u are perfect and i adore u

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U r my go to girl so my request is: stiles being the most clumsy human known to man but on the field he is a force to be reckoned with. Derek, who is super cool on and off the court of his boyfriends rival team(rival team as in the basketball and lacrosse team hate each other), is the biggest, softy marshmallow, adorable, shy, dopey puppy ever.

i love u omg thanks for the support my dude :) 

also on ao3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10423656

Derek jumped up, cheering as he watched Stiles run down the field, lining up the perfect shot and scoring the game winning goal.

The rest of the crowd erupted as well and Derek couldn’t take his eyes off of his boyfriend. Stiles was hoisted into the air, throwing his arms up as he celebrated with his teammates.

“Hale,” Derek heard someone call.

He turned around to see the Sheriff walking up to him.


“Derek, how many times do I have to tell you to call me John.”

“Right, John. How are you?”

“I’m great. Not every day your kid scores the game winning goal. Are you guys going out after the game?”

“Maybe. You know how overwhelmed he gets when the attention is on him for too long. We might get dinner alone.”

“Well enjoy your night. See you this weekend at dinner.”

Derek waited for the crowd to die down before making his way to Stiles. When he spotted him, Stiles’ face broke out into a giant smile before running towards Derek and Derek had just enough time to open his arms to catch his boyfriend.

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A few days ago I reached 2K and I’m so so happy because when I made this blog I didn’t think anyone would follow me, let alone two very cute thousand!!!!! So I decided to make an appreciation post for my mutuals!!!!

Thank you so much for being all so lovely and nice to me. If there’s one thing that makes me happy during the day is that I know later I’ll come home and I’ll be able to ignore all my responsibilities on tumblr, hehe. You’re all super important and I adore each and every one of you. You can all be dead ass sure whenever one of you do as much as like something I reblog I sigh in complete happiness because I look up to all of you and even if I barely ever interacted with you, I admire you more than you know.

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i  replayed  the  endings  of  t/wilight  princess  &  s/kyward  sword  for  the  fun  of  it  &  i  was  reminded  of  how  underwhelming  botw’s  was.  : (

@linneart‘s amazing art that I commissioned for my fic, Castle on a Cloud.

Dean pulled Cas closer into his arms, wiping the trail of blood away from his lips with tender, shaking fingers… he shook his head, shook his head, shook his head…

He had nothing to scream with anymore. Suddenly, even though the thunder still rolled, the dragon still roared, the lightning still lanced and struck all around them – suddenly there was only the two of them, in a total, deep, dark quiet.

what if kuroo’s hair is super rowdy but also insanely soft? probs due to the fact that he has tried every hair product under the sun and takes super good care of his hair to try and get rid of his bedhead but it just won’t do what he wants… thats why he hates it so much when people make fun of it (”touch it, no dude seriously, just feel my hair i’m telling you it’s soft as fuck it may look like shit but it feels amazing i s w e a r”)

it’s like kuroo’s own personal curse, every time he tries to convince someone that his hair does actually feel nice they just look at him as if to say ‘aww.. it’s ok nobody’s perfect, u have to love what u have’ 

except kenma who loves the entire ordeal just bc it means no one but him touches kuroo’s hair and he adores running his fingers through it bc it is, undeniably, the softest things he has ever touched. ever. literally

(after months of trying to convine bokuto that he’s not lying, kuroo finally gets the satisfaction of having someone look at him in absolute shock bc holy shit your hair is soft. unfortunately it’s bokuto after all, and he spends the next two hours holding kuroo’s head in his hand like a volleyball)

Song Writing w/ Taeil that Leads to Confession
  • why do i feel always so sleepy like wtf
  • this is my first request for this angel and i’m so hapyyyy
  • also, all of your requests are SO adorable and fluffy i love doing them so muchh
  • but i love this loser just a bit more, hehe he’s so perfect <333
  • so st0op sleeping on him!! he has the most angelic voice ever and his visuals are A++ what more do u need ugh
  • also, shoutout to the lovely anon who requested this 
  • let’s start this ^^
  • so, you and taeil didn’t knew each other for too long
  • just a few weeks or so
  • but you were already really close friends
  • and he didn’t know this but you had a little crush on him
  • he was just so nice and polite and he’s just really funny
  • so ofc you would end up catching feelings for him i mean he’s perfect
  • but little did you know that he had feelings for you too!!
  • you were just so pretty and adorable and ugh he adores u okay
  • so, anyways, going to the story, that day all the members had the day free and he really wanted to spended it with you
  • so he called u and invited you to go for some bubble tea and talk for a bit since the day was beautiful outside
  • even though here where i live is raining a lot lmao
  • but after walking around and talking for like an hour or so yo decided to go to the doorms and play around with the other members u know
  • but since it was their day off all of them were passed out in bed lmao so you two were practically alone in the living room
  • but u r suddenly like
  • “taeil, what is this?”
  • “what? ah, the other day i wrote that but i never had the time to finish it, is just a silly song”
  • you read the lyrics carefully, getting surprised by how beautiful and deep the lyrics were
  • and he was smiling at you while you were busy reading the pieces of paper that were in your hands
  • if you only knew thaT IT WAS A LOVE SONG THAT HE WROTE FOR YOU
  • “you definitely should continue it, it’s really good!”
  • “wanna help me?”
  • and you looked at him like ????
  • “are u serious? i never wrote a song before”
  • “well, there’s always a first time for everything”
  • and you look at him with a ‘r u kidding me’ face
  • and since when does he use that kind of phrases like who do u think u are?? yuta???
  • but you agreed? like how to say no to him right
  • so you started to write a song???
  • like, it was your first time ever, and you didn’t know how to do it properly and tAEIL WASN’T EVEN HELPING YOU 
  • i swear to god he was only playing around with his guitar
  • an when u asked him for help he would only laugh at the lyrics he was’t even trying to help you
  • and you kinda
  • “if you weren’t so handsome and pleasing to watch i would punch you in the face right now” -you, 2k17
  • so you gotta do it alone gurl
  • but as time continued you would get a lot better
  • the words would come more easily and you started to feel proud of what you where writing
  • “i think is finished”
  • “ah~~~really? let me see”
  • while reading taeil would be giving those approved nods with his head and constantly smiling, making you feel confident
  • “let me sing it for you then”
  • k sure
  • and he sang the full song acapella and r.i.p you
  • his voice sounded amazing and you never realized how much in love you were with him until this moment
  • and excuse me but moon taeil’s voice singing acapella is probably angelic am i right
  • “i really like it y/n, how did you got so inspired so suddenly?”
  • “because of you”
  • and it was true, you had a masterpiece in human form right by your side singing for you, how could you not going to get inspired?
  • his response was other of his beautiful smiles
  • “well, that’s funny because you inspired me to start writing this”
  • “excuse me?”
  • “i really like you y/n, i have been in love with you since the first moment”
  • “what a coincidence you know, because i like you since the first moment too, tae”
  • you sat next to him and hugged him
  • “i’m never letting you go now, okay, just forget about being someone else’s”
  • you also realized how perfectly you fit each others arms i’m
  • “what is happening why is y/n here why are you guys hugging”
  • of course yuta had to came and ruin everything, istg
  • you looked at taeil again and his eyes wERE SHINING AND HE WAS SMILING AT YOU AND FJJKSDHK,
  • i’m just imaginating everything ok jesus christ did you realize how ethereal he is???? i’m in pain
  • ”date tomorrow?”
  • “yes, for sure”
  • i n e e d to stop he’s ruining my entire life i swear
  • he’s such an idiot but like a cute idiot and fvck i’m in love i swear
  • forget about chittaphon and hyuck moon taeil is my one and only ultimate bias rn

yr acne is adorable . ur big crooked nose is the perfect nose to boop . ur crooked yellow teeth are real snazzy . ur scars and marks and body hair are just cool as heck !!! . u are just a human ,, and listen here buddy! !! ur so beautiful,, u r rockin it , and ur really lovely

Reasons why cats are the best stim toys

• very soft, perfect tactile stim (talking about my longhaired Manx btw)

• adorable noises

• great pressure stim if the fluffle is lying on ur stomach

• bonus points if the cat is purring while lying on u (nice vibrating from purring + nice noise + pressure + u can touch the fluff!!!!)

• adorable to look at look how pretty omg

• probably kinda weird but cat fur has a very nice smell. Idk it’s very nice n clean n subtle (I have a habit of burying my face in my cat’s fur bc fluffy things r nice on my face n I love her)

Edit to add more stimmy things:

• if ur cat has a long tail n lets u touch it it’s very fun to play with, very nice.

• nice feel when kitty kneads u

• toe beans r fun to play with, if ur cat lets u n won’t murder u

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my crush (my boyfriend now!!) is honestly one of the most beautiful people on earth! he loves music (like Green Day, John Denver, The Beatles) and plays guitar and he loves to read and be outside. we write love letters to each other, and he does his best to decorate the envelopes even though he's not artsy. he's tall and has beautiful brown/blue eyes and high cheekbones and soft lips. his arms make me feel safe and perfect when they're around me. he is the world to me, the love of my life

that is so adorable and your significant other sounds like a fine angel! i hope u guys will stay stronger than ever and u get to enjoy ur days together! aaah cutiiies

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ahhh i’m really happy that you enjoy him as i really love drawing all these centaurs so yeah thank u here have a centaur



And man, did this end up being 500 times more difficult than I thought- frosting splitting (and being impossible to pipe), cake crumbling, and a number of other problems. But I am happy with how it came out in the end. It isn’t perfect, I know, but I suppose I could claim artistic licences are a thing. 

Adore U is such an adorable music video, and made me slip into the Diamond life HARD.

I ADORE U (not adoring the time it’ll take me to eat this).

(ps. here is my Red Velvet cake I made a lil while ago)

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oH DARLING!! your icons are just what i needed full satisfactory (gg stan here) i love them so much oh i just can't choose djemhsnwhssjhd!! i absolutely adore icons made like this but i can never get them on key, so u gotta tell me how do u perfect your filters (gamma, brightness, hue, saturation, selective color, etc.) for each one? or is it like a wing it operation u sorta just throw on whatever looks best? thank you for the lovely blessing that is this blog btw!!!

afdkogjoidjdj thank you so much omg :( !! You’re so sweet ahhhh <3
My answer will be under the cut ^^ 

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Man, I think I’ve finally found something I like better than Hanzo being impressed and charmed by Mccree’s ‘cool’ cowboy act, and that’s Hanzo noticing cracks in said act and being kind and supportive and still impressed anyway.

My favorite Mchanzo scenario is definitely: 

Mccree, at maximum cowboy. Spaghetti western-ed within an inch of his life. Just doing and saying absolutely ridiculous shit. 

Hanzo, externally acting 100% casual and/or ever so slightly adoring about it. Internally 100% ready to murder the first person who dares to insult his perfect and spectacular specimen of masculinity of a boyfriend.