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@americans who are young: 20% is the correct amount to tip your server or delivery person

i say this (and repeat it a lot. probably too much. sorry.) because i know a lot of younger people who are just starting to go places on their own do not know how much they should tip, and i know this because i have heard this dilemma come up sometimes w/ tables of teens i’ve waited on, cause they just don’t know. 

i’m here 4 u teens of america: it’s 20%, unless ur waiter is an asshole (like not bad day asshole but Premium Asshole Asshole) or creepy, in which case it is 15%, dropping appropriately to 10% as their Assholery or Creepiness climbs.

just multiply what your bill is by two and drop the second digit. for example: i spend 15 bux, 15x2 = 30, drop the second digit and the appropriate 20% tip is 3 bux.  or u spent 48 bux, thats like 96, that’s p close to 100 so just tip 10 bux to be Cool. 

if you stay at the table for a long time, also compensate accordingly – servers usually have a limited number of tables that they are given responsibility for (so these five or six tables in the corner are my section, anyone who sits there is my table to take care of) and if you camp out for a long time that can cut into yr servers ability to Make doll4rs and/or Leave Work.

if you know that you’re gonna be catching up w/ an old friend for two hours, you can, honestly, just go “hey i’m planning on chatting w/ my friend for a while, but I know we’re taking up this table, and I’m going to tip extra for your time” and that’ll work out for everyone in the long run. people like to know you’re trying to be respectful of their time + effort. everyone is nice, everyone has a nice good time. 

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Micheal and Jeremy reuniting at the end, and being buds again!!

     “I was trying to get Christine, obviously!” I dip my head between my knees.

     “Yeah, but….” Michael starts laughing, a loud laugh, not one of derision. He sits next to me. “That was the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen! I mean - “

     “I know.”

Chapter 14: Bivium
1. A place where two roads meet 2. A pair of alternative means or methods
By Organization for Transformative Works

Yuuri scanned through the faces on screen, struck with the sudden realization that he had no idea who or what he was supposed to be seeing. At least until Phichit swiped left and a new photo slid into view. It was of a different airport this time, and immediately Yuuri’s eyes were drawn to a face he recognized from the first image: a man with dark hair, his back turned almost completely to the camera, caught just as he moved to step out of frame. He had strong features, a cut jaw, a body that was slight but not willowy, hidden beneath the drab browns and grays of his clothes. Next to him was the short hooded figure he’d been with previously, hunched over, chin tucked tight into their chest as if trying to disappear into themselves. The lower part of their face was concealed behind a black cloth mask, pulled up high to meet the bottom edge of their sunglasses.

Welp. Here you go.

¯\_(ツ)_/ I have no excuses for why this is so late, other than the world keeps turning.

i’m always drawing tsuk kissing yams WHICH IS TOTALLY MY JAM but i know in my heart that yams is equally as affectionate… if not more…. bye

hogs “try and stay out of trouble” line truly sounds like a tired old man trying to get a child to behave can u imagine being 48 and having survived a war and a revolution and decades in an irradiated wasteland and end up w some baby brat who you have to tell not to eat dirt at least four times a day

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Can I request 32 and 48 with demon!Baekhyun? <3 you said you wanted some spooky requests, so i hope this is good~ thank you for making time to write for us~

send me number + an idol’s name an i’ll write a drabble for you!

“I made you a cookie but I ate it,” Baekhyun smirked as he set the travel mug of tea in front of you. “The bus got stuck in traffic on the way here,” he settled next to you. “You can teleport…” you scowled. “You said I should do more human things. 

“You’re Satan,” you grumbled, pushing the book filled with your study notes away. “Not yet.”

when u google “longest period without war in europe” you get a variety of answers depending on how we’re defining ‘europe’ and ‘war’ (1945-present if we pretend the balkans aren’t european, 1815-1870 if you enthusiastically redefine civil wars as internal rebellions–and ALSO ignore the balkans and also russia)

but definitely the most Iconic is “before humans arrived in europe” which…yeah, true

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Hi im new at the blog and i really like it <3 ! can i get a drabble game 48 with min yoongi pretty please ?

send me number + an idol’s name an i’ll write a drabble for you!

You’d spent most of the morning trying to find the right outfit to go wear to your family dinner tonight. You put on what you decided you’d wear, scanning yourself in the mirror. 

“You look so beautiful!” Yoongi exclaimed. When you turned to grin a him, you saw his words were directed to the dog. “Not you,” he smirked at you, petting Holly’s sot fur as the dog got comfortable on his stomach. “You’re Satan,” you pouted. “You’re Satan,” he mimicked, making you laugh.   

[request] [scenario] home

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Title: home

Member: seungkwan

Genre: fluff fluff fluff // domestic au + established relationship 

Word Count: 1007

Seungkwan feels like he’s finally gone insane after being in the practice room for six hours straight, perfecting Soonyoung’s choreography for Highlight, which, by the way, is the most exhausting song he’s ever danced to. His feet ache, his thighs hurt, and his lungs burn.

He swears if he hears Soonyoung call him out for not bending his knees low enough, he’s going to bend Soonyoung in half.

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