u are so cute and

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My six yr old bro just saw the one drawing you did of your of David where he was exhaling jellyfish(did I interpret that right?) And asked 'Does he have jellyfish in his tummy? ' lmao


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im like in deep in ur pony tag & im so emotional,, fo u have anymore cute bf hcs with him p l e a s e

honestly that’s me 24/7

  • you two have a lot of cute traditions together
  • like every sunday morning you go out for coffee, every tuesday night you cook dinner together, go to the movies every friday night, etc
  • honestly the best at snuggling he’s so warm (,:
  • pony gives you his track jacket and is So Proud when you wear it
  • totally sneaks out & does the whole climbing in through your window thing when he can’t sleep
  • rlly rlly rlly affectionate !!!! 
  • bc it’s comforting to know someone who cares about him is close
  • & kissing is his favorite thing like ? just kissing for 100 hours ? 10/10
  • but doesn’t do much more than hold your hand in public
  • ponyboy is always drawing on your hand
  • blushes The Most
  • he likes doing a lot of cliche boyfriend things & somehow has a bouquet of flowers at a moments notice

HAPPY B DAY BYU 😊😊😊😊 I hope u have a great day today✨✨✨✨✨✨

art by @derpyaugirl


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That drawing has written the word ‘’adorableness’’ in all of it, why would u write that? u absolutely lovely person!! :3

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS SPLENDID DRAWING!!! It looks super fantastic! :’D I love it so much with all it’s tenderness!!!

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I just need Zberg to send me the clothes she's not gonna wear anymore. And Ryan too. Because holy damn it is taking way too long for my basic ass money making to build up my wardrobe like theirs. Their boho vintage aesthetic wardrobe is my dream that I want to be my wardrobe life.

u right tho!!!! their fashion sense is ON POINT they have so many cute clothes (even if ryan is forever an outfit repeater i luv him)

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how long have u and your gf been together? you guys are so cute btw

i dont even know tbh ..i think like 3 months ?? and thank you

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im just gonna ask u since ur my good™ source of bleach info but do u know when/if the renruki novel will be out in english?? ur blog is amazing btw!!

“good™ source” so cute lmao, thank u 🤗

as for the novel, it probably won’t be getting an official english translation (unfortunately) since the previous four novels never got an official translation and they were published when the series was more popular + on-going. if you still wanna purchase the novel anyways(i personally recommend it since the cover is even more beautiful in person + its a nice item for any bleach fan to own) i recommend buying it straight off amazon.jp since it cost me a total of $14.10 and arrived 2-3 days later( for example if i were to buy it off cdjapan, i would have had to pay almost $30 for the novel to arrive at the same or even a later time)

sorry 4 my little recommendation and getting off topic! anyways even though an official translation isn’t in the cards, thankfully there are still fans out there that have been kind enough to give us info/translate bits for those of us that do want to read it.


missstormcaller- she’s translating the entire novel part by part! she also translated the renruki wedding invitation(you can only get the invitation if you buy the novel from certain shops in Japan so if you do end up ordering it, you wont get one unfortunately)

tenshiscave- they deactivated, but they were kind enough to translate a few parts such as the breakfast between byakuya/rukia/renji, the making of the wedding veil(a personal favorite of mine) and a few others! they also translated the postscript by kubo and the author of the novel since certain fans were making things up/twisting the wording(u know which fans im talking about lmao) but anyways if you wanna read the parts they translated just message me again and ill post them since i saved them(before the user deactivated, they allowed fans to save their translations)

sectjackal- he gave us some info about certain parts like the scene where byakuya walks rukia down the aisle(another personal favorite) and he made a really long list containing a bunch of info! just search “we do knot always love you” on his blog and you’ll find the posts real quick!

honyakusha-eri- they translated the ichihime scene, but i dont think its on their blog so heres the link to make everything easier: http://rieriebee.tumblr.com/post/155097167515/we-do-knot-always-love-you-ichigo-and-renji

like i said despite not having an official translation, we thankfully have kind people that are willing to take time out their day to type this all out for us! 😊

can u believe park jimin held his hand up to a blindfolded jungkook for a high five only to realize in like .5 seconds that jungkook cant see but its too late to back out so jimins smooth ass just lifts jungkooks hand up for a manual high five