u are not real

my fav thing about rey and hux being siblings is on one hand you have rey as this beautiful, radiant, destructive goddess who looks good on planet Sand Hell while hux looks like someone who died behind a waffle house 

I guess that the conspiracy theory that ‘‘I’m actually sleeping right now and all that’s going on now or already happened is just a dream and one day I’ll wake up and realize that everything was dream’’ is true because Yuri on Ice and all the characters in the series still are too good for this world I still can’t believe that everything just happened and I was watching everything like

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Dear Cis het girl (she/her), 20, white! Congratulations! I've seen some stupid shit today but your site is sensational dumb and senseless!!! Are you really real??? :D :D :D

yeah sorry to dissapoint but I am real 

I guess i might as well put a LAPIDOT thing here.