Kindred-Garden Report Cards

Kindred-Garden Report Cards

Assamite - does not play well with others.

Baali - rarely seen, but has a bad attitude towards teachers and students alike.

Brujah - plays very well with others… others’ toys, others’ money, others’ friends, others… still have to figure out how he got that gun.

Caitiff - recently added to the class. The others have not yet gotten a chance to know him (and they act like they don’t want to).

Daughter of Cacophany - song time A+ excemplary student. Prone to wild screaming tantrums.

Gangrel - always playing outdoors. In fact, it’s darn hard to get him back inside after playtime.

Giovanni - keeps asking “when do we get to dissect frogs?” I’ve tried to explain that she has to finish 8 more years before that and she just sulked.

Lasombra - strangest kid I’ve ever seen…. he’s already got a five o'clock shadow… was not here on school photo day despite protestations otherwise.

Malkav - nice quiet child and yet all the other children don’t seem to like him. They think he’s plotting against them all. I’d be prone not to believe it but I’ve seen some of the notes he’s been passing… in sumerian.

Nosferatu - strange child that has unfortunate disability, yet always ready to help the teacher with information on who’s been doing what.

Ravnos - I’m not sure of this one….. keeps being in two places at once and never seems to run out of lunch money, especially when the others have had theirs go missing.

Toreador - top of the class in finger painting. (best you can say about him really.)

Tzimisce - has since developed an attitude problem and started picking on the others and hanging out with young Lasombra.

Tremere - caring thoughtful child… always the first one there to help when one of the others is injured in any way.

Salubri - one of the first children Tremere helped…. actually, I haven’t seen her lately.

Set - the lisp is a bit disconcerting, as well as the eyes, and seems more interested in distracting the others with his “goodiesssssss” then doing any actual work.

Samedi - truly revolting child. If he doesn’t stop blowing milk bubbles out of his nose…..

Ventrue - model student. Always a pleasure to have in the class room and well spoken and then forget you were told to write this.


Little Tzimisce appreciation post. Have you ever seen “The Thing”? This is something that these vampires could do by using fleshcrafting discipline called Vicissitude as easy as is switching the light for you..
It’s hard to tell what Vicissitude really is. People are kept ignorant, and Kindreds usually do not return. Tzimisce hide their secrets effectively and their collective power is almost as wide known as the loathe and fear they instill. If vampires had under-bed monsters it would be Tzimisce.

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Lookie lookie… Some things I made for another artist on DeviantArt (who also happens to LARP) from Germany.

I dunno why taking pictures without the flash on my camera causes the reddish tone, so there’s one with the flash on to get a better sense of the color.  New camera so I guess I’ll have to play with its settings.

Disclaimer: I make LARP/Cosplay items for fun, not profit.  If you’re interested, message me either on DeviantArt / Tumblr / email: cloud (dot) gazing (at) gmail (dot) com.