Can I just do a little tb to this tyrus scene cs there’s some stuff I’m noticing now that TJ’s crush is canon,,


So in these first 2 screenshots we tj run over to cyrus from the side. But if you look at where he came from it’s a wall. So I think that he was waiting at the wall for cyrus to get to school, just rehearsing how he was gonna ask cyrus to hang out. He also ran up to cyrus 0.2734 seconds after he entered the building so he had to have been waiting there.


So my next point is TJ’s expression after he just asked Cyrus to hang out. That is the face of someone who’s hoping their crush agrees to hang out with them ESPECIALLY in the last photo. I mean look at the face 😢


And very lastly, this is his face when cyrus makes a joke and agrees to hang. Tj looks so relieved but it also kinda looks like he’s tryna play it cool. Can I also just refference real quick “They know. I talk about you” because if that does not SCREAM “I go on and on about you, my crush, to my besties in classic teen girl fashion” then idk what does. Anyway thank you listening to my TED Talk.


GREEK TRAGEDY: a tyrus au

TJ’s third summer at Camp Half-Blood is shaping up to be the same as ever: bossy older sister, empty marble cabin, goofy best friend. And of course, unattainable crush on Cyrus Goodman, son of Apollo and unknowing light of TJ’s life. However, the life of a demigod can’t stay peaceful forever; especially a son of Zeus. Armed with celestial bronze and a general give-em-hell attitude, TJ, Cyrus, and TJ’s best friend Marty set out on a dangerous and exciting quest. Suddenly, TJ finds himself growing close with the boy he once considered out of reach, and anything seems possible— if, of course, they don’t die.


Is cannon

Tyrus Week, Day One- Crush

tj’s pov:

“It will be okay mom. I know a bunch of people there, I won’t be alone” I reassured my concerned mother that everything is fine and that I have nothing to worry about.

“If you say so sweetie. Goodbye love, have fun!” she kissed my forehead goodbye and drove away.

I was about to enter in to the bar mitzvah, I was a kind of… afraid? You can call it like that if you want to… I didn’t really know anyone there, and I was worried about being alone.

I took a deep breath and walked in as I belonged there: like I always did.
The place was huge, both the outside and the inside. I was truly overwhelmed… Props to my boy Cyrus and his family for organizing this.
A few minutes passed by, minutes turned into hours, and I couldn’t find even one person I recognize… not even the bar mitzvah boy himself.

I just walked alone, wishing for a friend or even a phone.

Eventually, I found someone I recognized: a person wearing a blue and white squared suit who was hugging two girls- one with short hair and a white dress and the other one had curly hair and was wearing a colorful dress, full of flowers. I recognize that person. “Hey, underdog!” I called from a distance as he walked them into the big function hall. He quickly turns around to the sound of my voice. “Hey, not so scary basketball guy!” he smiles from a distance, walking towards me. I couldn’t help myself from smiling seeing him walking around with such confidence, his big brown eyes were shining, and he was obviously having the time of his life. “It’s a really amazing event, this production is huge!” I said with a big smile on my face and a shine in my eyes. “I know right? There is so much stuff to do I don’t know where to begin! Are you having fun?” he asked with the happiest voice on earth, the excitement he has was obvious.  I couldn’t tell him the truth- that I barely know two people here and that I found it hard to enjoy it. “Of course I’m having fun! This is the most amazing bash mitzvah I’ve ever been to” I lied through my teeth. His smile got bigger, and I couldn’t stop myself from melting. He looked so cute… wait. No. I there is no way I’m developing a crush on Cyrus… I keep falling for my friends, dang it.  "So I assume you want to go back to your friends, so I won’t stay in your way" I said, rather embarrassed. “I do want to go hang with my friends, but you are my friend too. Why won’t you come hang out with me and my other friends?” he suggested. Maybe I should… Absolutely no Tj, buffy hates you for being a total jerk to her, stop.
My thoughts started influencing me, what if buffy will kick me out and I will stay alone again? I should just play it safe.

“Actually, I would love to, but I don’t think that such a good idea, because of the whole buffy thing…” I said, trying to show no emotions whatsoever, even though there was a tiny crack in my voice of sadness. I really looked forward to hanging out with him some more. WHEN WILL I STOP DEVELOPING CRUSHES ON MY FRIENDS? I asked myself, with absolutely no answer.
“You are probably right, I should just go… I’ll see you around!” he said, in a shy-embarrassed voice, IT HURT ME TO HEAR IT. However, I sucked it in and waved him goodbye. From then on, I didn’t really talk to him. I was too busy trying to prove buffy that I can change and trying to realize what she said to the fortuneteller that freaked her out.

At the end of the event, I STILL DON’T FULLY UNDERSTAND WHY I STICKED AROUND FOR SO LONG… I went to say goodbye to muffin, I mean Cyrus.

“That was an awesome bash mitzvah, underdog.” I complimented him. “Nah, it was nothing. Wait- did you get your "Cyrus’ bash mitzvah” hoodie?“ he asked curiously. "Of course I did, it’s my favorite one by far” I smiled. I CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE HE IS SO ADORABLE I JUST WANNA KISS HIM. He smiled at me and out of the blue just said: “you know, I never seen you on the dance floor” my face turned bright red as I mumbled, “yeah, I am that good of a dancer…”
“that makes two of us” he invited me to dance with him. I smiled so freaking hard and accepted his invitation and we danced. It was magical.

He kept smiling at me and I couldn’t take mine of my face even if I tried. Maybe the bash mitzvah itself wasn’t a huge success to me, but the end of it was exhilarating.