u are so beautiful babe


things that should be appreciated more:

Ianto’s eyelashes.


[170827] WEIZHOU weibo update
✩ Trans: Thanks Fresh Asia Music Award for giving me «Most popular singer of the year» award.
Last 3 pics: And I also got another award this year - «Hero saves Beauty» from Baizhou (his fanclub’s name) at Weibo fan festival. It’s been one year, thank you all for your accompany.

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mutuals you luv?? And fave blogs ?? U r sooo cuteee 💓

i loooooove my mutuals my babies my honeys and i might just make this a really long list because everyones my fav so here we Go i hope they still lvoe me after i tag them in one of these for the 50th time
@1of1grl @kmgs @1orbit @avoidd @miraclebywjsn @hobisnovia @4bts @tencafe @runballadmix @breadloaf @vietgf @1una @1boba @cusps @1yixing @jksthot @blackhoeaesthetic @a1yu @moonkissedjimin @ajfffh @1headache @frea1luv @cherryblossomkook @chiveburger @lunasea @jimin @hoanhdo @godnee @dukseon @pcys @kissology @100percentpurelove @paieun @062217 @yiffxing @ura7 @fhawn @cecui
ok theres more but im too scared to mention them dhshwjks anyways i love all of u beautiful babes :/ ALSO THANK U!!!


Just as promised, have a few orc ladies! I’m sorry for the semi-shitty quality, my scanner wasn’t very cooperative today. 

1- A midwife and her two younger apprentices. Female orc society is divided in castes by profession, and midwives are among the most powerful. They are vital to the community, but their role is not merely practical. They are believed to be the living symbol of the alliance between she-orcs and Melkor (see my post about gender roles in orc society), and thus having both great political and religious power (orc religion is centered on the Cult of Creation, so you can step to your own conclusion about why they are considered to be so important).

2- A merchant. She-orcs are in charge of economy and trade, so, after Angband stipulated his allegiance with various tribes of Men, caravans started traveling through secret trade routes towards the East and South. Although orcs learned quickly to produce artifacts similar in taste to the ones Men liked, they preserved their own traditional style, both in art, craft and fashion. Orcs are very secretive and proud about their art, thus many other cultures started believing (also due to elvish propaganda) that they are barbaric and uncivilized. 

3- Older orc matriarch. Contrary to male orcs, who usually don’t reach an old age, females, due to the fact that they usually don’t participate in warfare and thus are less exposed to risks, have a much longer lifespan. Orcs have also the lowest percentage of deaths by childbirth among all the races of Arda, as a result of Melkor’s genetic manipulation during their creation. 

Also, a few words about orc fashion: I think that in Angband it must get quite cold, so my designs of their dresses and jewelry are inspired to (but I tried to avoid any direct copy-paste design, because I live in terror of offending someone) cultures who live in (what I think are) similar climatic situations, such as Mongolian, Tibetan and Inuit culture. (Also, I’m crazy in love with those cultures, so, um, I just wanted to pay them a little tribute. Ughhh I love foreign cultures.)

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I want to be skinny

u and ur body are so frickin beautiful no matter what babe!!! i know this is cliche but like honestly being skinny doesn’t mean anything in the end u know .. u just gotta glow from the inside out and that’s all that matters. learn to love urself as u are and if u do want to lose a few pounds bc it could be healthy for u then u should go for it ! but don’t let it consume u u know? i love u and please remember that ur weight doesn’t define who u r or how beautiful ppl perceive u to be

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do u ever not want to go to practice/run? what do u use as motivation on those days? much love babe<33 u are an inspiration & so beautiful !!

Hey babe! Yes of course – I actually hit last week a little bit of a mid-season rut where I had to do a few things to get my motivation back…I just reminded myself of my long-term goals, I looked at my favorite photos of myself running/racing and did a little mental imagery of where I want to be in a few months time, I spoke to my two coaches about upcoming races, and just continued to put the work in. There is nothing complicated that I do, I usually just remind myself of where I want to be and what I have to do to get there. My teammates also inspire me daily. Thank you so much :) ily

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Hey em! Just sending you a message because you've been so sweet to everyone on here and I think people should appreciate you more! You're beautiful inside and out 💕💕💕

my beautiful babe, i love u endlessly and am so grateful to have someone as gorgeous, caring and kind as you as a friend, you’re the absolute best and i can’t wait to come and see u again because i miss yaaaaa (u can join my lives in the meantime tho LOL) 🕊

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hey hollie! i've followed you for a few years now and i'm always amazed at how many incredible different looks you can create. plus, you're always so kind and helpful. i hope u have a great day beautiful!!💖✨

Aw babe 🙈🙈🙈 thank you so much 💖