u are beautiful beyond words

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I rlly enjoyed sequence so far! Do you have any fic recs while I wait for updates ;)

eeeeEEE thank u im so glad ur enjoying it skdjksjdkjds (ps i update every sunday so look forward to that soon!)

instead of listing physical individual fics i’m just going to list blogs! if you don’t mind. any blog that i recommend i’ve likely read every fic on their masterlist, lol. VERY TALENTED BABIES

i’m gonna add becca (@peachykaix) before my list because,,,,,,,, that’s my girl. she’s one of the most talented writers and she’s helped me grow so much as a writer in just the small amount of time we’ve been friends. her work is PHENOMENAL and although she only has one completed fic at the moment, the works to come will leave you in awe. support my girl she deserves every nice comment!


everyone listed above is COMPLETELY amazing and i would recommend literally any work they’ve put out.

thank you so much for the question, anon. i love sharing the talent of the beauties i added here.