tzipporah is the best


I love Dreamworks and their red-blue couples.

For anyone confused as to why I put Miguel and Tulio: In the original script, Miguel and Tulio were a legitimate couple, with pet-names and everything. Their relationship was cut out of the final movie, but the pet-names are still in the subtitles of some DVDs. (XXX)

And I put Keith and Lance because they’re an extremely popular ship from a Dreamworks series with loads of chemistry and the audience’s interest has even been acknowledged by the creators (who also happen to have a history of lgbt rep in the things they’ve worked on).

Valentine's Day Love Post: Romantic Love

Featuring the most beautiful couple I’ve ever seen in animation outside of Sarabi and Mufasa (as well as Simba and Nala): Tzipporah and Moses.

I always love this part when she sneaks up and leads him into the dance in Through Heaven’s Eyes.

And this expression from Moses on their wedding day is just so beautiful–this is like the highest point of his life. He is in love with Tzipporah. You can tell, and Dreamworks does this with gorgeous simplicity and subtleness.

They are always there for each other even through the toughest of times, and will comfort each other no matter what.

And they will share the pride of the other’s achievements, and I love how Tzipporah just runs up to Moses and embraces him after the people are finally freed.

Look. Look at your people, Moses. They are free.

And even better? He finally has earned her respect, having shod the arrogant prince personality to mature into a compassionate and strong man. I like to think that she began to fall in love with him when he showed a sincere desire to be a better person who would deserve not just her respect, but also her undying love.