Loss and prevention

The library got attacked. Of the 60ish that were there, only 17 remain, 9 of which are children under 16. Eric is among the survivors. He is shattered though. His fiance was one of those lost today. I didnt even know he was engaged. We saw no movment from up here so we know the attack came either from inside or directly from the river. No one is talking though.

I’ve taken control again and have moved everyone up to the esplanade top levels. Not the roof tonight, since its to cold. There’s a smaller theater on the top level. Big enough to acomodate but small enough to be protective. We checked, and the zombies are inside. There’s some in the main theater and some in the gallery. We locked then in and went up the elevator shaft to avoid them, but I think they are still trying to follow. This is not someplace safe at all. We’ll need to move tomorrow. Tonight though, I need to get in the trailer.

I’ve selected the top three gunners and have them gaurding fron safe spots. I’m going down in a few hours, once the youngsters are asleep. Here’s hoping its something helpful.

For the time being, I need to set up guards and get everyone settled and breifed.

If you are reading this, the zombies are here. There are survivors. You are not alone. Good luck.