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so is this the gravity falls fandom

ladysekh  asked:

Solkat, Lalochezia, please :D

You don’t realize how much you need KK around to yell at until the night he breaks his husktop. 

It’s a pretty regular routine, getting online, talking to him, making big blocks of yellow and grey profanity, calling each other the most disgusting shit you can think of and then waiting for KK to cross a line in his own thinkpan and backpedal into apologizing for things and asking if you’re still friends.  You don’t do it every night or anything (getting on and chatting with someone every night to yell at them would be kind of…weird.) but you do it enough that after the first two times you send an angry rant at Karkat and get back nothing but -user is offline!- messages, you start getting pretty fucking FRUSTRATED.

It’s stupid of you to pick Terezi, but you weren’t thinking all that clearly.  You were frustrated, okay.  

Sollux, you can almost hear her voice as you force yourself to read the stupid teal number words.  I believe you are trying to provoke me into a yelling match with you.  >:[  (Even the frown is a little unhappy hmm in your overstretched pan.)  Did you miss your little date with a certain computerless someone?  Hmmm?  Just go talk to him, you doofus. 

One night later, hunched in KK’s respiteblock fixing his stupid computer and actually getting to listen to his obnoxious screaming in person, you think you’re going to have to send Terezi something colorful to slobber on, and you tell Karkat how much you missed your little hate-dates, just to hear him yell.