tyson fox

anonymous asked:

what characters from scream would you like to see played?

thank you for asking!

to begin, if you’re interested in writing a character from scream, I think you should go with whichever one grabs you the most, even if they’re already being written. the fandom’s been so friendly and everyone here seems to get along well, so if you want to tackle someone who’s already being played, I say, make the blog. :)

that being said, characters that currently haven’t been picked up in some way, shape, or form are: cotton weary, derek feldman, debbie salt, joel jones, and hallie mcdaniel. there are other characters as well, but they’re pretty minor (detective wallace from 3, tyson fox/some of the other STAB actors, etc). I’d absolutely love love love to write with a cotton, I just really love his character and I think there’s a lot that could be explored between him and sidney. debbie salt would complete the list of killers and y’all could do a wicked sweet group promo (hell I’ll even make it, I just love all the killers in scream??), and I absolutely LOVE derek in 2, I have so many feelings about him and sid and that’s another dynamic I’d love to write. joel is hands down the smartest character to exist in the scream movies bc he gets the fuck out of dodge once people start dropping, and i have headcanons abt sid and hallie’s relationship and would love to explore that, as well!

thank you again for the question! <3