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i’m always drawing tsuk kissing yams WHICH IS TOTALLY MY JAM but i know in my heart that yams is equally as affectionate… if not more…. bye

you let me complicate you (edit: orz i forgot to tag omg;;; @poisonappletales i hope you like this ;v;)

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This is so dumb but I'm already invested in your sims 2 yoi playthrough and I desperatly need descriptions of the harem house Yuuri's

occupants of slutty yuuri katsuki frathouse omega omega omega (ΩΩΩ, or TRI-OMEGA) include:

  • EROS YUURI: has slicked back hair and wears all black.  was the first one to sleep with victor and did so in approximately three different places in the house within five minutes of knowing him.  he’s also casually slept with phichit, who i kid you not, after they finished woohooing, they had illuminated green happy faces for BEST FRIENDS overhead.  eros yuuri gives the best brojobs.  victor would NOT STOP bringing him flowers, because he’s extra AF.  it got to the point that all the kitchen and dining room surfaces were covered in red roses.  we get it victor!!!! 
  • DEBU YUURI: my chunky son.  he wears a blue tracksuit and eats literally 4x as much as the other sims in the house combined, and on his life achievement wants he ALWAYS has “eat spaghetti” and “be flirted with.”  he is victor’s favorite.  after OG yuuri discovered debu yuuri and victor making out on the front lawn next to the garbage can, OG yuuri tried to pay him off to leave their family alone.  debu yuuri pocketed the $50 and proceeded to stick around for another 10 hours eating their spaghetti.  
  • DRUNK YUURI: wears a disheveled suit at all times with the pants rolled up to the knees and tie undone.  he is the only yuuri with a job, and that job is casual pickpocket, where he steals mens’ wallets (and also their hearts).  except i think he just got promoted to golf course caddy, so you know he’s blowing old men by hole 9 behind the drink cart.  drunk yuuri is not victor’s biggest fan, which means that they’ve somehow managed to have tons of hate woohoo.  drunk yuuri refuses to be a homewrecker and actually go over to victor’s house, but will suck victor off in a photo booth.  yeah man, idk.  
  • ALPHA YUURI: originally created as an individual yuuri who was supposed to meet victor prime in a meet cute sort of way, was discarded after victor prime had a tragic Tried To Barbecue Inside And All the Doors Went Missing accident, but eventually recruited and pledged to omega omega omega when og victor decided he need to have woohooed with five different sims, and it was just easier if they all lived in the same house.


  • PHICHIT!!: his name has the exclamation points in the game too, because he is just excited to be there.  he is a popularity sim, which means all of his goals make him want to be every yuuri’s best friend, and he is.  he’s also had quality brojob time with both debu yuuri and eros yuuri.
  • PLISETSKY: the only teen in the house, so he’s off limits, and pretty much just grossed out all the time.  he’s a success sim, and recently got into private school, and is also on the yearbook committee, because as much time away from the gross assholes who live in this house with him is great.  he still has an unrequited crush on debu yuuri for some reason.  
Best of : Jimin & his girlfriend

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@blondebusan & I wanted to make something for you, we both spent time perfecting this video and it’s 100% for you, we hope you like it girl. Congrats on being an adult, we love you!!!


Crew members aboard German submarine U-47 in Wilhelmshaven to the left was a radio hydrophone Carl Steinhagen.
The boat crew destroyed 30 merchant ships with a gross tonnage of 162 769 gross registered tons and 1 warship, battleship “Royal oak”.

25 August 1940: sunk by a British armed steamer Empire Merlin torpedoes German submarine U-48

11 September 1941: sunk by torpedoes of German submarine U-82, an armed British steamer Empire CrossBill (5463 GRT, 1919).
On this day, U-82 sank three British ships Bulysees, Gypsum Queen, Empire Crossbill and damaged one ship of the Swedish (Scania).

30 may 1941: sunk by 2 torpedoes German submarine U-38 armed steamer Empire Protector (6181 BRT, 1921). Former Italian PAMIA captured 10.6.40 HMS LIFFEY.

when u finally get the malec spoilers u been looking for since the episode screened and then realize u gotta wait 48 hours to see it ur damn self

EDIT ahhhhh whoa okay um if you want them Message me either chat or off anon as i am NOT posting anything publicly for obvious reasons and would appreciate if anyone who receives them respected that as well

Received from: Mileena
[10:45] hi subzero2. Mileena Kahnum ruler of all outworld here.
[10:46] my underling rain has bin going on at me to contact u
[10:48] he doesnt want me 2 tell that hes scared shtless but I thnk its funny.
[10:49] lol he thinks the lin kuei r comn 4 him n he didnt listn 2 me wen I explaind the lin kuei dnt do contracts in outworld ne more.
Sent to: Mileena
[12:31] You said it Mileena. The Lin Kuei have a strict policy against getting involved in any Outworld business. I don’t know where Rain heard any different.
[12:35] I do hope these concerns haven’t been keeping him up at night. To set him at ease, why not pass on this message on to him.
[12:36] Tell him Grandmaster Kuai Liang hopes he sleeps well tonight. He’s earned it.

@americans who are young: 20% is the correct amount to tip your server or delivery person

i say this (and repeat it a lot. probably too much. sorry.) because i know a lot of younger people who are just starting to go places on their own do not know how much they should tip, and i know this because i have heard this dilemma come up sometimes w/ tables of teens i’ve waited on, cause they just don’t know. 

i’m here 4 u teens of america: it’s 20%, unless ur waiter is an asshole (like not bad day asshole but Premium Asshole Asshole) or creepy, in which case it is 15%, dropping appropriately to 10% as their Assholery or Creepiness climbs.

just multiply what your bill is by two and drop the second digit. for example: i spend 15 bux, 15x2 = 30, drop the second digit and the appropriate 20% tip is 3 bux.  or u spent 48 bux, thats like 96, that’s p close to 100 so just tip 10 bux to be Cool. 

if you stay at the table for a long time, also compensate accordingly – servers usually have a limited number of tables that they are given responsibility for (so these five or six tables in the corner are my section, anyone who sits there is my table to take care of) and if you camp out for a long time that can cut into yr servers ability to Make doll4rs and/or Leave Work.

if you know that you’re gonna be catching up w/ an old friend for two hours, you can, honestly, just go “hey i’m planning on chatting w/ my friend for a while, but I know we’re taking up this table, and I’m going to tip extra for your time” and that’ll work out for everyone in the long run. people like to know you’re trying to be respectful of their time + effort. everyone is nice, everyone has a nice good time. 

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('Dark' annon here) lmao I got the numbers wrong, I meant to ask 48 43 and 51

omg hello Dark anon! It’s okay, and here u go!
48: Do you hold grudges?
Tbh, it depends on who im arguing with. If it’s between someone I know personally, I might hold a grudge for a little while. But if it’s between someone Im not that close to, typically i dont hold grudges against them!
43: Do you have any scars?
Yes! I have one scar from getting burnt while cooking
51: Are you a good liar?
I’d say yes?? LMAO I mean, my friend says Im a good liar, and whenever im really caught up in the moment, I can just lie to someone straight up without showing any signs that im lying haha. But other times, i can try to lie and just end up laughing