Another reminiscing flash back about the past 10 months. This blog is getting real personal… Somehow it feels like i’m dying soon. 

Urvashi said to me after a crying drunkrn night out. The past is jealousy the future is fear ,it is now what we have, the most beautiful of all.

But the every moment of now is so precious and never seem the same every time I revisit. Past is what makes now so dense to hold.

We stopped talking. I’m waiting for the day that your name will not be on my facebook chat top floor anymore. I’m also waiting for the words like L.A. and Sunset boulevard stop haunting me. Yet then I’ll still remember everything about you, every jokes that made me laugh so bad, every sound you made with the spark of talent and your dictatorship. In a friendly way. We met, and it warms me inside. 


Sorry @boyepic I know ya hate your long hair days but omg the way you sing #TYTL here is my most favorite. I replay this a million times, especially when I am down. This is a great show of your talent even from before!


#TooYoungToLove in acoustic! I absolutely love #TYTL @boyepic