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Neil deGrasse Tyson Interviewed By Stephen Colbert

little sister headcannons

- I am so pumped for Percy to have a little sister 

- she has her mom’s eyes 

- this child will not sleep. ever

- she is the only mortal except Rachel to be aloud in camp

-  Poseidon gives her his blessing and no one really wants to fight with “Percy “nightmare fuel” Jackson”  so most people treat her like a she is a Demigod 

-  big brother Tyson, oml don’t get me started i could go on for hours. he is so big and she is so small. Tyson is very gentle.


- she can’t see through the mist but she gets these gut feelings that someone isn’t quite human and if she asks Percy, she is usually right. 

- Annabeth is always down to play with Legos or with dolls 

-reading Greek mythology bed time stories.    

- her favorite color is green, 

I should stop now 


Percy Jackson 30 day challenge (continued)

Day idk what day it is and frankly i don’t care anymore

ok despite the Sea of Monsters not being one of my top 3 favorites, it’s still pretty fantastic. it has a lot of really great moments and really awesome aspects of the story, my favorite of which is probably Clarisse. prior to SoM she’s kinda just there to be the Token Jackass Tough Kid that picks on the main character. in Sea of Monsters we get to know her a lot more and quite honestly she’s one of my favorite characters besides the main cast. she’s so great i can’t even

also Tyson is gr8

(one of these days i’ll draw Luke in something but I’m just not feelin it at all right now sigh)

Here’s the Adult Swim schedule as of last Monday.

Believe it or not, at least 10 hours of Cartoon Network has a decent amount of variety.

The weekday lineup had some changes, Aqua Teen and Moral Orel came back for reruns, replacing Rick and Morty and Mr. Pickles. An encore of the newest Rick and Morty airs Fridays at 10.

Neon Joe: Werewolf Hunter airs at 4am during the DVR Theater block.

Toonami’s had a rocky Summer, especially since Samurai Jack ended. They thought 11pm reruns was a good idea. It was not. So they removed those and moved it to 8:30pm and 3:30am and shortened Toonami 30 minutes. Ratings continued to suck. People blamed Venture Bros. at 10pm. So Adult Swim got rid of that and bumped Toonami back up to 11pm after only three weeks, giving Attack on Titan a rerun slot at 3:00am.

Has that improved ratings anyway? Nope.

There’s something wrong with Saturday right now, and no one can figure it out. IMO remove the early Dragon Ball Super premiere, make it a repeat, and then just air FOX shows from 8:30-11.

But what do I know.

“Hey.” Annabeth slid next to me on the bench. “ Happy birthday.”
She was holding a huge misshapen cupcake with blue icing.
I stared at her. “What?”
“It’s August 18th,” she said. “Your birthday, right?”
I was stunned. It hadn’t occurred to me, but she was right. I had turned sixteen this morning—the same morning I’d made the choice to give Luke the knife. The prophecy had come true right on schedule, and I hadn’t even thought about the fact that it was my birthday.
“Make a wish,” she said.
“Did you bake this yourself?” I asked.
“Tyson helped.”
“That explains why it looks like a chocolate brick,” I said. “With extra blue cement.”
Annabeth laughed.
I thought for a second, then blew out the candle.

–Rick Riordan, The Last Olympian


We’re partying tonight! I have no words to say how much I love him. He’s one of the most awesome demigods I’ve ever known, and he deserves the happiest birthday ever! Since the very beginning I started reading The Lightning Thief, I knew I would love him as much as I love my other boys. And indeed I did! That sarcastic, courageous, spirited and strong but vulnerable personality makes it easy for you to love him. Definitely, one of the best demigods in the world!

But lets not forget that in a day like this, August 18th, was not just Percy’s birthday, but the fulfilling of the First Great Prophecy, which led to the Battle of Manhattan. The day were Silena Beauregard took Cabin 5 into battle and died trying to mend her mistakes, the day were Annabeth almost died by taking a knife to protect Percy… the day when Luke Castellan sacrificed himself to stop Kronos from destroying Olympus and died as a hero. He deserves to be remembered as a hero despite the mistakes he made and tried to mend in the end with his last breath. But so as Silena Beauregard, Charles Beckendorf, Ethan Nakamura, Michael Yew and many others good souls lost in battle.

And to finish, I’ll just wish to my precious boy Percy a happy, happy birthday!

Andrew Logan Montgomery’s

THE ANGEL MOST HIGH, the work of Andrew Chumbley👌

‘As I mentioned before, the word “occult” simply means “hidden,” and the word “esoteric” means “inner” (its opposite is “exoteric,” the outer appearance of things).  These definitions must always be kept in mind by those approaching literature of this kind.  The really great occultists, and I think Chumbley belongs in this category, write passages like Russian matryoshka dolls.  If you look at the surface of what is written, you are missing what is hidden inside.  You need to dig, dig again, and then dig some more.  The reasoning behind this sort of thing is not merely to encode it–something that was desperately necessary in the centuries when the Church had the power to execute those who questioned its doctrines–nor to keep it from the eyes of the ‘profane.‘  The fact is occultists are often trying to communicate something incommunicable, or more to the point, something that the reader must seek for himself.  Once more, the world of magic is a mirror, and in digging through layers of a passage like this, the reader is looking deeper and deeper into himself.  You cannot simply be “told” any meaningful secret…it has to be discovered and earned.  My purpose is unpacking this 300-word passage of Chumbley’s is not only to illuminate his philosophy, but to demonstrate to the reader the intricacy of this kind of work.

And so Chumbley has given us a recycled version of the myth of Lucifer, simultaneously drawing us deeper and earlier to the Hebrew “fallen angel” myth that precedes the Christian retelling.  In doing so, he has tipped his Gnostic hand.  There are at least two deeper levels ahead, but we need to stop a minute and consider the meaning of what we have already discovered.  We need to dwell on “Gnostic” for a bit.

“Gnosticism” is an umbrella term for hundreds of sects, but what they all share is an approach to truth if not the same conclusions on what the “truth” is.  The Indian subcontinent, which gave rise to some of the richest philosophical and religious traditions in the world, often employs the word yoga when discussing spiritual practices.  This is not merely stretching and breathing exercises; in India it is synonymous with “religion.“  In fact, the word yoga is connected to the English “yoke,” both Sanskrit and English being descendants of a common Indo-European tongue.  They both mean the same thing; something that “joins” two things together.  This is exactly the meaning of “religion,” from the Latin re ligio (to bind two things together; “ligature” comes from the same source).  

India recognizes many types of yoga, or religious approaches, three of the most common being bhakti yoga (joining yourself to the divine through love and faith), karma yoga (joining yourself to the divine through good works and proper conduct), and jnaya yoga (joining yourself to the divine through knowledge and direct experience).  Historically, the Christian Church in the west decided early on that bhakti was the official method of coming to God, with karma running second.  But Christianity has always been uncomfortable with “knowledge,” a word again linguistically related to both the Sanskrit jnaya and the Greek gnosis through those same Indo-European roots.  It is a matter of historical record that the Church tried relentlessly to eradicate any knowledge that contradicted its teachings–the Renaissance only could occur after prolonged contact with Islamic civilization, which had preserved classical writings instead of destroying them.  The church discouraged seeking direct knowledge of the divine in favor of serving as the sanctioned intermediary between man and God.  The Gnostics, as their name implies, rebelled against this.  What joins all the various Gnostic sects is the doctrine of initiation, of discovery, of knowledge and personal experience as the road to truth.

We cannot blame the Church entirely for its discomfort with knowledge…it inherited this from the Hebrew priesthood it is modeled upon.  In retrospect it was probably Islam’s lack of an institutionalized religious authority that left it more open to knowledge; there was no Islamic church or temple that needed a monopoly on knowledge to justify is existence.  Twice in the Hebrew myths connected to this passage we have seen God frown upon “leaks” in heaven’s knowledge monopoly.  First in the passage’s reference to Eden and the serpent (the fall of Man caused by eating the fruit of knowledge) and second in its reference to the fall of the Watchers in 1 Enoch (damned for teaching the arts and sciences to men).  Ironically, the Church seems to have inherited its “we have all the answers” mentality from the very priesthood that Christ accused of not having all the answers.  But the Gnostics were having none of it, and Chumbley is throwing his lot in with theirs.

Which brings us to the part where we must lift the next veil.

Who the heck are these “Elder Gods” Chumbley is talking about?

While many readers are familiar with the story of Lucifer and that of the serpent in Eden, and careful readers of the Bible are aware of the Watchers and their dalliance with the daughters of men, this notion of gods existing before (G)od probably comes out of nowhere to them.  Well buckle those seat-belts gentle reader, this is where the real fun begins.  

Let’s start with the most obvious.  I cannot say with absolute certainty, but I would be more than willing to wager, that Chumbley is sneaking in a reference to H.P. Lovecraft’s fictional brood here.  Lovecraft–who was himself a materialist and atheist–wrote weird fiction and horror tales that often included the “Old Ones” or “Elder Gods.“  These were vast and incomprehensible alien beings who reigned over the cosmos long before man evolved, and fell into decline before the first human civilizations appeared.  Now they are somehow locked “outside” of our universe, and much of his fiction deals with them trying to get back in.  These Elder Gods were purely fictitious, but–as we shall see–reflective of genuine mythological beings.  More importantly, they found their way into occultism around the mid-20th century.  Anton LaVey–who like modern Chaos Magicians viewed belief as a tool and all gods as symbols–published two rituals dedicated to these Elder Gods.  Several other occultists, most notably the anonymous “Simon” and more recently Donald Tyson, have published their own versions of the Necronomicon, a book Lovecraft invented detailing these Old Ones.  But the reason I am quite comfortable in linking Chumbley with them is that Chumbley was a member of Kenneth Grant’s British offshoot of Aleister Crowley's Ordo Templi Orientis from 1993-1999.  While Grant is a fascinating figure in his own right, what matters here is that he wrote extensively about Lovecraft’s prehistoric gods and included them in his magical teachings.  I have no doubt this is how Chumbley comes to incorporate them.

Am I telling you that Chumbley is now talking about fictional entities in his occult teachings?  Yes, and no.  We need to remember the mask and the mirror, the lies that point to truth.  I spoke at length in my article on Qutub on the Qabalistic concept of zero, of nothingness, and the true nature of God (ultimate reality).  Basically, the “real” God is by definition ineffable and incomprehensible.  Anything less and it could not be God.  Yahweh, like all gods, is a human invention, an attempt for the sake of convenience to put a face and a name to that which is nameless and faceless.  Yahweh is thus no more real than Lovecraft’s gods; but God being omniversal, these gods can tell us something true about God’s nature just as surely as Yawheh can.  In fact, from the Gnostic point of view, the Elder Gods are closer to an accurate conception of God than Yawheh is because Lovecraft’s deities are themselves incomprehensible.  By being outside our ability to understand, the Elder Gods are more reflective of real ultimate reality.  Further, the Gnostics believed that the “true” God existed outside of the universe, something we touched on in talking about the Azoetia.  For them, the universe was far too imperfect to be the handiwork of a perfect being, and thus ascribed Creation to the “Demiurge,” a manifestation of the true God with delusions of grandeur.  In their conception, this tyrannical God manufactures the universe and traps humanity within it.  Having fashioned the cosmos and shut himself away from the True God, the Demiurge becomes the “jealous” god of the Old Testament, convincing himself he is the one and only god and setting himself up as a despot.  The Gnostic path was to escape our prison and return to the True God outside of it.  Chumbley is clearly merging Lovecraft’s extra-dimensional deities with the Gnostic one.

Again, he has a sound reason for doing this, but before we get there a moment must be taken to scratch our heads over his cryptic “Those who are without number and yet are numbered as Eight.”  The first half should be easy to understand by now; without number is 0, the Qabalistic conception of nothingness.  The Eight is a bit more problematic.  I will submit three points for your consideration.

It is possible that Chumbley is taking a page from Crowley’s play book, and that this “Eight” is a sly reference to the “infinity” symbol (an 8 on its side).  Those who are without number and yet are infinite.

It is possible that Chumbley is nodding his head towards Chaos Magicians, another group he had close contact with (having written for the journal Chaos International).  Without getting distracted now–I plan on talking about Chaos Magic in a future entry–it is enough to say now that this school uses Chaos as a way to describe the same idea as the Qabalistic Zero, and that the unofficial but widely used Chaos symbol is an eight-pointed star.  We will come back to Chaos at the close of this entry, so keep it in mind.

Or it could be that he means the Qabalistic “Eight.“  Qabalah is another topic that demands an essay (or a hundred essays) unto itself, but to summarize here Qabalah ascribes symbolic meaning to numbers, especially the first ten, which form spheres of experience on a diagram called The Tree of Life.  We have already discussed the meaning of zero, but to fully grasp what Chumbley is telling us we need to breeze through the next ten.  I will use a model created by Aleister Crowley, the elegant and succinct “Naples Arrangement,” to summarize for you. 

After the infinite, indescribable perfection of Qabalistic nothingness, we arrive at One.  This is the mathematical point, or Qutub, again.  It is the “I” and the “eye,” a mystery we will save for later.  The point is the first manifestation of nothingness, positive yet undefinable.  It has position but nothing else.  It is the number of the Demiurge, the god who thinks it is the first to exist and the source for the rest of the universe (ie numbers).  “With the conception of the Universe was the Beginning and the Fall of the One, the One that men have named falsely,“ Chumbley tells us.  One thinks it is the first, but Nothing was before it.

"At the side of the One there was the Secret One, the Angel Most High, Emissary of the Elder Gods."  Here is the number Two, who Chumbley identifies with the Elder Gods (Zero).  Why?  The answer again is Crowley, who attempted to reconcile the old mystical question of whether the universe was dualistic, monistic, or nihilistic with an elegant equation.  The "dualistic” universe is that wherein God creates the universe but stands outside of it.  The monistic universe, most famously seen in the Indian Advaita Vedanta school, postulates that “all is One” and separateness is illusion.  The nihilistic school is typified by early Buddhism, and says the nature of the universe is nothingness.  This is also the Qablastic position.  Crowley stood forward and said “2=0,” that the universe appears dualistic and is simultaneously nihilistic.  In short, if all the pairs of opposites in the cosmos are viewed from a distance, everything vanishes into zero.  Observer and observed, hot and cold, light and dark…all of the positive “n” plus the negative “n” balance out to 0 (n + -n = 0).  It was a cornerstone of his system of Thelema.  “One” is leap-frogged over because it is not as perfect as Zero and cannot be defined without Two; “…position does not mean anything at all unless there is something else, some other position with which it can be compared.  One has to describe it.  The only way to do this is to have another Point, and that means one must invent the number Two…"  Here then is Chumbley’s Angel Most High, the number Two that is secretly the true manifestation of Zero and the "Secret One” that the One needs to even exist.

Then comes Three, a number that is necessary for the universe to begin.  Two points makes a line, but we cannot even say how long that line is without a third coordinate to measure it.  Three gives us the first geometric shape, the Triangle (the circle belongs to Zero), it gives us the synthesis that reconciles thesis and antithesis.  It is the child of the Mother and Father.  

Four is the manifestation of Matter, a point defined by three coordinates, the birth of the Third Dimension.  The first Pythagorean solid, the three sided pyramid, now is possible.  Five introduces Motion, and therefore “time."  Six is said to be where the Point becomes conscious, able to define itself by position, direction, and form.  Now the next three are forms of experience drawn from Indian philosophy, Ananda, Chit, and Sat.  These are the things the conscious and manifested point experiences on its journey.  Ananda is "bliss” or “sensation,” and is associated with Seven.  Sat is “being,” the awareness of existence.  That is number 9.  But the number 8, which I skipped over briefly, is “Knowledge."  And this brings us back to Chumbley’s "Those who are without number and yet are numbered as Eight” and the third possibility.  

Knowledge is the union of two points.  One point-event experiences another when they collide.  If it helps, think of “knowledge” in the Biblical sense.  But this is 2=0 again.  In knowing each other, two points become one and difference is erased.  The third possibility is a very Gnostic one, and ties up our entire discussion neatly.  The Eight could be Chaos, it could be Infinity or it could be Knowledge, all of which are expressions of the Qabalistic Zero or how to attain the ultimate reality of the Qabalistic Zero.  My suspicion is that it is simultaneously all three.’

Photo =
(Left) The Dragon-Book of Essex, by Andrew D. Chumbley - Pub 2014.
(Right) Twin-Lions Azoëtia, Sethos edition, by Andrew D. Chumbley - Pub 2003.

tweek: He’s just staring at us! You don’t think he’s going to kill us, do you? Those shears could chop one of our heads off clean! I DON’T WANT MY HEAD TO GET CHOPPED OFF–

craig: Tweek, chill. Anyone can beat the shit out of Donald Trump. You, especially. You spar with Mike Tyson every Friday, for Christ’s sake.
craig: No one’s gonna chop your head off.
tweek: Nnrgh–you’re right… 

clyde: Our beloved homosexuals, Craig and Tweek, obviously!
jimmy: R-round of applause for the haa…
jimmy: the huaahah…
jimmy: …the happy couple, fellas!

tweek: Um. Thanks, Craig.
craig: …yeah, yeah.
clyde: I think I still have some yaoi fanart of you two at my house.
jimmy: You th-think? I saw one in a little picture frame in your living room.

tweek: No–well–sort of? It’s been four years, nn, everyone that we hadn’t told eventually found out that we were acting…
tweek: We still have to pretend, though.
craig: Facebook official for the adults. Because they’re dumb enough to have another breakdown if they figure otherwise.
craig: Some of them want us to be really facebook official.

tweek: You know what, I change my mind, fuck you.
craig: What.

tweek: What the hell, man! Just, just press ignore already, no wonder dad keeps asking me about how much you use facebook! He won’t stop!
craig: I don’t use it. Well, I look at it, but I can’t post or like anything…
craig: Dude, I don’t want to make your dad cry again. It’s just sad.

Not one of your pertinent ancestors was squashed, devoured, drowned, starved, stranded, stuck fast, untimely wounded, or otherwise deflected from its life’s quest of delivering a tiny charge of genetic material to the right partner at the right moment in order to perpetuate the only possible sequence of hereditary combinations that could result — eventually, astoundingly, and all too briefly — in you
—  Bill Bryson, A Short History of Nearly Everything

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I'd like to make a request. Please let's keep Tyson Tuesday a thing all season! And please please please try to convince Tyson to do a snapchat take over! (Barrie not Jost because I'm sure Josty would say yes in a heartbeat and I really need more T-Bear content) Also thanks for being so wonderful on all social media platforms! Go Avs!!

Tyson has requested to Snapchat for us before so we’re sure this won’t be a problem! 

But seriously: one time post-game in the locker room after Iginla’s 600th goal, he was like “hey, lemme Snapchat real fast” and then posted this:

(Tyson and Blake had the assists on Iggy’s goal.)

And he also snapped a video of a camera guy who was squatting to get the shot but we can’t find that video right now.

So moral of the story: yes, we will continue Tyson Tuesday!


Anonymous said to imagine-unicornys:Can you please make a imagine (Percy Jackson) where the reader is in the arena and trains with a sword, then Percy comes in and they talk, and somehow they’ll kiss? Thanksss

 hope you’ll like it!

(not my gif.)


“6- no 7- no no 8!” I thought.

“I heard that they were making our favorite today,” Lee Fletcher remarked and cut off my train of thoughts.

“Cheeseburgers?” Michael Yew replied with his face lit up.

We were resting in the cabin before our lunch break. Call me bias, but in my opinion, Apollo’s cabin was the nicest looking cabin among the others.

What made Apollo Cabin so special was that at first glance you may see it as an ordinary cabin, but when hit by sunlight, it looked as if it was made of solid gold. The front door was carved from a laurel tree, with a laurel, a bow, and an arrow carved into the middle. My favorite part about our cabin was that it possessed an enchanted skylight which allowed sunlight to pass through even during the night or when the weather was unfavorable.

“Yes. Cheeseburgers,” Lee Fletcher said with a smirk, emphasising on ‘cheeseburgers’.

“Then for the love of Apollo, what are we waiting for? Let’s get our monkey butts moving!” Michael Yew exclaimed and everyone started moving their way out to the dining pavilion.

“You guys go ahead,” I said.

“Wh-why? Are you sick?” Lee Fletcher said. Nobody would ever reject lunch when there were cheeseburgers. Nobody.

“I’m just not in the mood for lunch, especially when Tantalus’s there,” I replied. I lied.

“Makes sense, have you seen what Tantalus did to that boy during sparring lessons? Feel sorry for that poor boy,” He replied, though I wasn’t sure if he was joking about that poor boy.

“Funny, see you later,” I chuckled and waved as they left the cabin.

Now as I was saying, it has been 8 days since Percy Jackson and his friends went out to save Grover.

“It wasn’t even his quest to begin with,” I sighed as I looked up at the ceiling, in deep thoughts.

“And he didn’t even bother to ask me along,” I remarked.

Percy and I first entered Camp Half Blood approximately around the same time. We learnt the ropes of being a demigod together until I was first claimed by Apollo and he was later claimed by Poseidon. Apparently, it was forbidden for the Big 3 to have children, so Percy being Poseidon’s son was kind of a big deal. To put it simply, Percy Jackson rose to fame in Camp Half Blood.

Just when I thought I had lost a friend, Percy proved me wrong. He would consistently train with me, have his meals with me while sitting outside the dining pavilion (seriously, not being allowed to sit with other demigods in the dining pavilion was total discrimination), and we would even occasionally gossip about Clarisse’s hair. Though I couldn’t join him in his lightning bolt quest because Chiron and Mr. D thought I was ‘too new and amateur’, Percy had told me about all his adventures after he returned.

I always thought Percy and I had a special connection; it may not be romantic, but at least it was special. However, this thought was broken when Percy left for the Sea Of Monsters without me.

I was enraged with Percy. You see, I didn’t understand why he simply couldn’t ask me along. Hell, I wasn’t even aware that he had intended to sneak off with Annabeth and Tyson to save Grover. No warnings given when we were having lunch before he left, no goodbyes, and once again, he never bothered to ask me along.

I mean, my archery and healing skills weren’t that bad…right?

On the other hand, I was worried for Percy. I wanted him to return to Camp Half Blood in one piece.

Whenever there were news about a man wanted by the police for causing chaos in town, I was secretly happy that Percy was fine. ‘Secretly’ because I couldn’t afford for my half-siblings to find out about my feelings for Percy. I mean, look at what happened to Michael Yew when we found out that he had a one sided crush on Silena? I’ll tell you what happened. Embarrassment, embarrassment and more embarrassment. Oh you didn’t know about my feelings for Percy? I’ll tell you that too - I liked Percy Jackson. Not necessarily love, but I knew I wanted to be with him.

“Too many thoughts,” I grunted.

I decided to clear my mind by practicing in the Arena. As children of Apollo, we had exceptional Archery and healing skills. Naturally, I picked up the sword to brush up on my combat skills.

I treated the wooden dummy as Percy Jackson and started venting my anger.

Why. Did. You. Bail. On. Me.” I said word by word after every strike.

“Who bailed on you?” Someone suddenly asked from behind.

“Percy freaking Jackson!” I shouted before I turned to the person.

It was Percy Jackson, and he was standing there with the same old smirk. Oh what are the odds?

I had to admit, I was happy that he was safe, but to smile and jump for joy when Percy clearly heard me scolding him, not a good move.

“What are you doing here?” I asked calmly.

“Seriously? No ‘Hello Percy!’ or ‘Welcome Home Percy’?” He replied.

“You’re not answering me?” I drew out my sword and pointed it at Percy.

“Come on, stab me,” Percy taunted.

“Try me,” I said.

I raised my brows.

“Ok fine,” Percy sighed.

“You didn’t know? It was practically lunch entertainment,” he said, while I continued to be confused.

“Long story short, I sent an Iris message to Camp Half Blood to prove Chiron’s innocence and I battled it out with Luke and I won, saving Grover in the midst,” Percy explained, flashing a victorious smile

“But with the help of Chiron and his crew,” he added.

“How did you know that I was here?” I asked.

“You should have seen how the others were carrying us onto the winning platforms, I wish I could have the same treatment everyday,” Percy replied.

“Anyway, I didn’t see you at the pavilion, at the cabin, or with the others so I’d figured you’d be here,” he explained and flashed an easy smile.

“So you’re expecting me to give you a warm friendly hug and maybe a lil bit of Ambrosia if you’re lucky enough? I asked fiercely.

“Sort of, yeah,” he replied and continued smiling.

But he clearly knew that I was angry.

“Why didn’t you ask me along Percy?” I demanded for an answer.

“I- I couldn’t,” Percy looked down.

“Why? I thought we were friends,” I added.

“Friends, I thought you knew” Percy mumbled.

“What?” I said.

“You know what? I’m just- just going to go now,” Percy said and turned away.

Boy was I mad. Like, I was so close to turn into Ares mode.

“Perseus Jackson. What’s your problem? First, you bailed on me for 8 days. Then you come back with all smiles, and then you refuse to tell me why you bailed on me?” I shouted as I threw my sword towards him. Fortunately, it landed right in front of his path instead of on his foot.

Apparently, that move didn’t work well on him, because Percy came storming back.

I closed my eyes, expecting Percy to blast a waterfall at me. Instead, he pulled me towards him and pressed his lips against mine. I struggled and couldn’t break free until he released me.

“What the hell?” I exclaimed.

“You want to know why I bailed on you?” Percy said.

“It’s dangerous out there Y/N. I couldn’t risk bringing you along with me and I thought you knew that,” he added.

I froze. What was going on?  What was I? A baby?

“You still don’t get it huh,” Percy chuckled. 

I like you Y/N. I’ve liked you since the day- gosh, I don’t even know how long it was anymore,” he said.

I remained silent, still stunned.

“And now you know why I bailed on you. I just couldn’t afford to lose you, Y/N. I thought you always knew that,” Percy sighed.

I kept quiet.

“Chiron’s waiting for me, I’ll see you later,” he said and walked out of the arena.

I stood still, unable to have logical thoughts. My heart was racing, my face was flushed, and coupled with ADHD, I was a train wreck. However, instinct told me what to do. (Or was it Aphrodite?)

I ran towards Percy and wrapped my arms tightly around him from the back.

“I’m sorry, but don’t bail on me ever again. You don’t know how it feels like to be apart from someone you love,” I said and teared.

“Trust me. I do,” Percy smiled.

We stayed in the same position until Grover walked past and gave Percy a cheeky smile.

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2p nyo italy sisters headcanons please? ((No gerita or spamano please !!!))

((N. Italy - Luciana, S. Italy - Flavia, Seborga - Rosaria, Ancient Rome - Cinzia, Spain - Andrea))

2P!Nyo Italy Sisters HCs:
⦁ Rosaria always leaves her dishes next to the sink and Flavia is in a constant state of keeping Luciana from familial homicide
⦁ Flavia doesn’t know when to stop with designing
- Luciana usually finds her passed out next to some sketches and totally doesn’t give her a blanket or anything
⦁ Luciana always makes sure that they lock the door when she isn’t home out of slight fear, although she’d never admit it
⦁ Flavia LOVES to push her sisters’ buttons
- it usually ends with a fencing battle?? Rosaria keeps score
⦁ They all live together, unlike Lutz + Luciano, Flavio + Andres, and Rosario in whatever tree
⦁ Rosaria really likes learning new instruments and is constantly being threatened by neighbours that they will call noise control
- ^ they live in a nice, borderline mansion their Grandma Cinzia passed down to them – that’s how loud she is
⦁ Flavia has no means of an indoor voice
⦁ They try their hardest to be “normal sisters” and have a “normal sister night”, but it usually ends up in Flavia instigating Rosaria until she picks a fight with Luciana and they, again, fence
⦁ Luciana isn’t as good with intimidating blades as her male counterpart - she is better with thinner and more discreet things like small throwing knives or folding knives
⦁ Flavia used to want to be a pirate when she was younger
⦁ Luciana always comes home with cuts and bruises from fighting with Monika (a friendly fight) (most of the time) and boasts about how much of a warrior she is
- Rosiara always comments on how she has tears in her eyes and gets punched in the nose
⦁ their method of showing love is through playful sibling rough-housing like throwing tortellini or almost drilling a hole through someone’s foot
- Rosaria really likes trying new things,,
⦁ if something is broken in the house they go to Rosaria because she’s basically a construction worker by now
⦁ Luciana can’t handle being alone for too long so she always ends up in someone’s bed
⦁ Flavia is actually the worst with houseplants and Luciana has cried multiple times for trusting her with her succulents while she’s away and comes back to them wilting
⦁ Flavia steals their clothes from their closets all the time to check for any damage bc she’s nice like that
⦁ sick? ask little sis/mama Rosaria. faucet is leaking? plumber Rosaria to the rescue. can’t open a jar of pickles? Rosaria is suddenly Mike Tyson.
⦁ Luciana wants animals but she can’t take care of them near as well as she can with plants, so she usually ends up with dead fish and a crying Flavia
- Rosaria is suddenly a gravedigger
⦁ poor Andrea never gets a break from Flavia trying to tell her how she would look so cool with this hairstyle or so pretty in these heels and poor Flavia always winds up with an incoherent Spanish lecture
⦁ Rosaria used to have super long hair, but she will go to an extent to prove she’s right about something and cut it all off one day in a dare from Luciana
- Flavia screamed
- She fixed it up for her quickly and now sports a cute faux-hawk
⦁ Luciana is really good at gardening and is trying to teach Rosaria to do it well since it seems to be one of the only things she can’t grasp

Mysterious Hazelnut Pt. XI

Summary: The reader comes back to her home, meeting with her family, old friends and lover. Time may have passed but feelings nor traditions change.

Author: @sleepywinchester prev. deanwincehster-af | Mobile Masterlist

Pairings: Barista!Sam x Plus Size!Reader

Words: 1.7k

Warnings: Angst. Language.

A/N: Hope you guys like this one! Don’t forget the feedback? xoxox.

Italict is internal thoughts.

M.H. Masterlist 

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Everything was calm and almost in silence, except from the constant tap of your fingers against the old desk. The heel of your boot also tapping repeatedly against the cold floor. It’s been nearly twenty-four hours. Almost a day without sleeping or thinking straight. A day with constant regret and self-loathing from bringing your friends and boyfriend to the most dangerous place you’ve known. How could you’d be so naïve? Thinking this time things would be different. Never in a million years this place would be any different.

Like it was personally cursed by Lucifer himself.

Cursed to be bloody and in an infinite war with everyone around it and itself.

There’s no one to blame except yourself if something irremediable happens to them. They were your responsibility since the second you guys stepped into to Charming. It was your responsibility to keep them safe and you failed them.

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Tyson’s prosthetic leg video - He has a fine right leg and foot !

henry cheng 100% believes in aliens. sick steve probably has an abduction story and henry is like ur right U R RIGHT i believe u my man. if any one in sarchengsey is obsessed w aliens it is henry. and blue is more of a neil degrasse tyson like “yeah statistically aliens have to exist somewhere but not like… sci-fi aliens.” and gansey’s just shaking his head and adding roswell NM to the road trip map bc he has a cute bf+gf.

Everyone is in Andy Samberg's doping mockumentary. Even Lance Armstrong.

Andy Samberg showed that he had some balls — tennis balls — by starring and executive producing the 2015 HBO mockumentary Seven Days in Hell, about the longest tennis match in history. Now he’s cranking up the absurdity with HBO mockumentary Tour de Pharmacy, which has fun with the doping scandals that have tarnished the cycling world.

Samberg is just one of many famous faces hitting the road; the cast also includes Orlando Bloom, Jeff Goldblum, Maya Rudolph, Julia Ormond, Dolph Lundgren, Mike Tyson, Freddie Highmore, Will Forte, James Marsden, John Cena, Daveed Diggs, J.J. Abrams, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Kevin Bacon, Danny Glover, Phylicia Rashad, Nathan Fielder, Joe Buck, and Chris Webber. Did we leave anybody off? Let’s think… oh, right: Lance Armstrong.

That’s right, the disgraced Tour de France legend pokes fun at himself by playing a not-so- anonymous informant.

Check out the minute-long trailer above. Tour de Pharmacy premieres July 8 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.


Teacher: Y/N, do you want to share your texts with the whole class?

Y/N: N-no, sorry Mr. Tyson, I’m going to hide my phone right away! -thinking- “damn you, Damon-asshole-Salvatore”

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Time of the Month - Shield Mates Series

Imagine its that time of the month for you again. Usually around this time, you exhibit the same symptoms, but this time, your symptoms have changed just a little. The guys have to sit back and watch as they don’t know what to do to help.

Special request by an Anonymous follower

I may be making this into another small series, but I don’t know. We’ll see. :)

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Okay don’t make fun of me but I just spent like an hour coming up with a Percy Jackson dream cast because they messed up that movie six ways to sunday and I just needed to fix it alright

Percy Jackson: Logan Lerman. Yup, the only part of the movie that was actually done right.

Annabeth Chase: Skyler Samuels. 

Hazel Levesque: Zoe Soul.

Frank Zhang: Ki Hong Lee. Do you know how difficult it is to find overweight Chinese actors??? Perhaps it is the media stigma against anyone who isn’t white and shaped like a stick. But whatever. Imagine Ki Hong Lee would gain weight for the role.

Piper Mclean: Mary Galloway. Again, it’s super hard to find young Native American actresses. But I did it. And she’s actually pretty perfect so in your face, Hollywood whitewashing!!!

Jason Grace: Lucas Till. Yes, the guy from X-Men. Don’t judge, those movies are life.

Leo Valdez: Joaquin Ochoa. This one took a really long time, and I’m still not thrilled, but oh well. The only perfect Leo is the one in my head. Also, i included two pictures because there are no good pictures with both the right haircut and the right age??? Ugh. Struggle.

Last but certainly not least, Nico DiAngelo: Asa Butterfield

So, what do you people of the internet think??? Any you hate, anyone you think would be better??? Let me know because for some reason the perfect casting of a pjo movie would make me immensely happy so… Yeah. Perhaps suggestions for like, Grover, or Tyson, or Rachel…. Add to thisss!

Percicobeth Headcanons

Percy usually sleeps in the middle of the bed.  Annabeth curls up on his right side because women are always right, and Nico takes the left so he can listen to Percy’s heart beat.

Annabeth designed New Athens, the community that their two-story, white marble house is situated it.  Their house comes complete with a movie theater, bowling alley, a gargantuan library, and a buttload of guest rooms for all of their friends and family.

There are palatial stables on the grounds for Blackjack and his mate, Amalthea, and for Arion when Hazel and Frank visit.

Mrs. O'Leary has a dog house the size of a small home.  Nico and Percy go out to play with her every day in the sprawling backyard, but Clarisse complains about the noise from next door.

The house (and Annabeth) always smells like lemon to keep spiders away.

Percy begged for an enormous infinity pool, so Annabeth included it in her designs and Poseidon made it.  Poseidon also gave his son a massive salt-water fish tank for Christmas one year that now sits as the focal point of the living room.

Nico and Annabeth started out sharing Percy, but they eventually became best friends and then lovers.  Nico was super freaked out in the beginning and often left and came unannounced until he was comfortable with the trio.

Percy went on a very dangerous quest for Hera, and to repay him, she offered to bless his marriage.  The trio thought she might explode when she was forced to bless their wedding.

Piper has mentioned, on more than one occasion, that her mother loves to rub in Hera’s face how happy they are as a threesome.

Their wedding bands are made of platinum with diamonds (Annabeth), helenite (Percy), and onyx (Nico), forged by Tyson with some help from Nyssa.

Poseidon loves Nico and Annabeth; Hades and Athena are less happy with the trio, but their children have made it clear that they have no right to say anything.

Sally and Paul adore the trio and frequently take them out to dinner or a movie now that Sally is a best-selling novelist.

Frederick and the Chases are happy for Annabeth even if they find the polyamorous group to be odd.  

The three of them still get nightmares about Tartarus from time to time, but they each soothe each other to sleep.

Nico has the worst nightmares.  He frequently wakes up screaming, tears running down his face, and Percy holds him, whispering sweet nothings as Annabeth rubs his back.

Nico sings the other two to sleep when they have nightmares, it’s a lullaby Bianca used to sing for him when he was young.

Percy washes the dishes and does laundry, Nico cooks and cleans the house, and Annabeth runs the errands and acts as the main breadwinner.

Annabeth and Nico are addicted to coffee, but Percy hate sit, he only drinks hot chocolate.

Tyson absolutely loves Nico after Nico gave him a box of special peanut butter cookies from a trip to Europe.

Nico steals Percy’s shirts, Annabeth steals from both boys, and Percy rarely gets to wear a shirt at home.

Nico and Percy love to slide around the house in their socks, sometimes in just their socks.

Annabeth reads novels, essays, tomes, and more in bed while her boys play video games like Little Big Planet, Mario Kart, and Skylanders because they miss their childhood.

Annabeth likes to watch the two boys either being adorable dorks, focused badasses, or really hot lovers.  They feel the same way about her and the other.

Nico and Annabeth both have reading glasses by the end of college.

Annabeth works in an architecture firm, Percy surprised everyone by getting a doctorate and teaching marine biology at a university, and Nico became a detective.

Together they are the Jackson Three as their friends at Camp like to call them.


Things I find amusing…

It is so amusing when some people get all confused or scared when long and official names (chemical names, latin names) are used to describe/talk about the simplest things. Thats why I love these tweets. 

Some people actually do fall for the joke about this scandalous thing called “dihydrogen monoxide” (if you write it in short the way you learned in science you see that it is H2O or in other words water) and its effects. 

I know it is not nice to laugh at other peoples expense, but when people, who have had the opportunity to get an education (because there are places on this planet where not everyone gets even basic school education), do not think… then I reserve the right to be amused by the people who fall for the “dihydrogen monoxide”  joke. 

Source: Neil deGrasse Tyson’s twitter   one   two