SWTOR'S Problem. And a solution?

Ops are generally the “big kids playground”. You can easily play through the story (or at least the end of it), watching your character mature into a hugely powerful Warrior. You’re the best! You’re an Emperor, you can take on ANYTHING! Here we have an experience which I’m sure many players encounter:

Ohh look, an “operation”! What’s one of them? Sounds like an extended mission chain of…. Ahh. Right. So, I can’t get in here without paying? Very well then. *pays BW*

Off we go with this cool story climax! This first mob looks a bit daunting, but I’m sure my Super Powerful jedi and invincibility-ticket healing companion will be just f-

*Return to medcentre*

Ok, so it’s group content then. Time to show these noobs how it’s done!

*Many. Hours. Later.*

Most people don’t speak my language. Half of them can’t even access the mission but try to join anyway… People keep disconnecting!
I’ve been trying to get a group for hours and it keeps falling apart.

At last! A group of 8 people who all seem to know what we’re doing. I keep dying, but it must be a rubbish healer. At least I can revive inside the mission area and it only takes ten minutes to catch back up with the group!

First boss! Time to get Rekt M8!!

*Group wipes at 90%*

Just play it calm, must have just been bad luck. Let’s go again.

*Boss bugs and resets at 12%*
*Three people quit*

Not to worry, we can just find some more worthy replacements with group finder.

*Many. More. Hours. Later.*

Still missing a member but we will make do.

*Getting towards the final boss*

Ahh sorry guys I’ve got work. Gotta dash! GL HF xD

[Whether you are this person, or someone in their Ops group, we all know what it’s like]

So what’s the problem?
Regardless of whether you are an experienced, long term player, or a new fan, there are so many barriers to stop you from enjoying the climatic content at the end of certain game sections. RotHC, Dread War x2, SoR, the Rak Plague, Gree… And now Iokath too.

While not all of these ops are overly important to the plot, it feels very disappointing to have that incomplete mission at the end of your campaign, knowing that you will most likely never complete it.

“Just find a raiding guild” you say. Fair enough. But what if your life schedule means you can’t commit to being there at 8pm next Tuesday? What if you have a bad internet that makes you DC/lag every so often because of the intensity of 8-man combat, and you keep getting kicked? What if you waste hours and hours of your time waiting for a group that never forms?

Why not….

If the Commander/Emperor of the Eternal Alliance is going to take on a big enemy, who are they going to take? A bunch of strangers?

No! They would take Theron, Lana, Torian or Vette, Jorgan, Kaliyo, Niko, Shae and/or some Alliance troops.
Why the hell do we not have a solo option? With no gear or xp reward. Just purely so we can experience the story without the unnecessary hassle of arranging actual, useless human beings to help us?!
When you get to the end game, we spend more time PREPARING to play the game than we do playing it.

Shadow of Revan was a good example. They gave the final battle a solo option, where the other NPC characters come to help. It may have been prefaced by a cutscene of a battle that we couldn’t take part in, but at least there was something!

I’m about to do my very first operation in swtor in a few hours!

It’s just the short new one on Iokath, seems doable. Well I hope. But I’m still going to be dps unless they’re really short on healers.

I might stream it, did make it an event (twitch.tv/ruminspector 6.30gmt) but I still get freaked out and start shaking when someone talks on overwatch (they usually dont on eu so i forget to mute it) so won’t be on discord this time. One stressful new thing at a time…

Anyway I did watch playthrough and if i can stay dps i can just follow others and hit their targets so hopefully I’m not a complete failure on my first ops.

High school AU

“Au where Ty’s that cute jock everyone likes and Eth’s a new student that’s a nerd and they meet bc math.” - @idkwutimdoingtm

(If you’re wanting something similar, Amy and I are working on a multi-chapter fic called Water Polo that is a High School!AU)

- Tyler is the complete package

- He’s a cutie pie, he’s smart, and he plays football 

- Ethan is the new lower classman who noticed Tyler’s looks v quickly 

- I mean, who couldn’t. That boy’s genes were blessed by the pope himself 

- He admired Ty’s looks from afar during lunch with his new friend Kathryn 

- “You know Ethan, he’s not picky, if you know what I mean”

- Pansexual! Tyler 

- “Oh no, he’d never go for a sophomore like me. Plus, he could get anybody he  wanted. It’s not like he’ll ever know I exist”

- lmao he thought 

- AP Calculus is generally for upperclassmen 

- And the extremely gifted sophomores 

- Like Ethan!

- So he walks into his class and Mr. Tall, Arms, and Handsome has the same class

- Operation Oh God I don’t know anybody in here I’m a smol blue boy in a tol pretty boy world just sit in the corner and be quiet they can’t smell me if i’m still™ commences 

- lmao he thought again

- Assigned seating next to the boo!

- They bond over calc over the year 

- So many unintentional innuendos:

“Tyleeeeeeer, I can’t do it. It’s too hard.” “And you expect me to help?”

“Ugh, why does it have to be so long?”

“Maybe we would finish if I weren’t the only one doing work”

- They hang out all the time to do homework 

- Halfway through the year the time they spent together doubled and it wasn’t because of the homework

- Smart boyfriends

- In the end they end up passing

 - “I told you so” - Kathryn


A mini line drawing of Tyth I did in the middle of the night xD

I only saw him briefly when I played War on Iokath and it looked like Bantha poodoo because the graphics are on absolute minimum. And this was the best reference image I could find on my phone (thank you, Kid Lee! Go check them out on YouTube!)
As always, apologies for shocking phone camera quality - it doesn’t seem to pick up intermediate shading for some reason ??? Probably need to change the exposure or something idk.

High School! Tythan HCs

Hey guys! Here are some High School! Tythan head canons from this lovely request. Enjoy!

- Emma 

- Ethan would be a worried bean at all Tyler’s matches/games

- Especially water polo because that sport is i n t e n s e  

- Tyler would reassure him and say he’ll be fine

- But then he does risky stuff to show off to his babe 

- Ethan would cheer louder than the cheerleaders at Tyler’s football games 

- Like seriously, he gets dirty glances from the cheerleaders

- Tyler loves that though 

- Ethan wears Tyler’s varsity jacket to school all the time the day of a foot ball game and to the game itself 

- Tyler has a hard time getting his jacket back because “It smells like you… plus Sweater paws!!”

- Tyler is nicknamed “Stoneface” because he can easily intimidate and psych out everyone his wrestling opponents 

- He can easily pin somebody 

- Ethan takes notes 

- Tyler would be the proud boyfriend #1 at Ethan’s gymnastic meets

- Like he’d be honestly amazed by all the flips and twirls Ethan can do

- Telling Ethan he was the only good person there when they talk about it later

- “But didn’t you see-” “They didn’t compare”

- Tyler doesn’t want to stretch out Ethan’s team jacket (plus baby boy blue may get cold and need it) so he color coordinates his outfits with whatever Ethan is wearing to the meet

- They both thoroughly enjoy each other’s uniforms (but never vocalize it)

- Cheesy dates traditions after each match/game

- Diner date (with milkshakes!) after football games

- Pizza and video games after wrestling matches

- Swimming dates after water polo

- Tyler goes out with Ethan and his team for lunch after a meet (They all love him. They consider him an honorary member despite not having any gymnastics abilities)

- Proud boyfriends getting each other flowers (Daises for Tyler and Amaryllis for Ethan)

- Just being really supportive and making sure everyone at school knows how amazing their boyfriends are

Highschool! AU

Part 2 of this !


- After the tutoring, Tyler becomes sulky 

- Especially during lunch, he’s not the loud funny Tyler he was

- Best friend Mark sets out to fix it 

- This includes barging into the library by himself, demanding to talk to the dorky tutor who “broke” Tyler

- He’s stopped by two girls who he recognized as the weird girl who likes aliens and her best friend but holy sheeeeet she’s gorgeous??

- “Hey! Who do you think you are, coming in here, and making a ruckus. This is a library you know. You know that, right? Also, if it’s Ethan you’re looking for, you better have a good reason for wanting him. Usually angry jocks demanding one of us doesn’t go over well for us.”

- “He broke Tyler and he needs to fix him! He’s been all mopey since their tutoring stopped! And frankly, I’m sick of hearing about this dude without putting a face to a name!”

- Ethan walks in right on time

- “You!” Mark yells

- He drags Ethan by the arm to find Tyler

- Ethan is terrified 

- “Oh god somehow I angered the jocks, I can’t afford to lose my socks again, why do I have to be so tiny and easy to target?”

- Mark pushing Ethan in front of Tyler 

- “You aren’t leaving until he is fixed.”

- Tyler’s face lights up brighter than his future

- so it’s blinding

- “Soo, how’s math going?”


- “Oh, uh, okay. You free this Friday?”

- Happy bois 

Zakuulan Pantheon Parallels

Im ambling through KotFE again and I had a moment where I entertained the idea that Vaylin might be a parallel to Zildrog, so I started looking at the pantheon and I realized she’s not, but the Tirall family does match them.

  • Valkorion - Izax, the Ultimate Devourer
  • Senya - Scyva, wife of Izax, goddess of sorrow
  • Thexan - Avela, favored child, goddess of passion, twin to Esne
  • Arcann - Esne, goddess of jealousy, twin to Avela
  • Vaylin - Nahut, the hated, denied the praise/affection of all besides Scyva’s

That leaves Tyth, the first on the battlefield, who’d rid Zakuul of the Outlanders. Id argue this is the Outlander, who’s chosen by Valkorion, who does free Zakuul of the remnants of an outsiders influence (Vitiate’s).

Add this with Iokath and the fact it seems like theyre bringing back the old Pantheon, and someone (wearing what looked like scion robes imo) tried to sacrifice the Outlander (Tyth) to the weapon (named after/influenced by/???? Tyth).

Not perfect, but the parallels fit.


Mandalorian mask…Zakuulan robe. Mando mask…Revan mask? Satele?? Is it a Sith Lord mask? The model is a red skinned Sith. Zakuulan robe? Scion? Ghost Vaylin…like Darth Nihilus who’s soul he bound to his mask????? But Tyth says, “blinded by trust. You are betrayed.” So that ain’t Vaylin. And I ain’t never trusted the Scions soooo. And then Tyth says something like, “you didn’t see the knife at your throat.” That sounds pretty close and like they’ve been there for awhile. Satele was there for like one, hot minute so I don’t think it’s her. Dammit. This is going to drive me nuts.

@tishinada I’ve been thinking a lot about this and it looks like we basically get the Zakuulan gods. They confirmed that the next ops boss that is coming will be two people, Esne and Aivela at the cantina last weekend. So I am guessing we get the full set as the complete ops in the end and probably a sort of mini update (like the one from yesterday) whenever they add a new boss encounter?

Izax “…Honor the omnipotence of Izax, the Ultimate Devourer: father, ruler and bringer of death to us all. His forms are infinite, but his great glory flies on serpent wings….”

Scyva “…Walk the path with Scyva, the Constant Companion. Wife of divine Izax and avatar of sorrow, she weeps beside those who gladly march to embrace the Ultimate Devourer…”

Tyth “…Storm the battlefield with Tyth, god of rage. The Firstborn of Izax and Scyva leads us to victory against the profane outlanders. Raise your bloodied fist and cry triumph…”

Aivela “…Burn all doubt in the fires of Aivela, our goddess of passion. The Favored Daughter stands beside her brother Tyth on every battlefield, radiating grace to the fearless…” 

Esne “…Beware the shadows of Esne, goddess of envy and twin of Aivela. Forever eclipsed by her sister’s incandescence, she will use her venomous tongue to test the faithful and cull the weak…”

Nahut “…Bear a single torch for Nahut, the Hated Son. Gray, formless and cold, he is denied by all but the Mother of Sorrows. Do not follow him into the dark. Light the way to lead him home…”

But given that Tyth is basically a droid and he or the entire group of 6 is responsible for wiping out Iokath’s creators (and with Iokath being the birthplace of the Eternal Fleet) I am guessing a storyline that delves into how this planet and it’s creation have shaped the mythology behind Zakuul.

I am guessing the Scions will be involved somehow, but I am suspecting more as a side product than as the instigator of the whole thing since from all we know Iokath is older than everything on Zakuul an I kinda assume they don’t really have a clue where their myths actually come from?

I also think that the hooded figure in the cutscenes does not necessarily need to be the person behind all this. Could be that they are merely a figure on the inside working for the person actually behind everything?

That’s as far as I have speculated.

Highschool! AU

I hope you enjoy, Anon! -Emma

Also, I hope this is what you meant my peer tutor. I apologize if it isn’t! 

(Also sorry for the tad bit of angst, it’s one of those days. I may add a part two to this.)

- In a school with Mr. Muscle Pants! Tyler and Mr. Smol Smarty! Ethan

- Like, Ethan could sit on Tyler’s back while he does push ups and there’d be no impact

- Well Tyler struggles with math 

- He’s has quiet a way with words (see his poems on twitter)

- But if you put numbers in front of him, he shuts down

- Ethan, on the other hand, is a human calculator 

- He is amazing at all every type of math 

- So well that he can teach class for a teacher if need be

- Well one day he’s pulled aside and asked if he’d tutor an athlete during lunch (to not mess with his practice time)

- He agreed, thinking  “Oh god why did I do this jocks are jerks and this is going to be unbearable just let me shoot myself in the foot and it would be more enjoyable than this.”

- So they meet for the first time during lunch and inTErNaL pAnIC™

- “This is the Stoneface Tyler, the Apocalypse, the man, the myth, the legend. He can crush me?? And he isn’t with his really obnoxious friend Mark?? I’ve always seen them together??”

- Tyler is just sick of this already 

- “When am I ever going to use this in my life? I just want to go to lunch with my friends. I miss Mark. We’ve played the system so we could have every class together and hang, but now Mrs. Robinson’s injustice to the world has snatched us apart.”

- Screw Mrs. Robinson. 

- So they very awkwardly go through tutoring during lunch together 

- Ethan is obviously nervous and keeps stumbling over his words

- Tyler is annoyed because he hates math and “Does this guy even know what he’s saying? He’s stumbling a lot, jeez. Mrs. Robinson could’ve chosen a better tutor. Like Satan. He’d be more enjoyable. I shouldn’t complain. He may save my grade.”

- Their lunches go like this until Tyler brings pizza for the both of them

- Mark was sick of hearing Tyler go on and on about how he hated lunch tutoring and how it was hella awkward so he suggested that to break the ice

- Tyler’s made a good amount of progress, so they take a break that day and get to know each other 

- Surprisingly enough, Ethan learns that Tyler isn’t some dumb jock that doesn’t want to beat him up for his lunch money. He’s the artsy jock that would be the main character in an early 2000s disney original film 

- I’m looking at you, Chad Michael Murray from A Cinderella Story. Like hello 

- And Ethan stops stumbling so much (which Tyler is hella happy about)

- Tyler learns that Ethan is a massive dork 

- Mark soon learns about this in great detail

- Life is all fine and dandy until

- Tyler actually learns math and is able to get his grades up

- So no more lunch tutoring

- Well, neither of them ever swapped numbers, and they don’t have classes together 

- Nothing ever happened between the two after that

- Much to Mark’s dismay because Tyler still talks about him sometime and he has no guts to try and find him on Facebook or anything and it’s pitiful

- Unless Mark does some best friend trickery… 

Thoughts while reading ACOMAF

-Threesome thats the only way the love can thrive!!!

-Wait… Something is off here where is that spark?

-Who is this Ianthe person… Maybe she can be with Tam and that way Rhys and Feyre can be together…

-Fuck off Tam why you gotta be so mean? Lucien help Feyre.

-The wedding! Omg!… Why is she acting so strange?

-Oh shit do I smell a mating bond? With who? Fuck if its Lucien I will flip… I mean she has been hopping into his mind… Mind hopping? Hummmm.

-Oh thank the cauldron for Rhysand. Her night court room is goals.

-tythe? Ummm nope. You go Feyre give away your necklace!

-That’s right Feyre leave that asshole, YOU CAN NOT BE CONTAINED!

Hummmm ok so bone carver, the weaver… Feyre is kick ass!

-ok ok I like this whole city of secrets thing- um um Velaris! Thats what its called! and Rhys gave everything for the city!

- Amren must be like the coolest

- Summer court is pretty cool but I will murder someone if Rhys beds that princess…

-ok getting the book ok ok ok just don’t mess up don’t set off a trap… You set off the trap good thing for Feyre giving that necklace to the water wraiths…

- I decidedly don’t like the mortal queens.

- Nesta and Cassian sitting in a tree…

- Oh I’m liking this court room scene! With the sexy grumpy Rhys and Feyre back in the dress! Oh hell no he did not just say that to Feyre but that’s ok Rhysand will protect her!

-Not licking these camps… The training- oh no you don’t Lucien! Go Feyre grow those wings!

-Attics! Gotta love them! But Feyre honey don’t tell him you only want fun and a distraction…

-I will burn whoever shot Rhysand! Or just let Feyre do it! Kick ass powers activate!

-What are the chances that that’s the same Suriel… Wait he said what now!?!?! This is going to be good!

-Feyre don’t be like that!

- cabins in the mountains with no one around… Gotta love them!

- he did everything for her! All for her! Give him the cauldron damned soup Feyre!

-Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! … Hahaha silly mating dominance… Fight fight fight!!!

- he told the queens about the city and they did nothing! Thank goodness for the golden queen!

-well the golden queen is dead, water wolves are cool, jumping on the attor was stupid bit that battle was over too quickly…not enough pages left… Shit is going to go down!

-no don’t go to hybern. Don’t you fools know anything! Plans always fail!

-well there goes your plan with the arrival of Tam and Lucian…

-the whole raising Jurian must have been some crazy new body Voldemort shit

-not Nesta and Elain! Oh yesss Elain and Lucien

- ok I give up I don’t care if I burn in hell I need to kill someone- their bond its gone- I cant- I’m fucking tired of all these games! Can we please just have a happy ending! Nope apparently not!

-ok to the bond is fine but they are apart and I still want to kill someone!

-tear them down Feyre, tear them to shreads! BURN THE WORLD!

- I think I’ll read that again! It was great!

Interesting line during the Scions’ trial that seems potentially relevant to the War on Iokath and what’s going on.

Maral: The blood of Tyth flows through you, Outlander. Please do not force us to spill it.

And that’s said (if you take the convo option leading to it) before they find out  you’ve got an unwanted guest upstairs.

Though I’m not entirely sure I care for being told rage flows through me, but it does support some of my speculations that the Scions’ are involved in luring everyone to Iokath. I also still find in intriguing that we were called the Outlander when that term has the following use in relation to Zakuulan mythology…

Tyth “…Storm the battlefield with Tyth, god of rage. The Firstborn of Izax and Scyva leads us to victory against the profane outlanders. Raise your bloodied fist and cry triumph…”

Also, has anyone else noticed - Tyth and Tython? Or remember the droids on Tython that are the remnants of an ancient battle between Force users who weren’t quite Jedi and Sith yet?

Iokath spoiler - ignore this brain vomit 👍

OMG!! What if that cloaked figure, who seems to be wearing a Scion lower skirt deal, is EVIL THEXAN????? The Hand looked feminine, though. Someone close to me? Maybe it’ll change depending on which side you pick. It can’t be Arcann, Senya, or Koth because they could be dead. I actually thought of Senya immediately because of what Tyth says and also because well…it’s Tyth. Those are their gods. So here my ideas on who the traitor is.

-Sana-Rae because Voss are all crazy about following visions and maaaaybe this saves the galaxy??

-Evil Thexan, of course!

-Satele because she’s lost her marbles, even though I wouldn’t say she’s “close” to the Commander.

-MIOT! 😂 Just joshin’

-GEMINI Prime. I still don’t understand what happened to her when SCORPIO took over the Gemini Frequency. Prime shut down. And then nada. Maybe she woke up and saw her sister’s still enslaved and Iokath in the hands of meatbags and decided to kill everyone. She’s “close” as in proximity hueheuhe!

-SCORPIO is too obvious, even if you killed her. It just can’t be her, but I’m putting her on the list of suspects anyway. She wouldn’t be the cloaked figure, however.

-I’m thinking it’s also probably not someone from the expansions as in it’s not any of the advisors or NPCs from KotFE. Sana-Rae being the traitor really doesn’t pack a punch. I’m thinking it’s a character we’ve known for a while. I’d say Heskel if anyone from the expansions, but he bit it. So previous companion who we’ve recruited? I can’t think of anyone.

-One of the Iokath Creators. Now they’re not close to us by any means enough to be able to *betray* us….buuuuuut what if???

-I still have no idea. Really. I’m shOCK. Who would betray ME??

-OK JUST HAD A THOUGHT!!!!! It depends on who lived!!! Torian or Vette!!!! Something like that ohhhh shit!!

hey bae water u doin 2nite? | funky/chillwave birthday mix for da bae

white coasts (phantasmagoria) birthday (kings of leon) disco delight (midnight pool party) swimsuit scene (diamond mind) blue love (lisbon) summerbelly (tythe) aqua man (beenzino) swimming (holy models) my afternoon dream (jhene aiko) cool like me (fryars) summer (phantasmagoria) champagne supernova (oasis)

» listen here

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