Happy Fathers Day! A father’s love runs as deep as the Grand Canyon. Thanks to all the dads for being such great teachers, providers and comedians. Enjoy your day (and if you’re heading outdoors, be sure to bring plenty of water – it’s going to be HOT)! Photo of Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona by W. Tyson Joye, National Park Service.

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Hi Archy!!! What do you think about Columbia, Maryland? It may be my favorite planned community 💘

Columbia is a great things on most goals it tried to accomplish. As a community it has grown and proven to be visionary in its design. Back in the 60s terms like sustainability or place making were not used but Jack Rouse’s vision included these goals of communities that were gathered around a common area for people to enjoy the company of their neighbors, reducing the footprint of the buildings while maintaining green areas, creating walkable communities instead of car focused and the idea of creating a diverse community. Some things never quite happened like the city center around the main mall or slowing the sprawl of the areas around between DC and Baltimore but it established a precedent for a different type of life in the suburbs. 

Photograph from the Department of Housing and Urban Development of Columbia, Maryland circa 1967

Columbia’s ‘s next few years will try to further the vision with a denser core as secondary communities around main metropolis adopt a more urban model. We are seeing it in areas like Tysons and it would not surprise me that Columbia follows. After all, its community its better suited to take the next step than the office parks of Tysons ever were although the lack of top notch public transportation might make things more difficult.

A new 30-year master plan for downtown Columbia

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Tyson Parks is an American artist and technologist currently living in Montreal, Quebec. He uses Tumblr as tysongif to make animated artworks specifically created to explore the limitations and possibilities of the animated GIF format as a medium for virtual kinetic sculpture on the internet. The project is still in its early stages but he soon hopes to expand to music videos, augmented reality and physical sculpture.