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My All Time Playlist
1. Ain’t no rest for the wicked - cage the elephant
2. Airplanes - 5 seconds of summer
3. All the small things - blink-182
4. All too well - Taylor swift
5. Alleyways - the neighborhood
6. Anna sun - walk the moon
7. Anti-Christ - the 1975
8. Anywhere but here - mayday parade
9. Arabella- Arctic monkeys
10. Backseat serenade - all time low
11. Be my escape - reliant k
12. Beverly Hills - Weezer
13. Bright - echosmith
14. Can you feel my heart - bring me the horizon
15. Candle (sick and tired) - the white tie affair
16. Car radio - twenty one pilots
17. Careless whisper - Alex Gaskarth, Juliet Simms, & 3oh!3
18. Carousel- Melanie Martinez
19. Centuries - fall out boy
20. Check yes Juliet - we the kings
21. Chocolate - the 1975
22. Cinderblock garden - all time low
23. Circles - all time low
24. The city - the 1975
25. Colors - Halsey
26. Control - Halsey
27. A daydream away - all time low
28. Dear Maria, Count me in - all time low
29. Disconnected - 5 seconds of summer
30. Do I wanna know - arctic monkeys
31. Dog days are over - Florence and the machines
32. Doubt - twenty one pilots
33. Dream - rocky loves Emily
34. Dreamers - hopium
35. Drive - Halsey
36. Drown - bring me the horizon
37. Emperor’s new clothes - panic! At the disco
38. Empty gold - Halsey
39. English girls - the Maine
40. Fairly local - twenty one pilots
41. Fat lip - sum 41
42. The feeling - Justin bieber ft Halsey
43. Forever stuck in our youth - set it off
44. The fortunate - cartel
45. Freaking me out - simple plan ft Alex Gaskarth
46. Gasoline - Halsey
47. Ghost - Halsey
48. Girl like that - every avenue
49. The girl’s a straight up hustler - all time low
50. Girls - the 1975
51. Girls freak me out- the summer set
52. Give me love - Ed Sheeran
53. Goner - twenty one pilots
54. Goodnight moon - go radio
55. Hallelujah - Jason Castro
56. Hallelujah - panic! At the disco
57. Heart out - the 1975
58. Heavydirtysoul - twenty one pilots
59. Here - Alesia cara
60. Hide away - daya
61. High school never ends - bowling for soup
62. Hit the ground - Justin bieber
63. Hold me down - Halsey
64. Hometown - twenty one pilots
65. Hopeless romantics - make out Monday
66. House of gold - twenty one pilots
67. Howlin for you - the black keys
68. Hurricane - Halsey
69. I miss you - blink-182
70. I write sins not tragedies - panic! At the disco
71. I’d hate to be you when people find out who this song is about - mayday parade
72. I’ll be - Edwin McCain
73. I’m ready - jack’s mannequin
74. If it means a lot to you - a day to remember
75. If you wanted a song written about you all you had to do was ask - mayday parade
76. Immortals - fall out boy
77. In too deep - sum 41
78. Invisible - 5 seconds of summer
79. Is there somewhere - Halsey
80. Jamie all over - mayday parade
81. Jasey Rae acoustic - all time low
82. Jersey - mayday parade
83. Jet black heart - 5 seconds of summer
84. Just the girl - the click five
85. Kids in the dark - all time low
86. Kissing in cars - pierce the veil
87. Knee socks - Arctic monkeys
88. Lived a lie - you me at six
89. Livin on a prayer - Bon jovi
90. Long live the king - James Arthur
91. Long way home - 5 seconds of summer
92. Lost in stereo- all time low
93. A love like war - all time Low ft Vic Fuentes
94. Love me like you do - Alex Gaskarth
95. Love yourself - Justin bieber
96. Lullabies - all time low
97. Manners - we are the in crowd
98. Midnight city - m83
99. Miles away - Memphis May Fire ft kellin quinn
100. Miserable at best - mayday parade
101. Miss Jackson - panic! At the disco
102. Missing you - all time low
103. Molly make out - the Friday night boys
104. Mr. Brightside - the killers
105. My own worst enemy - lit
106. My songs know what you did in the dark - fall out boy
107. Naive - the kooks
108. Never be - 5 seconds of summer
109. New Americana - Halsey
110. Night changes - one direction
111. Nightmare - rocky loves Emily
112. Nine in the afternoon - panic! At the disco
113. No one can touch us - sing it loud ft Alex Gaskarth
114. Number five - the spotlight ft Alex Gaskarth
115. Ocean avenue - yellowcard
116. Once bitten, twice shy - great white
117. Once upon a dream - Lana del Rey
118. One love - bob Marley
119. Paradise city - guns n roses
120. The party scene - all time low
121. Photograph - Ed Sheeran
122. Pour some sugar on me - def leppard
123. R u mine? - Arctic monkeys
124. Remembering Sunday - all time low
125. Renegades - x ambassadors
126. right girl - the Maine
127. Robbers - the 1975
128. Semi charmed life - third eye blind
129. Settle down - the 1975
130. Seven nation army - the white stripes
131. Sex - the 1975
132. Shameless - all time low
133. She makes dirty words sound pretty - Vic Fuentes
134. She way out - the 1975
135. Sippy cup - Melanie Martinez
136. Six feet under the stars - all time low
137. Skinny love - Bon iver
138. Skyway avenue - we the kings
139. Slow - Halsey
140. Smells like teen spirit - nirvana
141. Social casualty - 5 seconds of summer
142. Somewhere in Neverland - all time low
143. Sophomore slump - fall out boy
144. Stacy’s mom - fountains of Wayne
145. Stained glass eyes and colorful tears - pierce the veil
146. Stars - adelaie
147. Stay - mayday parade
148. Stay awake - all time low
149. Staying up - the neighborhood
150. Stella - all time low
151. Stolen dance - milky chance
152. Stressed out - twenty one pilots
153. Sugar we’re going down - fall out boy
154. Summertime sadness - Lana del Rey
155. Sweater weather - the neighborhood
156. Sweet child o mine - guns n roses
157. Tear in my heart - twenty one pilots
158. Teenagers - my chemical romance
159. Tell me I’m a wreck - every avenue
160. Terrible things - mayday parade
161. Throne - bring me the horizon
162. To build a home - the cinematic orchestra
163. Tonight you’re perfect - new politics
164. Twixter - make out Monday
165. Uma Thurman - fall out boy
166. Unpredictable - 5 seconds of summer
167. Unsteady - x ambassadors
168. Vapor - 5 seconds of summer
169. Vegas - all time low
170. Voodoo child - Jimi Hendrix
171. Walk this way - Aerosmith
172. Waste the night - 5 seconds of summer
173. Weightless - all time low
174. When I get home you’re so dead - mayday parade
175. When the day met the night - panic! At the disco
176. Woah oh! - forever the sickest kids
177. Why’d you only call me when you’re high? - Arctic monkeys
178. Wonderless - pierce the veil
179. Wrapped around your finger - 5 seconds of summer
180. You be the anchor… - mayday parade
181. You’re so creepy - ghost town
182. Young god - Halsey
183. Your soul - hippie sabotage
184. Youth - daughter
185. 2 heads - Coleman hell
186. 18 - anarbor
187. 1985 - bowling for Soup

188. Left Alone - Sleeping With Sirens
189. All I Want - Kodaline
190. Holy - PVRIS
191. Long Way Down - Robert Delong
192. Heart - Flor
193. I Swear This Time I Mean It - Mayday Parade
194. 12 Through 15 - Mayday Parade
195. We Don’t Believe What’s On TV - twenty one pilots
196. The Great Escape - boys like girls
197. Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles
198. Garden - Halsey
199. Ocean and Atlantic- Mayday Parade
200. Floral & Fading - Pierce The Veil
201. Forest - twenty one pilots
202. The Sound - The 1975
203. Lithium - Nirvanna
204. Closer - The Chainsmokers feat. Halsey

205. Guys my age - hey violet
206. I Don’t Wanna Live Forever -Zayn and Taylor Swift
207. Lurk - the neighborhood
208. Secrets- state champs
209. Gold steps - neck deep
210. Freak - Lana del Rey
211. Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac
212. Dirty laundry - all time low
213. Famous last words - my chemical romance
214. Holy Ghost - borns
215. Am I pretty? - the Maine
216. Misery - the Maine
217. Gooey - Glass Animals
218. Greek tragedy - the wombats
219. Hendrix - wyclef jean
220. Dirty laundry - All Time Low
221. First - Cold War Kids
222. Take Me out - Franz Ferdinand
223. Now or Never - Halsey
224. One day - Kodaline
225. Talk - Kodaline
226. Bad at love - Halsey
227. Good Times - All Time Low

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anonymous asked:

124 + andreil !!

this has been in my drafts for like,, weeks i have no excuses but thank u anyway!!

124. “Are you wearing my shirt?” + andreil

After a bad game, the Foxes had come to have routine. They’d gotten too cocky after beating the Ravens, so when they lost a game after that, it always hit them harder than it had before Neil’s arrival. Andrew had started closing the goal like he actually enjoyed playing the game, Kevin could play with both his hands now, the new players helped them out a lot, so why weren’t they winning?

Disappointed and tired, all they wanted to do was change out of their sweaty gear and go to sleep. Andrew’s arms felt overworked, Neil’s feet throbbing after he played a full game running back and forth. The showers anyone had were short and silent, with no post-game chatter as there usually was. Neil still hadn’t become comfortable changing with the others, and was last to leave the showers, sweatpants and an orange t-shirt sticking to his half-assed attempt at drying himself, alongside his black wristbands to cover his scars.

“It makes me wonder how I tolerate you when you step out of a shower like that.” Andrew was the only one remaining in the room, rubbing a towel through his hair, only looking up at Neil for a second as he walked towards his locker.

“Like what? Dressed?” He threw his dirty jersey and pants into the almost-full basket of to-be-washed clothes, putting his bandana and non-washable gear back into his locker.

“Half dried. It’s disgusting.” 

“I’ll dry.” Neil leaned against the lockers and watched as Andrew towel dried his hair, only stopping to tell Neil to stop staring. When he was finished, he shoved the towel into his bag, to be cleaned back at the dorms, and shook his head like a dog before styling it with his fingers. He was wearing black sweatpants, tied with his usual wristbands and black Nike runners. It was then that Neil noticed what looked off about him, and it brought a smirk to his lips. “Are you wearing my shirt?” 

Andrew looked down at the t-shirt and shrugged his shoulders. It wasn’t something any of the other foxes would notice, but Neil knew it was his because he’d had it before he came to PSU. It was a plain, short-sleeved black t-shirt, with the sleeves slightly rolled up, but the distinction between that and any other t-shirt, was the small white logo on the left breast. It wasn’t a brand, but was an embroidered signature of some old Exy player from when the league first began. He’d found it in a thrift store back when he stopped off in Ireland on his way to America, and it was nothing memorable, but he recognized it in a second.

“Don’t get too full of yourself, Josten, it was the first shirt I picked up. Your style is still atrocious.” He looked down at the embroidery before rolling his eyes again at Neil who was smiling over at him. “I will change if you keep looking at me like that.”

“Tell me you don’t like it.” Neil pushed himself up off the lockers, and Andrew joined him in the middle of the room.

“It’s the only bearable item of clothing you seem to own. Yes or no?” Neil mumbled out a yes through a cheeky smile, and was met with Andrew’s lips on his own for only a second before Neil pulled back and rested his forehead against Andrew’s.

“It’s a little big on you, though.” He was tired, and his blue eyes flickered as he searched through Andrew’s hazel ones up so close. 

“Big means comfortable. You are not as tall as you think, you know that?” Andrew stopped the conversation there by kissing him again, and though Neil probably wouldn’t admit it, he kind of hoped Andrew would “accidentally” wear his clothes more often.

My favorite, absolute favorite, parts of Inuyasha are when they focus on Inuyasha’s suffering and sadness. Like when his voice gets all deep and sad and he’s in pain with his voice cracking. When he’s punching the ground, hurting himself because he felt like he failed to protect someone (usually Kikyo or Kagome). When you can see how terrified he is of being alone again, his friends dying and leaving him.

It all comes down to his extreme fear of being alone and not being accepted.

anonymous asked:

do u actually think destiel could be endgame? like, I'm 124% with u that they can't back out of the cas/Colette parallel without admitting to intentionally queerbaiting, but. I wanna hope! I wanna believe! I just think of how "no homo" jensen and writers have been, and I start to doubt whether they'd actually make that leap. I'm angsting so hard rn it's absolutely pathetic. what are ur thoughts?

to be clear, i don’t think admitting that the cas/colette parallel is a thing means that destiel has to become canon. it DOES mean, however, that they HAVE to say SOMETHING about it in canon. like, some acknowledgment that cas is more than just a friend to dean. they’ve hinted that cas is in love with dean, yes, but it really honestly needs to come straight out of cas’ mouth. to dean. and dean needs to nod in understanding and halfheartedly admit that he feels the same.

they don’t need to make out or end up in a relationship or anything. they simply need to acknowledge /to each other/ that what’s between them is not just friendship. and they need to do it more explicitly than they ever have in the past.