tzar nicholas ii

I was mad about her, and determinated to marry her. You could not imagine anyone more beautiful than she was. She was far more beautiful than her photographs. She was absolutely lovely. When I was 18 she was killed at the age of 19. All my life, I never forgot her.
—  Louis Mountbatten (uncle of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh) on Maria Nikolaevna Romanova (daughter of Tzar Nicholas II of Russia), killed in 1918.

its funny when you see like martyrdom-cults devoted to executed kings like King Charles or King Louis XVI or Tzar Nicholas II bc like those guys were all just incredibly shit kings and administrators lol that kinda correlates with the situation reaching the point where they get executed

Princess Irene of Hesse (left) and Princess Alix of Hesse (right, later Empress Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia, wife of Tzar Nicholas II) dressed as bridesmaids for the wedding of Princess Beatrice c. 1885