u are not real ;a;


The Happa are mushi that cling to succulents shortly following rain, often mimicking the raindrops themselves, making it difficult to tell the two apart. It is speculated they are attracted to the texture, or possibly the scent of the waxy succulent leaves when they are moistened. No adverse effect is known from this occurrence. When the raindrops dry up the mushi seem to disappear, as well. Some say they hide on the underside of leaves; others say they burrow into the soil and wait for the next rain. No other information is available on this mushi. ~Mushishi in Real Life~

[my succulent photo, gimp photo editing, google translate] …first attempt at this series myself! Felt like I couldn’t really make the waterdrops/mushi pop so a fun lil description was needed! :)

ive been crying for over 6 hours now this is my only skill

stop being creepy and obsessive over kids?? it’s bordering on predatory at this point. dedicating whole fuckin blogs and gifsets to child actors, shipping real children… yall are weird. stay the fuck away from kids.

anybody else feel like an absurd amount of foreboding for 2018 like 2016 sucked my soul out 2017 put my corpse into a really fast car i couldn’t control and i feel like 2018 is The Arrival At The Gates Of Satan


following this piece 

a few people have been asking for a more in detail look at the outfits Lance n Keith have in the Soul Eater AU, so I got around to doing that at last 🙌


did u kno i took a “which bnha character are u” quiz and I got bakugou, i was like ??? but then i remembered we both love kirishima so makes sense

i hope lover boy lance is having a good day

“Why do you listen to k-pop and watch k-dramas? You’re not even Korean” I’m not American either but that doesn’t fucking stop me from watching Netflix shows and listening to Halsey

A very frustrated international fan