tzar alexander

Pauline Bonaparte, Napoleon’s favourite-sister. She was famous for her lovers and notorious sexual appetite. But the only one from the huge ungreatful Bonaparte-clan to visit her brother on Elba.
Tzar Alexander gave the Emperor three sable-furs. Bonaparte wore his during the disastrous retreat from Moschow.
He gave the other fur to his beloved sister Pauline. The last he gave to Désirée Bernadotte - his little ex-fiancé née Eugenie Clary - who he declared eternal love when they were very young.

Josephine was fuming.



A new Patina by Alexander Nurulaeff - Dandy Shoe Care.

Pezzo Unico for a young italian collector of footwear: Mr.A.B.

The Demidov family Motto was “Acta Non Verba” which perfectly matches Dandy Shoe Care’s philosophy.

The colors and the splendor of the most precious stones of Ural, combined with the style of the Tzar, make these shoes a Unique Masterpiece.