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name: Tziphora Grimoire  (SURPRISE! NEW MUSE!) (Pronouced ZEFORA GRIMWARE)
nickname(s): Tzeph, Tzippy
species: Witch/ Lunarian  

p e r s o n a l .

morality. lawful / neutral / chaotic / good / grey/ evil
religious belief. None.
sins.  lust / greed / gluttony / sloth / pride / envy / wrath
virtues.  chastity / charity / diligence / humility / kindness / patience / justice
primary goals in life.  : To be excepted in the Cryptid community and bring peace to both mortals and Cryptids.
languages known. Common tongue and Latin 
secrets.  She loves her long time Dhampire friend Ezekiel Karrow 
quirks.  Reckless, headstrong, too self critical, 
savvies. (skills?)  swordplay, singing, dancing 

p h y s i c a l .

build. slender / scrawny / bony / fit / athletic / curvy / herculean / babyfat / pudgy / obese / other
height.  5′5
weight.  125lbs
scars/birthmarks. scar runs across left cheek  
abilities/powers. Hydrokanensis 
restrictions.  I don’t think she believe this is a restriction (nor do i) she does have mental health issues (PTSD, Bipolar disorder etc) She also suffers from mercury poisoning.

f a v o u r i t e s .

favourite food. stew 
favourite drink. pumpkin spiced tea 
favourite pizza topping.  Unaware of what pizza is
favourite colour : Purple
favourite music genre. Rock
favourite book genre.  Fantasy, Adventure
favourite movie genre.  No invented yet.
favourite season. Fall
favourite curse word.  Fudge and mother lover
favourite scent. pumpkin spice, cinnamon, pine

f u n  s t u f f .

bottom or top.  bottom
loud burper or soft burper.  soft.
sings in the shower. Yes / no./ Sometimes
likes bad puns. Yes / no / Sometimes
their opinion on the mun. “Freaking weirdo and too soft for her own good” XD

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