My sympathies goes out for them! Nobody said being a parent was easy, especially not for Doran with rebellious Arianne, Isabel with Juana and her douche husband, Jaime with his eldest a-hole son, Ned with his complicated daughters, Tywin with ALL his three kids, Isabella with her son who won’t let himself be manipulated anymore, Henry II with the eaglets, Cecily Neville aka Queen by Rights with her three troublesome sons (the eldest whose marriage caused big problems and the middle one constantly rebelling ending with his death, and the third usurping the throne as his eldest brother and then dying in battle) and the worst part is she OUTLIVED all of them! And finally POOR KYLE -Finding his son is his best friend and sent him back to bang him into existence and then said son turns out to be anti-savior anti christ instead (kinda) and overall! Poor parents. We feel your pain XD


modern au of pre-GOT characters! fudged the ages a bit to suit my own purposes. if i do more houses later on, who would you like to see?

From left to right:

Tywin, Jaime, Joanna, (Unborn Tyrion), and Cersei

Catelyn and Lysa (and Petyr’s kissy emoji)

Brandon, Lyanna, Benjen, and (emo) Ned