Greater Sooty Owl (Tyto tenebricosa)

…is a species of barn owl (Tytonidae) that is native to south-eastern Australia, New Guinea and Flinder’s Island in the Bass Strait. Like other barn owls T. tenebricosa are nocturnal and inhabit moist forests where smooth-barked gum trees are present, along with ferns and a wet under-story. Greater Sooty Owls feed mainly on large arboreal marsupials like greater gliders, but will take birds, bats, and large insects as well. 


Animalia-Chordata-Aves-Strigiformes-Tytonidae-Tyto-T. tenebricosa

Image: Quollism


Meet the three Barn Owl sisters, in order, Doodlebug, Ruby, and Scarlett!

These lovely birds will be a year old in July, and I remember when they were just fluffy clouds of feather! These girls are so calm and so content around people, Ruby is always prone to falling asleep if you gently pet her head! All three are awesome birds and are always popular with the visitors!

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This is Hazel, our new barn owl that was given to us a few days ago. She will need a little bit of training as her old owner trained her to fly to their shoulder, rather than the glove, and so we will need to help her get out of that habit!

Other than that she’s a lovely, and very cuddly bird!

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Sleepy bird is sleepy

This is one of our few breeding barn owls, hence no jesses. He and his mate have successfully bred this year and so we have some tiny barn owl babies ((which I hope to get photos of soon))

He’s one of our few owls that have stayed mostly nocturnal and so the majority of the time you’ll only ever see him snoring away.

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