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taexminxkook  asked:

I've been reading an AU fic that was really good! and I was wondering if you can recommended me anymore AU's because I can't find any more😅😅😁

asdfghjkl I can recommend you my au called sad serenade lololol, but ok, I have read quite a lot so, I may turn it a fic recommendation one day.

@slayyoongi | he didn’t

I usually don’t like to read fics with different pov’s because I get confused af (not because it’s bad, I’m dumb sometimes so I don’t get it mostly when I’m lazily reading) but she nailed it and I loved this one so much, it always got me jaw dropped and I praise her for that. Her writing is amazing and I’m looking forward to read more of her work eventually. I’ll try not to fangirl here but tysm for that amazing story, I died

@taegonia | syndromes (I can’t find the link rn but I’ll send add it later)

I’m in love with this one, it’s really great and I just loved Jimin ;______; her writing is impressive and she gets you so involved in the story like omg. I like how she narrates action scenes, because I have got to read others and at those parts I felt dizzy and I couldn’t really catch the idea/picture. I want to read more of her work too!

@yourfocalpoint | gone in a heartbeat & deranged

She killed me and she’s still killing me and I’ll gladly let her, I love both of them but tbh my personal favorite is deranged. It’s really well written and the story is so albsksks it makes you want more and more. Like I’ve told her, she’s the best!

@haniwritesbtsstuff | pretty bird

Ok so I don’t know if this one really qualifies as a au but I loved it, one of my favorites by far and I can’t wait to see how it ends. She’s an amazing writer and I’m looking forward to read more from her.

@chokemejimin | she fell in love with the devil

You need to read this one like right now, it’s so good and engaging (idk if it’s the right word in English lmao), I feel so attacked tbh but it’s one of those fics you can’t stop reading, I really like the change in her writing by just firstly narrating in first person, it’s new to read. And I hate/love Sana for writing those amazing chapters (I always end up dead)

Sorry if there’s not that much, I’m thinking you want just au so I’m restricting myself lololol, I hope it helps!