u are the dumbest person i ever loved



i don’t mind people finding out


you ruined my pickup line

unrelated topic, did you like what you saw ?

okay, i give you permission to kill him, but please wait until thursday

guess who loves you


i take you out one time and suddenly i’m the local delivery guy ??


i am not cute

i don’t want to talk to you anymore

come help me out here ?

if it makes you feel any better ur a great chair

roasting u is like the best part of day

i need lady stuff

what happend to the yoongi who doesn’t take shit from anyone ?

are you texting me song lyrics ?

come to the studio and sit on my lap

text me, call me, email me, send a letter; for all i care it could be by pigeon

i promis i only type like this when i like the person i text

completely giving up, starring me.

he’s just not hitting anything other then my knees

i was thinking about making out with you all day

not the pillow part you one celled creetin


fuck the fuck off

can i have like five of you ?

ur so pretty

have fun with math

but hobi wants some love

that’s cuz im trying to communicate with u

jung hoseok you’ll be the death of me

i wanna kiss your face every time i see you too

you know i support everything you do right ?


where did all that wisdom come from ?


you still up ?

yeah i can rap like the entire thing

right, and what does your mom call you ?

sure, have fun with my bra’s

that’s because you don’t speak korean

i see you’ve had a few drinks


ur such a loser

but you dont like shopping

the disrespect in this one is strong

it was supposed to be a surprise

you mean my singing ?

he’s just jealous his dongsae had a child before him

very funny babygirl

we’ll go wherever you want

dont mess with me park

you’re like a candy bar jimin, half sweet half nuts.


Hey ! i bought you ice-cream

the inventor of snapback look™

tae don’t you think the pillow wall is a bit of an overkill ?

thank god at least one of you know how to make a move

you’re not disappointing anyone by eating breakfast and lunch

did you do the english assignment ?

it’s just like 99.999% your fault



wassup dudette

ayo ladies and gentleman

send nudes

what are you doing right now ?

look how cute we are

i just have a strong disliking to your personality

i like our bickering

babe i need your opinion

i’ll buy you food for a week if you tell me i’m your favourite

you could pay me a million and i still wouldn’t consider it

i didn’t want to leave your side that night because i wanted you to feel safe

stop kicking my chair

what does oppa mean ?

i miss every little thing you do

i’ll give you three breadsticks and a goat if you give me jimin

in your dreams

jk he’s not lord voldemort


you act like you’ve never been shot before ! gang au

but did you die gang au

hold on imma go beat his ass

yeah and i’m just implying that i want to take you out on a date

what are you an owl ?

jin just made the worse recipe ever and i doubt he put ANY effort into it

i don’t like going outside

we bangtan 6 now

absolute soul mate has 16 letters and so does fuck jungkook asap

confess or i’ll set your mattress on fire

you’ve both got the same mental age

i told him the only thing smaller then him is his dick

this bitch gonna die tonight

you are pure evil

i’m so whipped, this is incredible

for now i’ll have your lovely messages to look forward to

how is it you’re the smartest and dumbest person i’ve ever met

namjoon i will call your mother

so when are y'all getting kids

i like to send nudes ok ? if that’s my biggest flaw i think i’m ok.

if you were any thicker you’d look at the weather app outside

i’m going to jail when i see his ass

don’t start with me pindick

when u gotta kill your hyung

i must have saved a country in my past life to deserve you

i’m not related to you anymore

we don’t want him

he really wanted to be in the picture


i can’t believe you saw mini nochu

i gain 3k for every shirtless picture

i’m running out of options here

the power of jjang jjang man

next time you plan on rapping verse1 invite me

i’ll tell them to stop bothering you

okay, but if it attacks my dog i’m giving it to jimin



footage of me at the club

footage of me at a house part