u are so cute and

why dont we talk about this iconic moment when tae was so absorbed in watching clips of his costars acting that he accidentally let the gay slip out and had to act like he didnt just embarrass himself in the middle of an interview

In case you havent noticed I get 90% of my stucky content from @iamnotsebastianstan because Brianna is an actual real life saint who blesses my feed every day and I’m lowkey in love with her??? Go follow her she’s fab

Stay close to me and never let me go

Aaaah, I started this before the release of episode 12 of YOI…. I already had Yuuris outfit lined and I had been too lazy to redo it and draw him in the pair-skate one.
(Viktor and Yuuri looked so cute together, skating with the same outfit ;u; I cried so much)

(singing in the distance)
Yes we were born to ship Viktuuri~!

omg i saw the girl at the supermarket whom im in love with again and i was just in the line to pay for what i got and she looked up and saw me and she was likee ohh i didn’t recognize u with the hat how r uu and she’s so cute she looked so happi to see me and shes so nice 2 me she complimented on how i looked today too and just id die for her i wanna ask her out but idk if its weird bc she could be a nice straight girl whos just being nice bc im a regular customer lmsndjsjbabs but im die shes so nice i love her

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i love the star lights in your room!!! so cute!!

thank u i love them too! its like i’m sleeping under the stars every night 

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if we're bragging about our s/o's, i'm skyping mine right now and she's so pretty i'm dead.. she's really shy and it's actually Really Really cute sjfjdkks we reblog "i love my gf" memes and say we love each other on social media but never directly.. she just laughed because i made a joke sos sos sos i'm gay

i’m so in love with these submissions. i’m so happy you all share your love with us thank u for sharing omg y'all are so so cute!!!! kaixx

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I went through the miso tag again on your blog (ahhhh so cute) and I just wanted to let u know dogs can dance! Well..I think. They do this little hop thing and I'm not sure if u can reach them or they are just being weird. There's videos of it!

Yah~ Miso is getting pretty good at it haha