My solitude is sublime; the roaring of the wind is my wife; and the stars through my window-panes, these beautiful particles, constantly fill up my heart. The mighty abstract idea of Beauty in all things, I have, stifles the more divided and minute domestic happiness. I feel more and more, every day, as my imagination strengthens, that I do not live in this world alone, but in a thousand worlds.
—  John Keats, from ‘Life & Letters’

anonymous asked:

Do you see parallels between Henry VII and Elizabeth and Victoria and Albert? I have seen this said several times on here.

I’m gonna be brutally honest with you, I don’t see any parallels between Victoria and Albert and Elizabeth and Henry. To me they are two very different relationships, two very different time periods, and four extremely different people. 

First we have the circumstances of there marriage,  Elizabeth and Henry were not a love match, they were a political union they turned into a happy arranged marriage. That is not at all what happened with Victoria and Albert, they’re marriage was based on there overwhelming feelings for each other. 

Second we have how they treated there children. While I think Albert and Victoria were typically Victorian parents how Victoria viewed her children isn’t at all like the evidence we have for how Elizabeth treated her children. I think possibly you can claim they stressed how important academia was to their children but when I still see it differently. Also nothing suggests that Elizabeth hated being pregnant the way Victoria hated being pregnant. And while I think Victoria was a good mother up to a point she is no where near the beloved mother Elizabeth of York was to her children. Elizabeth was idealized in her children’s mind, especially Henry VIII, as the perfect ideal of wifehood and motherhood. To me this isn’t very Queen Victoria and her children relationship.

Thirdly Henry and Elizabeth and Victoria and Albert’s relationship is extremely different. Henry and Elizabeth’s were both very calm people, neither were prone to violent anger. This isn’t to say the relationship was without fighting, just that it wasn’t one with extreme fighting in it. I think the relationship was based mostly both of them taking comfort in having each other. Henry gave Elizabeth the security she probably craved after years of uncertainty and Elizabeth gave Henry a loving family life that he never had before. When I headcanon and imagine them, I imagine quiet nights playing cards surrounding by there children. 

Albert and Victoria however were a couple who fought, made up, fought, made up, probably had a bunch of angsty make up sexy times that resulted in Victoria getting pregnant with another kid and being really upset about the whole thing. Albert and Victoria’s relationship got less fighting driven overtime but they had an incredible alot of fighting in the relationship due to there extreme personality differences. When I imagine Albert and Victoria, I imagine alot of fighting and angsty make up sessions.

And fourthly, while Henry did deeply mourn Elizabeth he was able to recover from her death. He might have been a changed man, but we also have to keep in mind that Henry lost close advisers, his son and Elizabeth in short succession. I think it was a combination of Henry these events that changed him not just Elizabeth’s death, while it might have been a major event it wasn’t the sole event. In comparison Victoria never got over the death of Prince Albert. She mourned for years on end, she sat in rooms surrounded by images of him. She made his clothes be laid out every day. She practically acted like Albert had never died. She never let Albert be forgotten, she blamed her son Bertie for the death of Albert. While John Brown helped her get out of the deepest of her depression, her depression never truly left her. She was in a constant state of mourning for 40 years after the death of Albert. Her mourning also wasn’t healthy, it wasn’t just some mourning the loss of a person they loved alot (Like I think Henry did) it was someone who became obsessed with not letting go of a person they loved. 

So no nonny I don’t see much similarities between the two relationships at all.  at all.