance so he won’t crumble and break down in front of those sharp eyes, seeing everything Jason wants to hide in the back of his mind. Alfred just knows him too much. Even after he came back to life, their conversation never has turned to his death or his resurrection and Jason wants to keep it that way.

It’s not the first time Jason is in the manor after his death but it feels like it. The stuffing feeling seeing his books on the shelves, the bed reminding him all the time he was awake in the morning hours reading instead of sleeping.

It’s a bitter reminder what he lost but he can only blame himself in the end.

He exhales a shaky breath as he stands in front of his bookshelf. Before he can choose the books, his door opens and it’s Alfred standing in the door, calm and collected like always as if Jason’s presence is welcomed.

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he turns in with the tide.

you swear you’ve seen this beach before
on your feet. a pistol in hand. in the sand.
on your back / your knees / his thighs
his knife / this glass / your blood /

oh, your blood.
oh, this love.
oh, his indifference face it,
he’s got some intimacy issues.
hell, his intimacy issues
have intimacy issues.

cuts to the core. still don’t touch.
to the marrow / the bone / the shards
still in your knees / his thighs / 
his eyes are something tender.
his teeth, sharp glass.
his heart, well, honey that’s
something else entirely.

you’ll build him a monument of bodies.
a church / a funeral pyre / a holy place
on the beach / on the beach / on the -
the heat orb rises. it rises
scrapes the sky, 
drains into the sea.

your fingertips are charred.
if you touch him / will it burn?
if you touch him / will it
make you bleed?

you hope it does.
you hope / it does.

your nightmares have teeth.
they wash out with the tide.

—  MEMORIES TO BREAK // h.x.l.
(dear @slaughtervoid)

this stuff is getting 2 the point where i’m gonna have to………..that’s right , folks……..actually talk to someone abt it…….or smthing

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listen one trans guy to another but hips rlly dont make or break a guy and if it bothers u that much there should b some spanx or something body forming u could wear? :( but also its ok who cares live ur life and b happy and cosplay whomstve ever

mm i should look into that thanks bro
also thanks for the encouragement aa

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Is it okay to ask why lesbian separatism is bad? I thought it was lesbian living w other lesbians, hope u have a good day!

ok im gonna try 2 answer this as well as i can !

lesbian separatism has historically been… a whole load of Bad.

even jus in what u say ur perception of it is, lesbians livin w other lesbians, that’s a red flag 2 me bc what makes lesbians so different frm mga women? surely if we were gonna b separate frm like, straight society or w/e, it would b w all women who love other women, not just lesbians?

lez separatism has been biphobic frm the start. it has also always been transmisogynistic - radical lesbian feminist separatism in the 60s/70s is where TWERF rhetoric began. it’s the same shit. it’s also racist - both in that the majority white separatists were directly racist 2wards lesbians of colour, n in that separatism in general doesnt rly take intersection of oppressed identities into account.

this is how it ends up bein so white and cisgender, tbh - it’s a lot harder 2 attach urself solely 2 a group linked by 1 aspect of ur identity if u r also oppressed on other axes. it’s tradin off parts of ur identity in favour of others. as said by barbara smith et al. in the combahee river collective statement (april 1977):

“As we have already stated, we reject the stance of Lesbian separatism because it is not a viable political analysis or strategy for us. It leaves out far too much and far too many people, particularly Black men, women, and children. We have a great deal of criticism and loathing for what men have been socialized to be in this society: what they support, how they act, and how they oppress. But we do not have the misguided notion that it is their maleness, per se—i.e., their biological maleness—that makes them what they are. As BIack women we find any type of biological determinism a particularly dangerous and reactionary basis upon which to build a politic. We must also question whether Lesbian separatism is an adequate and progressive political analysis and strategy, even for those who practice it, since it so completely denies any but the sexual sources of women’s oppression, negating the facts of class and race.”

in essence, im of the opinion that lez separatism is bad 4 these reasons:

  • lez separatism is historically a transmisogynistic, racist, biphobic movement. this should b enough 2 turn every1 off it, bc we shouldnt put any energy in2 ideologies that have n continue 2 hurt our siblings. if u want sources of like, concrete examples of bad shit lesbian separatism has done, i dont have the energy 2 sift thru and find the right stuff but i promise u it’s only a google search away!! it’s all there..
  • separatism is never intersectional. tbh there’s a huge amount of privilege in bein able 2 focus wholly on 1 aspect of ur self. we need 2 strive 2 fight all oppressions, not just 1, not 1 at a time - all. bc theyre all so closely linked.
  • separatism will never save any of us. shutting off from the wider world might keep u safer (except, as ive explained, only if u fit certain requirements - separatist movements r always unforgiving of difference frm their ingroup standard). however, if we r 2 fight oppression, we surely want 2 dismantle the structures n systems that hold us down? splitting off into ourselves doesnt do anything 2 fight. it would reshape society 2 accommodate us as we r currently seen, rather than breakin down the social classes that facilitate our oppression.

lmk if anything doesnt make sense 2 u!! i’ll try 2 explain better, im not v good at explainin things tbh so. hope this helps