“I don’t want to take anything away from the guy, he was brilliant and uncompromising and wonderful, but there’s a level of adulation that goes beyond what is merited,” said Tim O’Reilly, chief executive of the tech publisher O’Reilly Media. “There will be revolutions and revolutionaries to come.”

-Tim O’Reilly adressing Steve Jobs’s death


The Unsure Future

I have to say that I’m a little bit worried about my job prospects.

The immediate company that I work for, as in the branch in my town, is a really good bunch of people. We all get along and very much enjoy our work. The problem is that the company is owned by a woman who I really can’t describe in any other way but as a tyrrant.

She calls employee’s for the pure joy of yelling at them. I’m not even kidding. She called a colleague of mine last week and asked what he was doing. When he explained he was doing a quote for a customer, she genuinely told him that he needs to get off his ass, get in his car, and go see a customer right now because work time is for selling, and paperwork can be done in our own time, out of work hours.

She actually believes that during the 9 hours per day that we work for her, we only do pure selling, and then the hour or two of paperwork required for each and every sale, we do in our own time, after hours.

To me, that’s ludicrous.

I’ve not yet had a call like that, but apparently I shouldn’t be surprised when it comes because they happen often. I’ve learnt the systems fairly well, and I’m getting quotes and emails out to customers within an hour of meeting them, so hopefully she doesn’t mind that…

Ultimately I don’t really want to put money into the pockets of someone who is nothing but a bully… but I really need the money myself right now and so far .. yeah… I just don’t really know at all.