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Bliss | Jimin, You

I am currently watching Yuri on Ice. And this is what came out of it

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Nothing else has ever made my heart beat before you came along

Jimin took in a deep breath before opening his eyes to the flashing lights and the loud cheers, but most of all, the music he was all too familiar with.

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chenle confessINg

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wow looking back at this i rly got carried away :”))))). i love china line so much thank you for requesting this hunty xoxo :-))) i hope you enjoy!!! - admin amy

- ok so you how you met chenle

- in english class you had to go into groups for a project

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I want you.  (G.G.)

▹ Short Imagine

A/N: Hope u like it anon! request stuff here.  love u -i 


“Wow” You panted 

“Yea, that was good” Gerald said breathlessly 

You got up from the bed and put your clothes on.  

“Go to the studio G,  E-40 is waiting at the studio for you” You said to G 

“Okay, let’s have dinner tonight” G said getting dressed 

“Ehh, how about round two tonight?” 

“What ever you want” He smirked 

G left the house and went to the studio.  G is your best friend, who isn’t really your best friend since you guys hook up practically everyday of the week.  G was tired of partying and you were tired of dating guys who have no life so one day you guys planned to become friends with benefits.  

You’ve known him since he was 13 when he actually started rapping.  Now you’re his person, you could say.  You keep him on track and out of trouble.  You always thought you had feelings for G but you weren't sure.  If you did it wouldn’t work because he is always on tour.  

You walked down stairs to the living room and grabbed your car keys.  Once you found them you went to your car and drove to the mall.  

After 15 minutes of driving you arrived to the mall and got out of the car.  You walked to the entrance and people automatically recognized who you were.  Everyone knows you as G-Eazy’s girlfriend.  Even though you aren’t dating him, people make stuff up.  

You walked  into a random store and looked through the clothes.  Your phone dinged.  

G: Hey, come to the house I have a surprise!

Y/N: Okay, I’m at the mall Omw

You went through another store and bought a few items that were appealing.  Once you checked out you went to your car and drove home.  When you drove up the drive way you saw G’s car and smiled, he was home.  

You unlocked the front door and went into the house.  

“G??” You said 

“In the living room, baby” He said 

You left your bags by the front door and place your keys on the table by the door.  You went to the living room and found G sitting on his phone.  

“Hey, how was the mall?” He asked 

“Good, how about the studio?”

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about, I’m going on tour” 

“Okay? nothing’s new” 

“I want you to come with me” He said 

Your eyes widened.  

“G, I don’t know, when is it?”

“Tomorrow, Imagine it we’ll have so much fun, just you and me”

“Ok, Ok I’ll go” 

“Good, we’re going to have a good good time” He said and peaked your lips 

“I know we are” You smirked 

“Lets get packing, baby” 

You went upstairs and start to pack your luggage, G did the same.  After about an hour and half, you finished.  It was around 6 o’ clock at night.  

“How about we celebrate by going to sleep? Our flight is in eight hours” G said 

“Okay, I’m fine with that” You agreed 

You guys dressed in comfy clothes and went to sleep.  After your six hour nap, the alarm went off.  G shook you, causing you to wake up.  Your eyes met his and he smiled, you smiled back.  

You rolled out of bed and took your luggage downstairs with G fallowing behind you.  

“So I called an uber, it’s on it’s way” G said 

“Okay cool” 

“Want to get something at the airport or fast food?” 

“Uhh, how about in and out?”


You guys took all of your things outside and waited for the uber.   G wrapped his arm around you as you guys waited by the front door.  Gerald and you looked like a couple, that’s why his fans and reporter assume you guys are dating.  

Right now it was midnight, everyone in the neighborhood was sleep except you and G.  

The uber arrived and you guys got in,  G told the driver to take you guys to In and Out then LAX airport and he started to drive.  On the way there, G’s song “Me, Myself & I” Played.  You teased him a bit about it and laughed.  

You guys went through the drive way of In and Out and ordered quickly.  

Once you guys got to the airport, you paid the driver and got your bags out of the trunk.  A couple of people stopped G for a autograph and a quick picture.  He had to cut things short since the flight was in 30 minutes and you guys hadn’t even made it threw security.  

“Sorry ‘bout that” G said 

“Don’t be” You smiled 

You guys rushed through everything until you were able to board the plane.  After you were done with security and checking in your bags the plane was already ready to board.  

When you boarded the plane, you and G sat beside each other.  You laid your head on his shoulder.  He put his on top of your’s.  You soon fell asleep on his shoulder.  

You took a five hour nap and for the rest of the other six hours you talked with G about lots of random stuff.  He said when you guys get there he wanted to see the beach, you agreed.  

You guys waited as everyone boarded off of the plane.  Once you guys got off, you went to baggage claim to get your things.  A couple of fans stopped G to take a picture.  

You guys found your bags and went outside to get a taxi.  G tried waving one down but there were so many people at the airport that you couldn’t get a taxi.  G pulled out his phone to see how close the hotel was to the airport.  

It was pretty close so he said that you guys could probably walk, you agreed and started to make your way to the hotel.  

The walk was about 10 minutes long.  Once you got to the hotel, you guys had to sign in.  After you were done, you guys went up stairs and changed.  *pic*

(not my pic)

Gerald had an interview, with some random radio station in Copenhagen.  They seemed pretty popular since they had lots of advertisement everywhere.  G was done changing and so were you so he called over an uber.  Luckily Copenhagen had uber.  

The uber arrived and you guys got into the car.  G gave the driver the address.  On the drive over, you and G chatted about going to the beach.  He said he already planned on going but didn’t know when to go, since he was so busy.

You guys arrived to a tall building and paid the driver, in the front it was flooded with paparazzi.  A body guard from inside came out to help you guys threw the people.  You held onto G’s hand as you guys walked into the building.  

The lady at the front assisted you and G to where the interview was being held. 

You guys walked into a room, with mics and spinning chairs.  G sat down in one of the chairs, you sat in the one next to him.  

“G! How have you been?” The interviewer/radio host said 

“Good, Good Copenhagen is a beauty” He said 

“Okay we go on air in like a minute” The host said 

G put on the headphones and you copied his actions.  

“5….4….3….2…1 we’re on air!” The host said 

“Hello, Copenhagen! we’re on air with G-Eazy!” The host said 

“Yaddayaheeee, it’s G-eazy” G said  (lol if ur a fan of G u know what I was trying to do) 

They started to talk about his music and what he wanted to do in Copenhagen. You kinda of zoned them out until you heard your name.  

“G has a this pretty girl next to him, I think she’s his girlfriend, I’ve seen her on his Instagram” The guy said 

G laughed 

“So is are you guys dating?” The guy asked  

“Ehh, I’m going to let you figure that one out by yourself” G said 

“Ok, so what’s your name my dear?” 

“(y/n)” You said into the mic 

“So how long have you and G know each other?” 

“About 14 years” You said 

“That’s a long time, so what’s stopping you from cuffing him?” 

“Haha, I don’t know, we’re just….friends” 

“Oh friends with benefits?” He smirked 

“Haha no, no, no” You blushed 

“Oh look at her she’s blushing, G is definitely hitting it” 

You laughed.  

They went back to talking.  After about 30 minutes they started to wrap things up.  The guy thanked you and G for coming and teased you guys by wishing luck in your relationship. 

G had a show later on that night, so you guys decided to go eat really fast and go to the venue.  

G took you to a small restaurant and you guys ate.  After eating he called an uber and you guys headed to the venue.  

You guys made it to the venue an paid the driver.  G went to do mic check and got ready for the show, while you sat in the lounge in the back on your phone.  You felt the couch sink a bit so you assumed it was G.  

“Hey G, E-40 said he wants to throw a party with you when you get off of tour” You said without looking up from your phone 

You didn’t hear a response.  

“G! hello?” You said throwing your head up to see a random guy 

“Oh sorry I thought you were G” You said 

“Haha it’s okay, I’m Noah” He said 

He was a good looking kid.  He had a nice pearly white smile and hazel eyes.  His hair was dark brown.  

“I’m (y/n)”

“So you live here?” He asked 

“No I live in the U.S.” 

“Oh cool, I’ve been there before, what state?” 

“Umm California, have you been?”

“Yes, Yes I have I actually went last summer”

“How did you like it?” You asked 

“It was cool, I went to Disney and to the beach a lot” 

“Yea, that’s Cali, so are you performing tonight?” You asked 

“No, no, I’m here with a friend, he’s the Dj, what about you?” 

“Oh cool, G-Eazy is my….uh…best friend” 

You had no idea what to call him, the relationship you guys had was too complicated.  

“Neat, are you doing anything tomorrow?” He asked 

“No, just two other shows but i don’t have to go” 

“Good, can I take you to a fair that’s by the beach?” 

“Yes, I’ll give you the address to my hotel” 

“Yea, you an Instagram so I can DM you?”

“Yea it’s @(yourusername)” 


You and Noah started to talk more and more.  He was a very interesting guy.  


I just finished performing.  I walked back to the lounge area to find (y/n) talking to some random guy.  She saw me and smiled, I smiled back.  (y/n) has the prettiest smile.  

“Hi, I’m Gerald but call me G” I said to the guy and put my hand out 

“I’m Noah, Nice to meet you” He said and shook my hand

“You too” 

I went into the mini fridge and grabbed a water.  I was drenched in sweat.  

“(y/n) baby, want to leave? I’m really tired” I lied I just didn’t want her with him  

“Ok, see you tomorrow Noah”

(y/n) is my best friend, I want the best for her and I don’t think any guy could take care of her like I would.  Yea I said I wouldn’t catch feelings when we first started but everyone does.  

And how can I not? She’s so gorgeous and charming.  

I called over an uber and we waited until the uber said he was here.  

We got into the car and I gave him the address to the hotel.  I saw (y/n) on her phone, she was texting someone.  

“Who are you texting?” I asked 


I rolled my eyes and looked out of the window.  All I could hear was her typing on her phone.  I started hummed to the first song that came to my head. 

We arrived to the hotel, I paid the uber and we got out.  (y/n) unlocked the door to our room and we walked in.  I headed to the bathroom and took a shower.  

When I came out of the bathroom, I saw (y/n) on the bed passed out.  I chuckled at her sleeping body and put my clothes on.  I hovered over her body and kissed her cheek.  

I laid behind her and cuddle up close.  Soon I fell asleep.  

I woke up from the sound of my alarm clock.  I looked around and (y/n) wasn’t there.  

“(y/n) baby?!” I said 

I didn’t get an answer so I called her.  

“Yes? baby G” She answered  

“Where are you?” 

“Oh sorry I forgot to tell you, I’m at a fair with Noah” 

“When will you be back?” 

“Soon baby, why are you so father like today?”

“No reason” I said and hung up the phone 

An hour passed by and (y/n) finally came to the hotel.  I went to the door.  

“Are you mad at me or something?” She questioned 

“No baby, of course not” I said 

“Okay good” 

“I need to tell you something” 


“I was jealous, I was so jealous when you were with Noah, I want you! I want you to myself, let me make you happy baby” I said 

“I want you too” She said 

I grabbed her and smashed our lips together.  

Woozi: Flustered mess

Anon said: “fluffy woozi imagine where he’s like a huge fan and reader is friends with wonwoo so u visit their dressing room to see wonwoo then he introduces reader to the rest of svt and like whatever idea u have then in the end woozi and reader get together!!!! can reader also be famous here!!! thank you!! ❤️”

Word count: 2,400 (I don’t even know how I’m still alive, help me)

Summary: Who could be the favorite artist of Lee Jihoon? Maybe… You?

-Admin Haruna (& admin Syrup editing, thank u ❤️)

“1, 2, 3, 4…”

You followed your body through the mirror, the song that was on the background and the one you were dancing to was a really chic song. It wasn’t too “sensual” but it wasn't “sweet” neither. You weren’t that focused on dancing, as your mind was filled with your memories of when you were a trainee, when it was really hard for you. 

You had to overcome the difficult times alone, eat alone, wipe your own tears without anyone having your back and then having to deal with the depression of not knowing if you were even going to debut someday. So now, dancing in front of a mirror, with your voice in the back, was the most amazing feeling you had ever felt.

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i met george tho

okaaaay i’ll try my best to write it all out here but i’m a wee bit drunk now so lmao we’ll see how it goes!!

sooo to preface i was super sad all day like idk it kinda dawned on me i’d never meet them lmao and i was super emo literally all day it’s stupid but w/e i was sad and at work and work sucked. but decided fuck it, even if there are a ton of fans at nbc for the fallon taping i’ll just go anyway??  so i went and met with some friends and we waited around for about an hour and there were like 20 of us, and eventually they came out to the van and everyone rushed matty obvs so i went to ross who was like, idk why but somehow directly in front of me lmao i was like, oh, hi ross? like… wyd there mate. and we took a quick photo and my friend victoria was like, AAAAA GEORGE IS GETTING IN THE VAN WE GOTTA GO TALK TO HIM BEFORE HE GOES. but he was just putting his suitcase/gear in and then came back out for a smoke and so we were just standing there talking for a bit. ok but like first lmao inside nbc i was like “haha i’m gonna do something stupid like puke or try to shake his hand or something” and then when we went up to him victoria was like GEORGE THIS IS KATIE and i immediately went in to shake hi shand lmao fuck is wrong with me???????? i looked at my hand and was like “wow that’s really stupid i joked about doing that and then i did it i’m an idiot” and he was laughing and shook my hand whatevr i’m so dumb??

anywho we got pics with them and then we were just chatting and we asked about that cover song that he and hann supposedly did and he was like.. uhh.. ME? SINGING? lmao and acted like that’d never happen in his life. and we talked about it for a bit and he was like “did i at least sound good?” lmao fukcjfigjerd idiot lmgdriejdfij so yeah #confirmed that song is not him sorry for the false alarm sorry for killing the fantasy 

aaaand we’d heard from a friend that they were planning some super secret thing that night at the popup so we were like “hey so we heard…. are you guys gonan be at the popup tonight? can we come?” and he was like.. errrrrr ummmm… errr???? ask jamie?? and then we had to let some other people talk to him bc we’d taken so much of his time already. so we went to jamie as they were getting in the van and asked and he was like YEAH COME AT 8.

…tho didn’t give us the address FUCKGINCF STILL!!?!?!

just told us orchard street. so we went to orchard street and walked up and down the block looking around and then literally stumbled upon a window with the UGH! sign in pink hanging there like, lmao guess we found it? and i immediately texted julia like BITHC GET YOUR ASs?????????? HERE????? which she did obvs. and were waiting around and like 30 min later they tweeted the address. so we waited around for like..?? 2.5 hours? they showed up and went inside and were setting shit up and then they let us in quite awhile later, and there were maybe about 30 people there. like i guess it was just something like.. they’d tweet the address and whoever the first 30 ppl are are the most dedicated if they had been intent on camping out overnight? that’s what it seemed like. so we just went in like.. 30 of us and then they locked the doors, and then security was like, “ok so the boys are upstairs. we’re gonna take u up 10 at a time and you’ll have 5-10 minutes to just hang out, look around at the art and chat with the guys.” so we went as the last group and when we went upstairs matty was just like sitting on the bartop swinging his legs fukc girjeid lmao it was so cute? and the guys were just hanging out, it was like this tiny room?? with just ten fans in there and the guys and jamie and some photographers and ppl from interscope.

so yeah we went to take photos of the artwork and lights and matty ran up to us to chat (literally ran up to julia lmao i didn’t actually speak to him at all?) and then i went to george to chat obvs..? like.. duh lmao

soo i was like, hey again ! 

thennnn i was like, “ok so this is probably really stupid.. but i guess people probably tell you a lot of stupid shit, so whatever. you had this quote in an interview a few weeks ago where you were saying like, when meeting fans you always ask them if they want ‘the good stuff’ meaning just to meet matty, and like…. honestly… FUCK OFF WITH THAT, GEORGE? FUCK OFF?” and he was cracking up like i didn’t mean to tell him to fuck off lmao but there you go. and he was laughing and was like, “i mean, it was mostly.. kind of a joke i guess?” and i was like “okay well, still, i just want to make sure you know you’re also the good stuff, and obviously there are so many people who rush matty bc he’s the frontman but just know that so many of us appreciate everything you do and know all of the hard work you put in?” and he was gracious and grateful and humble and high as motherfuck like.. so high lmfaooooooo whoops

but yeah victoria came up shortly after and i was like OMG VICTORIA PULL UP THE SONG?? and she pulled up the stupid sambuca boy song and we were like, “okay so is this where your twitter name was from?” and he was like.. what.. no? this is so obscure? lmao and started going on about how it’s a stupid inside joke with english producers.. about sambuca. and he listened to it and was literally jamming and didn’t want to give her phone back. and then he was commenting how she had like 25k unread emails and was trying to show her how to delte them lmao what the ufkc.?? anyways. so rachel and julia came up and we were talking about how he’s tall and he was slouching against the bar prob to cater to me tbh and then stood up fully and grew like 1.5 feet it was so extra gtg

idr the order of this but at one point george reached out and poked my collar and was like “is that sandro?” bc i was wearing my sandroxreebok sweatshirt and i was like “oh, yeah.” and he was like “i’ve got the tshirt version!” and i was like… lmao bithc me too fukc i obviously know…… god 

end me tho why u gotta be poking me gjdifijcvij bye

anyway we tried taking over the aux cable with the sambuca boy song but then we started getting kicked out lmfaoooooo took a bunch of pics had a bunch of hugs, matty randomly ran up to me at the end and gave a big squeeze even tho i hadn’t talked to him at all and then we were leaving and i was like “ok see you next week in brixton!” and george grabbed my arm while i was leaving and was like “wait you’re coming to london??!” and i was like.. mmm yeah lmfao and he was like.. RIGH TON. literally he was like squinty smiling and said “RIGHT ON” who the fukc….

then i went outside and cried but w/e


We need your help!

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Hey guys! We all know that part of what makes Running Man great is all the awesome music in the show.

Our readers have asked SO MANY questions about songs in the show that we can’t possibly answer them all. So, rather than having them sitting in the inbox (which most of them have been doing for months), we need you, our readers, to see if you can identify any of these songs.

Each question has been numbered so it would be great if you could reference the question number in your response.

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15 years; a Jungkook Drabble

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genre: mostly angsty, a tiny bit of fluff. im sorry eek

a/n: tbh i don’t know what this is. i don’t kno wherE THIS came from i was trying to write ILYSB part 5 and i was listening to jungkook’s cover of fools late last night and i felt super angsty and this just caME OUT i’m sorry if this lw breaks ur heart but :~) lmk what u think ahhh

word count: 3151

The first time you remember feeling pain was when you were seven and your dad had made your older brother teach you how to ride a bike, but he really really just wanted to play on his Nintendo, so he reluctantly got you on a bike at the park next to your house, and simply, pushed, focusing his attention back to his rectangular screen.

You remember being one with the wind, flying and flying, until you realized you didn’t know how to pedal and suddenly you were face first on the ground with a scratch on your forehead that had everyone calling you “Harry Potter!” for weeks.

Eventually the scar faded, the name faded, and even your anger towards your brother had faded and everything was alright again.

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Promises-Luke Hemmings Imagine

I might make a part two if people actually like this. Let me know, enjoy:)

Word Count: 1644

I was 17, and ever since I was little people always told me that once you leave high school things got real, but I didn’t think they meant this way. It’s been one year and I remember it like it was this morning. It was 2 days before my high school graduation, I was at my best friend’s house talking about some guy I thought was hot, when my precious little world came crashing down. Dani’s mom barged through her bedroom door with tears threatening to fall from her eyes,

“Y/n, sweetie, I need you to come downstairs. Right now.”

I got off of the bed slowly and walked passed her mom down the steps to see the front door open with several police officers waiting.

“Y/n Y/L/n?” one spoke.

“Y-yes?” I said shakily.

“I’m so sorry, but your parents were in a car accident on highway 49. They didn’t make it to the hospital.”

I fell to my knees crying harder than I ever have before. The days to follow were hard, but I couldn’t mourn for myself I had to be strong. My little sister was 5 then and now she is 6 in one week. I skipped out on my graduation and moved my sister Jaycee with me to L.A. the week after our parents’ death, we’ve been here ever since.

Taking care of a 6 year old at 18 was tough, the looks I got were judgmental, but it didn’t bother me. I got a job in a small recording studio, I was hoping to get the chance to show a producer my voice but so far no luck.

“Y/n!” my boss Ashley called from down the hall.

“Yes?” I said walking over to her opened door.

“We are getting a band to come for the next 2 weeks, they are working on a new album and I need you to be ready if they need anything okay?” She questioned.

I nodded, “If you don’t mind Ashley, who is it?” I asked.

“Their names are Calum, Ashton, Michael, and Luke. They are 5 Seconds of Summer, have you heard of them?”

I thought over the name for a second. “I think I’ve heard a song here or there, but I can get the information I need to not make a fool out of the company.” I laughed and so did she.

I walked back to my desk at the front of the lobby and went back to the paperwork I needed to finish. The day was longer than usual and I needed to get Jaycee from school.

“Hey Ashley I’ll be back, I need to go get Jayc.” I shouted down the hall.

“Okay, but hurry because I need to leave in 45 and the band will arrive in an hour. You’re gonna be here all night with them so I will leave you my keys.” She popped her head out of her office.

I gave her a thumbs up and hurried out of the glass doors. I drove to the primary school and arrived just as the bell rang. I parked and walked up to the crowded sidewalk.

“Y/n!” The little brunette girl called running into my arms.

“Hey kiddo!” I giggled, “How was school?” I asked her while grabbing her hand to walk across the street to the car.

“It was okay, but Jason was kind of annoying. He kept making fun of me..” She whispered the last part as I buckled her in to the back seat.

“What? Why?” I furrowed my eyebrows.

“It’s nothing, I promise.” She gave me a smile.

I don’t like when she does that, it makes me feel like she’s being too strong for her age.

“Well babe, I need you to come to the studio with me tonight, is that okay?” I asked sliding into the front seat and exiting the parking lot.

“YES! I love going with you!” She chirped clapping her hands and I laughed shaking my head.

We stopped at starbucks and she got a tea and a bagel to hold her over for a few hours. We drove back to the studio and Ashley was gone.

“Hey Jayc, come sit over here.” I said patting the seat next to me and she obliged.

A few minutes later 4 loud teenage boys and some body guards walked in.

“Hi you must be 5 Seconds of Summer. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” I smiled standing up.

“Hello!” Said a curly haired one with a thick accent. “I’m Ashton, this is Michael, Calum, and Luke.” They all smiled.

“Hi, follow me.” I said turning down the hall, “Stay here.” I whispered to Jaycee and she nodded.

I lead the boys into one of the studios.

“If you need anything I will be right out here all night.” I said, “Oh, by the way I’m Y/n.”

I walked out of the room and went back to the front.

“Who are they?” Jaycee asked me looking up from her drawing.

“Just some band. Whatchya drawing?” I asked leaning closer to her.

“You and me. Because we only have each other..it’s for school, and we need to make a family picture.” She said quietly looking away from me.

“Hey,” I grabbed her arm to turn her towards me, “I love you kid, and I always will. You’re not going to lose me.” I said kissing her forehead.

“U-uhm. Excuse me?”

I turned around and wiped my eyes quickly.

“Yes?” I said standing.

“Could you come unlock the bathroom?” Luke laughed.

“Oh yeah, sorry.” I smiled walking passed him

“If you don’t mind me asking, is that your daughter?”

“What? Oh, no that’s my little sister.” I gave a small smile and unlocked the door.

“I overheard what she was saying.. you only have each other?”

I was trying to keep my tears back.

“Oh my god this is so unprofessional, but uhm yes. We lost our parents last year.” I sniffled.

Luke went to touch my shoulder, but thought better of it and drew his hand back.

“I’m so sorry…” He spoke slowly.

“Don’t worry about it.” I began to walk away

“Wait!” He called and I turned around. “you and your little sister can come in the studio if you’d like?” He offered.

“Okay, thanks.” I said and walked over to Jaycee.

“Hey are you alright?” I knelt down.

She nodded.

“Wanna go in the studio?”

“Yes! Please!” she jumped off of the stool.

“Haha alright lets go.” I giggled and she ran in front of me.

She opened the door and walked in.

“I’m sorry, uhm Luke said it’d be fine if we listened?” I said.

“Definitely!” Calum called from in the booth.

Luke walked in from the bathroom and shut the door.

“Hi cutie, what’s your name?” He said sitting on the floor in front of Jaycee.

She blushed, “I’m Jaycee.”

“Hi Jaycee, I’m Luke.”

We sat in there for hours, when I looked at the clock it was 1:30 in the morning and Jaycee was knocked out on the couch.

“She’s adorable.” Luke whispered in my ear.

“Thank you, she can be a handful sometimes, but I love her to pieces.” I whispered back.

Over the course of the night I had opened up to him and the boys about what took place the previous year and they were caring.

“Would you guys like to go out to breakfast in the morning with us?” Michael asked sitting on my left.

“If that’s alright with everyone else, I’m sure Jayc wouldn’t mind, and neither would I.” I smiled.

“It’s a deal.” Ashton added.

Around 3 A.M. the boys called it quits for the night. Damn I had an hour drive home.

“Shit it’s gonna be one hell of a drive home.” I said gathering my things.

“Is it a long drive?” Luke asked me.

“About an hour.” I yawned and rubbed my eyes.

“An hour?!” all of the boys whisper shouted and I shushed them.

“Hah yep.”

They all looked at each other, then Jaycee, then me.

“Y/n you can’t drive home right now. Stay in the hotel with us.” Luke said and I went to speak but he interrupted me.

“No ‘buts’, you can stay in my room if you’d like. Jaycee and you can have the bed.” He said looking at me.

I hesitated but then agreed. Luke bent down and gently picked up Jaycee from the couch and began walking out of the studio with the boys while I locked up. Luke rode in my car with me and kept the sleeping Jaycee in his lap.

“That’s real cute.” I laughed looking over at him.

Jaycee was nuzzled into his chest.

“Y/n?” He said looking at me.

“Yeah?” I said turning into the hotel lot.

“Nevermind.” He said .

“No, don’t do that. She does that and it bugs the shit out of me. What is it?” I pushed.

“Maybe you’d go on a date with me one night while we are here?” He asked biting his lip.

That was hot, not even gonna lie.

“Oh, uh I don’t know Luke..” I started.

“Please. I want to get to know you more, and Jaycee.” He added.

“Here’s the thing… if I start to fall for you and things end bad, she loses someone again just as much as I do. She already is getting attached to you Luke. I don’t know if I want to risk that.” I spoke lowly.

He looked down at Jaycee and smiled.

“Even if things don’t work out for us in that way, we can still be friends. I want to try, please?” He looked me dead in the eyes

“okay, we can try it.” I said

Luke smiled and we got out of the car, and walked towards the hotel entrance.

“I won’t let you or her down, I promise.”