Good morning, Shawols!
I bring good news today.
Tomorrow, we’ll have our first hashtaging event on Twitter! So I hope everyone joins us and we get to the top of the European TT for as long as possible! We think this is a great way of starting our fight for a SHINee concert in Europe and hope everyone will get involved.
The hashtag will be ‪#‎SWCinEurope‬, so make sure you all tweet the same thing!
The event will start on Sunday at 3PM (UK and Portugal time). Please, take a look at the map below to find out what time that is in your country, since we all live in different timezones!…/europe-time-zone-map.gif
If you live in Central Europe, your starting time will be 4PM, if you live in Eastern Europe it’ll be 5PM and so on! Please, make sure you get the time right, as it’s important for all of us to tweet at the same time!
We count on you, so please take part if you can!

DAY: Sunday, 2nd of August.
TIME: 3PM (UK and Portugal time).


Living skyscraper concept is straight out of J.R.R. Tolkien’s dreams

Our greatest cities could see massive tree-like structures rising amidst their skyscrapers one day. Teeming with life, these vertical gardens could provide both food and a bit of green space for city folk. These enormous vertical farms could be the self-sustaining hearts of their host cities. They’ll scrub the air clean, purify local water and produce renewable energy. They’ll be so wonderful that it’ll almost be like living in Lothlorien.

Imagine if all the metals, factories, man power, and organization of the military was used to empower human beings rather than prepare for their annihilation. All the fundamental necessities of life including food, water, shelter, energy, transportation, could be ubiquitously accessible to everyone on earth, with high efficiency and sustainability. The technical means of this are already here. This could usher in a new level of freedom and possibility never before experienced in history. No longer would humanity waste most of it’s effort on simply trying to survive, but rather to fully explore its previously hindered and vastly unrealized potential.

static, imperial knowledge does not exist. Rather, it is the insight of the emergence of all systems we must recognize. This means we must be open to new information at all times, even if it threatens our current belief system and hence, our identities.
—  Zeitgeist Addendum

For the Record: I am aware of The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement, and while I agree with almost all their conclusions, I disagree with the assessment that all that is needed is the spreading of awareness about the current system and a theoretical alternative, and somehow the masses will magically and peacefully switch to a better world once critical mass is reached. TVP is making movies with donations to this end, while TZM is so disorganized that their global Z-Day Festival couldn’t muster a South African event… Also the creator of the movement was not aware that their social network had been shut down and discontinued for nearly two weeks after the fact. and only heard about it because someone close to him saw it being discussed on facebook.

I propose specific steps be taken to achieve a transition to a Post-Scarcity society, the first of these steps is the unification of communities, not against ‘The Powers That Be’ but FOR a better world. Breaking down the first step further, I proposed the VIAAC framework which starts with the formation of non-profit community co-operatives and gradually permits the improvement of global standards of sustainable living. Breaking it down further requires assessing the community in question, but eventually comes down to either forming a Food Co-operative, or a Hackerspace, or preferably both. This means that new cities do not need to be built, instead current communities can adapt.

I do not oppose TVP or TZM, I simply view them as largely ineffective on the time-scale we are currently working with. I see a number of people from both groups latching on to the global protests, hoping that this is the collapse they have heard Peter Joseph and Jaque Fresco talk about, as if it is something desirable.

Collapse, be it economic, political, or ecological, is likely to set back establishing any kind of post-scarcity society by about 3 generations, if not indefinitely. I appreciate the waking of people to the evils of modern society, but without solid direction, the only opotion truly available to those being woken, is Mass Protest, which we are now seeing. I’d like to see someone from these movements go and stand in front of an angry mob and explain a Resource Based Economy to them…

The sad thing is, both TZM and TVP are wasting the largest resource they have available to them, and that is their member support. If I had more than 100 000 people interconnected globally intersested in the VIAAC, the VIAAC would have been complete by now and I would be deploying it at the protests as decentralized mobile software. Instead, I’m developing the theory, designing the software, running baseline studies and then establishing as many VIAACs as I can… I tried getting input from TZM, but they are heavily focused on discussing RBE Test Cities, technological innovation, moral dilemmas, and there is a serious disconnect between co-ordinators and members, and when I approached TVP, I was told that i could contribute by making a “Why I Advocate” youtube video or donating towards their movie.

I live in sub-saharan Africa, and 90% of the people here, will NEVER get to see YouTube, and even if they could, a video or two is not going to change anything in their lives.

via robcayman

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Wonderfully put. As for my own personal opinion on these “movements”, they are out there. Whether or not they’re being managed effectively or not, the collective consciousness of human beings on this planet is moving toward a shift - with or without these movements.

The Zeitgeist films were originally composed (the first one) as documentary-style art pieces by filmmaker/musician/artist Peter Joseph. They pierced the consciousness of millions when uploaded to YouTube, where the original film broke over 500,000 views in less than 6 months. After a public stir began to emerge prompting him to create some kind of organization where others could get involved, the Zeitgeist Movement was created. In a nut shell: the films peel back the layers of society and reality to unveil what most of us already know and what others are afraid to confront, realize and discuss amongst others themselves. The film also reveals Jacque Fresco-inspired methodologies and architecture for a civilization riding their train of ignorance on a track without a unified common goal.

Peter Joseph’s approach is a blunt, brash and sometimes sarcastic slap in the face using history, science, technology and publicly-available facts to back up and reinforce the importance of a much needed paradigm shift in every cog and wheel of our collective society. Jacque Fresco, founder of the Venus Project, validates these harsh truths even further, but with emphasis more so on how we are to live and operate on Earth (or elsewhere) via art and naturally-inspired architecture: think Frank Lloyd Wright meets 2001: A Space Odyssey.

However disorganized they may be, the movements are most certainly a step in the right direction in terms of SOMEONE out there in the world proposing a couple positive alternatives we should at least strive for. Personally, I don’t subscribe to being a Zeitgeist member or affiliate, I simply support positive alternatives based on science, technology and global access for everyone to achieve “humanity 2.0”, so to speak.

I’ve mentioned this before: TROM: The Reality Of Me delivers a much more thorough breakdown of society, civilization, our faults, our successes, our tools for survival, the biosphere we call Earth and where we are headed as a species. Either way, I’ve provided the links to the Zeitgeist/Venus Project films as well as TROM, below. Decide for yourself.

TROM( | The Reality Of Me

TZM | The Zeitgeist Film Series

The Venus Project