How Aryian became the Hand

ramblingheartwood asked you:  I’m not sure if you’ve covered this already, but how did Ary become Jarovin hand? I remember you mentioning Ary being a bit of a rambunctuous wildcard when he was shepherding the mini locks around. it must be an interesting story.

At the moment of his birth Aryian was confronted with a choice.  With him, as with the other indomitable wills, it was an all-or-nothing choice - to follow the Voice, a power greater than himself (that he also recognized as being a part of himself), or to reject it.  He and Tythos chose to follow, while Hons chose to reject it.   Aryian exists for the Voice, which spoke directly to the center of his self and whispered, guided, and sang to him. 

Aryian was (and is) a massive force.  He was a righteous, pure creature, but also an extremely aggressive and confrontational one at his start.  He was a fighter and a warrior and had none of the patience or easy temperament that he has today.  Although he was incredibly attuned to the Voice the relationship was not an easy one.  Though he was able to listen and hear it, to feel out what it wanted of him, and while he did what it asked of him at (almost) all times, Aryian in general was an intense, heavy-handed, and generally uncompromising creature, packed full of righteous fury and violent rage.        

Aryian’s early years mostly consisted of battling Hons, who was cannibalizing un-awakened (newborn) Locks (among many other things), herding and protecting the lesser wills and newborns from any other threats, preventing them from doing too much damage to the rest of creation, and zipping about on errands whose completion would eventually lead to the rise of the hierarchy.  His role as the protector of the lesser wills earned him the title ‘Shepherd,’ and that’s what he was known as until his transition to the Hand was made.   When the Voice finally manifests into the material world as Jarovin and the hierarchy was ‘born,’ that transition begins.  While he is Jarovin’s loyal servant and errand runner, he’s still very much the aggressive warrior and he struggles with a lot Jarovin’s teachings - especially while Hons is still active.  When Hons loses his companion Yahndrall and subsides, Aryian fares a little better.  

All Aryian wants to do is serve Jarovin, and he has a great desire to know what Jarovin knows.  It is through the Emperor’s teachings and through interactions with him that Aryian learns patience, tolerance, and finds some semblance of peace within himself.  Over a very long period of time, as a result of these interactions and through what he learns, Aryian’s personality is tempered and refined.  While he still adheres strictly to the rules set forth by Jarovin, the code, and all rituals that are a part of Lockian culture, and while he is no less dangerous than he was, he mellows out a lot.  

When he’s finally able to understand some of the ‘big picture’ in what Jarovin is teaching him, when he’s learned enough and grown enough and worthy enough to serve and to start really learning, and teaching, that’s when he’s marked as the Hand.  As the Hand Aryian becomes a true conduit for Jarovin’s will, and is in many ways Jarovin’s connection to the rest of the Locks.  The mark Jarovin gifts him with is a mark on his being, a two-way link that connects the two creatures (hence its consistent appearance on his physical form).  It allows Aryian access to Jarovin’s state-of-being at all times, and at the same time allows Jarovin’s presence to bleed through Aryian and reach other Locks. 

The mark is in the shape of the Emperor’s palm (Lock-palm).   Overall, think of Aryian like a space-eel version of the warrior-priest.