Ooooooh dang! Looks like my main gaming group is about to shift from Mage: The Ascension to…Vampire: Dark Ages!! AW YEAH! We’ve got a few Mage games left before the switch, so I’m spending some time working up a character. Worry not, this doesn’t mean the Mage game is over forever. We’ll rotate back to it before too long. We tend to switch between 2 storytellers to give both guys some time to play. 

Anyways, we’re working on making up new characters, so I did some doodling today. I thiiiink I’m gonna stick with this for my character’s design for now. Gavril is a young Tzimise just starting on their road to greatness. They’re currently masculine presenting, but are truly gender neutral. Though they might end up more genderfluid? We’ll see. I know they’re not overly freakish looking in the Tzimisce manner, but they’re just getting started. I wanted to start fairly tame and let them grow as the game progresses. Their design is a call back to an ooooold vampire NPC that showed up in some Mage games I ran many many years ago. Hopefully I’ll be able to get this character going somewhere fun :)

The Tzimisce are my fave clan and I’m super excited to finally get a chance to play one! I know a lot of Vampire lore, but I’ve never actually ended up playing. I tried running a Dark Ages game for my husband years ago, but I never did more than a couple of sessions that were…not super great. So I’m SO EXCITED to finally get to play some Vampire!! And I happen to think the Dark Ages setting is the most appealing for Vampire.

So yeah, I guess there will be more vampire doodles soon. Cuz I’m gonna have a LOT of new bloodsuckers to illustrate in short order ;D

Who wants some Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines Inspired Bath Bombs?

Hello all!!! @vampiredoeeyes &  @beereckless  are totally obsessed with Vampire, and would LOVE to make some bath bombs inspired by it. They’d do different clan inspired bath bombs–and maybe a character or two (Smiling Jack…ftw). They think it would be totally fun, but want to make sure there are still people out there who would be interested in these products.

If you would be interested in these….give this post a reblog or answer this with feedback and what clans you’d like to see! <3