Being a Stark and having an affair with Tywin Lannister would include :

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-Him having grown so fond of you that he’d come up with a plan to start an affair with you, telling you that if you refuse your family will be the ones paying the price just as he had planned it

-Glances that hint at you that you should stop with your witty comments unless you want him to punish you afterwards, making you actually want to keep them coming

-Him being formal and barely keeping you company more than he has to whenever you are in public, in order to keep prying eyes away, only to slowly change when you are both alone

-Him always ending up giving you the help you wanted from him, only to grow bold and gradually asking you for more and more sexual favors in return

-Him leaving lingering touches whenever he has to let go of your hand so suddenly, just to remind you that you’re his before clearing his throat and letting you go on

-Him sending maids to help you bathe and prepare yourself to meet him, along with some guards to escort you secretly to his room

-Cersei finding out but as he’d threatened her, not daring to go against you in any way, only to hold a grudge against you while Tyrion just makes funny yet unsubtle comments about your relationship, making you grow close to him

-Him glaring at anyone who tries to seduce you before making them realize their mistake of trying so, as he doesn’t enjoy the idea of having other men catching your eye

-Him giving you countless of lavish gifts, thinking that’s what makes you happy, only to be stunned when you’d get pissed at him

-Him keeping you safe from any threat as well as the people you care about, only to act like it never mattered to him whenever you’d thank him


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His uncle Gerion liked to set him on the table during feasts and make him recite them. I liked that well enough, didn’t I? Standing there amongst the trenchers with every eye upon me, proving what a clever little imp I was. For years afterward, he had cherished a dream that one day he would travel the world and see Longstrider’s wonders for himself.
Lord Tywin had put an end to that hope ten days before his dwarf son’s sixteenth nameday, when Tyrion asked to tour the Nine Free Cities, as his uncles had done at that same age. “My brothers could be relied upon to bring no shame upon House Lannister,” his father had replied. “Neither ever wed a whore.” And when Tyrion had reminded him that in ten days he would be a man grown, free to travel where he wished, Lord Tywin had said,No man is free. Only children and fools think elsewise. Go, by all means. Wear motley and stand upon your head to amuse the spice lords and the cheese kings. Just see that you pay your own way and put aside any thoughts of returning.”


asoiaf meme (minor characters): 6/8 relationships ~ joanna and tywin lannister

Ser Tywin was but twenty, the youngest man ever to serve as Hand, but the manner in which he had dealt with the rising of the Reynes and Tarbecks had made him well respected, even feared, throughout the Seven Kingdoms. His cousin Lady Joanna, the daughter of Lord Tytos’s late brother Ser Jason, was already in King’s Landing; she had been serving as a ladyin-waiting and companion to Rhaella since 259 AC. She and Ser Tywin were married a year after he became Hand of the King in a lavish ceremony at the Great Sept of Baelor, with King Aerys himself presiding over the wedding feast and bedding. // blanca suárez as joanna lannister, lex shrapnel as tywin lannister

Every death is a lesson.

I want to push back against this perception that GRRM kills off characters in ASOIAF for shock value. Or that he’s killing off characters willy-nilly to fuck with his audience.

That’s…not accurate.

We may find many of these deaths shocking, but we tend to be shocked because we’re accustomed to seeing characters live or die based on a particular moral framework, and GRRM is using a different moral framework. His moral framework isn’t cynical, or nihilistic. It’s pragmatic.

In particular, GRRM has NOT established a pattern of killing off POV characters for no good reason. Of those POV characters who are significant enough to have a presence on the show, the only ones who’ve died in the books are Ned, Cat, and Jon. That’s it. And Jon hasn’t even stayed dead. (Cat, I’m calling a real death. Everything good about Cat died at the Red Wedding and stayed dead.) Robb Stark was never a POV character. Robert Baratheon, Viserys Targaryen, Jeor Mormont, Tywin Lannister, Rodrik Cassel, Oberyn Martell? Not POV characters. 

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