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helo !! its sayeeda here w another follow forever !! so its been almost.. an Entire year since i made this blog n ive also reached a follower goal so i thought id just do it!!!!!!!! honestly i was gonna post this on the 1st bc thats like. my exact 1yr anniversary?? but i couldnt wait n had 2 tell u all that i love u sm even if we just became mutuals!! or we’ve been mutuals for 34792yrs…i love u all n appreciate u sm i wanna thank u all for being so nice like. ive made so many amazing friends n id die for all of u!!! even if we’ve never spoken id still die for u!! that being said i hope we get 2 talk if we dont already!!!! anyways enough of me talkin …….. i love u all!!! 💌

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would michael skateboard

probably :0c i mean i doubt he’d be SPECTACULAR on it but he can skateboard well and do a couple of cool tricks that he may or may not have learned when he was younger because jeremy thought it was cool. it fits his Aesthetic

jeremy still thinks its kinda cool but doesnt really say it out loud. he cant skateboard because his balance is bad and also he’s like all limbs so him on any set of wheels (aside from rollerskating) is a Bad Time

anyway all you need to know about Rachel @ FT5 is that she’s the most #MilahDefenseSquad EVER and she totally gets where the character was coming from when it comes to Milah’s depression and Rumple’s abuse and leaving Baelfire for his own good, and she just GETS IT and refused to be baited into saying shit about her own character

also Colin was super duper amazingly #TeamMillian and defending it when people were booing (the fuck dudes???) the fact that if Milah hadn’t died Killian would have still been with her and the fact that she was sooo important to Killian (re: his revenge) like

I feel so blessed about my ship right now

i hate when customers complain abt being carded whenever they buy cigarettes or alcohol like??? sir i have to ask for your id or i’ll fucking lose my job and be in trouble with the law so just take 2 seconds out of your day and hand it over

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I just wanna say, I'm so happy you're embracing your feelings towards Rebecca. It's just reached a whole other level of ridiculous now heh 😂😂😭😭.

this was probably the wrong (right?) time to send this message because i’ve been yelling about this theory all evening and….

i have some more Thoughts

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HI ! i was just creepin through your blog - you know how it is - when I noticed some stuff about descend. Of course this caught my eye bc that fic was my life, so i read on to find out YOU WROTE IT !! oh man not only is this my fave blog, that is like my fave fic ?? You're the greatest ! I spent months randomly daydreaming about the descend verse while you were writing it. thanks for creating such a beautiful, angsty world. anyway sorry for the random, just wanted to tell you you're fabulous !🖤

omg never apologize u just like?? made my day?? thank u so much!!!!!

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I have no cartilage in my nose and it squishes like Isak's (and Tarjei's I guess, idk I separate them as people in my mind, because well they are different people) and I used to be so self conscious about kissing people because of it, but after seeing how damn cute it is with Isak/Tarjei I'm starting to accept that it isn't all too weird or gross. Is that a little strange?

that is the cutest thing…………….. i can’t believe tarjei’s nose did That

all squishy noses are cute as hell!! 

guys omg so i was looking through my pile of notebooks and i found a bunch of poems i had written last year that i’m pretty sure i never posted?? when i get out of the shower i’m gonna work on typing them up and posting them!

also i found some of the original/first drafts of some of the poems in Have Some Pride, if it’s something yall would be interested in i can scan and upload them?? my handwriting is atrocious though lmao