tysontan art


Android January

  1. Face study using Cloud, inspired by Judy from Zootopia.
  2. Kiki for Krita 3.1, inspired by Panty and Stocking / Splatoon.
  3. Robotized Mao of my old friend Cotora, for I said to draw her years ago and I met him again on twitter!

By the feedbacks I received from the first chuck of FP2 experiment, I confirmed some major problems in my art style and I studied other artist’s style to improve (which I really should have done but rarely did before). I used non-FP2 characters for practice to avoid confusion and pay some art debt.

I will return to FP2 again in February.


The Design Concept Behind Tyson Tan’s Cyber Creatures

This small tutorial is written as online supplement to Lindsay Cibos’s how-to-art book: Furry Furever. In the book I wrote the character design section, covering both conventional furry character and cyber-anthro characters. I hope my part in the book becomes helpful! Big thanks to Lindsay for inviting me to the project!