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You know, I keep hoping that I’m gonna wake up and that you’ll be gone.

Cause loving you, loving you is too hard
All I do, all I do's not enough
Loving you, loving you
I cannot be loving you, loving you
Loving you, loving you leaves me hurt
All I do, all I do is get burnt
Loving you, loving you
I cannot be loving you, loving you

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People without people

                             Jennifer Jareau

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A - Age:  ten days away from 18 
B - Biggest fear:  loneliness?? 
C - Current time: 8:07 pm
D - Drink you last had: Water 
E - Every day starts with: turning off my radio alarm and playing my own music B)
F - Favourite song: Mad World - Gary Jules
G - Ghosts are they real: nah son
I - In love with: like 20 fictional characters 
K - Killed someone: no way
L - Last time you cried: surprisingly, I don’t remember
M - Middle name: Renée
N - Number of siblings: one
O - One wish: to have a decent paying job :’)
P - Person you last called/texted: my mom
Q - Questions you are always asked: “how’s it going?” “are you ok?” ( the latter probs bc I scream a lot lm a o  DRAMA QUEEN HERE )
R - Reasons to smile: oh my gosh have you seen kittens lately the WAY THEYRE SO WOBBLY AND LITTLE THEY DESERVE SUNSHINE AND LOVE
S - Song last sang: Go Tell Aunt Rhody - Resident Evil 7 soundtrack :’) 
T - Time you woke up: 6:47 am dont ask why my alarm time is so oddly specific it just is
U - Underwear colour: grey
V - Vacation destination: Italy bc history !!! yELLS 
W - Worst habit: not thinking before I speak,, does that count
X - X-Rays you’ve had: just dental :0
Y - Your favourite food: atm I’d say cottage cheese?? 
Z - Zodiac sign: Pisces

it’s okay to not be grateful for your parents. If they weren’t good to you, you don’t owe them anything. not your trust, time, or gratitude. I know it’s easy to fall into feeling guilty for this, but I promise you that you don’t owe them anything.

anonymous asked:

Is it okay to ask why lesbian separatism is bad? I thought it was lesbian living w other lesbians, hope u have a good day!

ok im gonna try 2 answer this as well as i can !

lesbian separatism has historically been… a whole load of Bad.

even jus in what u say ur perception of it is, lesbians livin w other lesbians, that’s a red flag 2 me bc what makes lesbians so different frm mga women? surely if we were gonna b separate frm like, straight society or w/e, it would b w all women who love other women, not just lesbians?

lez separatism has been biphobic frm the start. it has also always been transmisogynistic - radical lesbian feminist separatism in the 60s/70s is where TWERF rhetoric began. it’s the same shit. it’s also racist - both in that the majority white separatists were directly racist 2wards lesbians of colour, n in that separatism in general doesnt rly take intersection of oppressed identities into account.

this is how it ends up bein so white and cisgender, tbh - it’s a lot harder 2 attach urself solely 2 a group linked by 1 aspect of ur identity if u r also oppressed on other axes. it’s tradin off parts of ur identity in favour of others. as said by barbara smith et al. in the combahee river collective statement (april 1977):

“As we have already stated, we reject the stance of Lesbian separatism because it is not a viable political analysis or strategy for us. It leaves out far too much and far too many people, particularly Black men, women, and children. We have a great deal of criticism and loathing for what men have been socialized to be in this society: what they support, how they act, and how they oppress. But we do not have the misguided notion that it is their maleness, per se—i.e., their biological maleness—that makes them what they are. As BIack women we find any type of biological determinism a particularly dangerous and reactionary basis upon which to build a politic. We must also question whether Lesbian separatism is an adequate and progressive political analysis and strategy, even for those who practice it, since it so completely denies any but the sexual sources of women’s oppression, negating the facts of class and race.”

in essence, im of the opinion that lez separatism is bad 4 these reasons:

  • lez separatism is historically a transmisogynistic, racist, biphobic movement. this should b enough 2 turn every1 off it, bc we shouldnt put any energy in2 ideologies that have n continue 2 hurt our siblings. if u want sources of like, concrete examples of bad shit lesbian separatism has done, i dont have the energy 2 sift thru and find the right stuff but i promise u it’s only a google search away!! it’s all there..
  • separatism is never intersectional. tbh there’s a huge amount of privilege in bein able 2 focus wholly on 1 aspect of ur self. we need 2 strive 2 fight all oppressions, not just 1, not 1 at a time - all. bc theyre all so closely linked.
  • separatism will never save any of us. shutting off from the wider world might keep u safer (except, as ive explained, only if u fit certain requirements - separatist movements r always unforgiving of difference frm their ingroup standard). however, if we r 2 fight oppression, we surely want 2 dismantle the structures n systems that hold us down? splitting off into ourselves doesnt do anything 2 fight. it would reshape society 2 accommodate us as we r currently seen, rather than breakin down the social classes that facilitate our oppression.

lmk if anything doesnt make sense 2 u!! i’ll try 2 explain better, im not v good at explainin things tbh so. hope this helps