AMANDOP! amandope.

HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY YOU FABULOUS WHORE! just in case i’m too busy tomorrow, i shall write you a love letter today. but i plan on making a sexy amyxeleven graphic for you tomorrow. oh yes.

seriously, i think i’ve known you for a year now and i can say U HAVE ENRICHED MY LIFE!!!! i think the first thing i said to you was that “hey ur going to whoppie on my birthday!!” you were too cool for words back then AND I WAS INTIMIDATED. lol.

tyrotits, you are honestly the best and you always make me laugh and chuckle with your love of neville longbottom cats and shit. and your diabolical ways to destroy rory.

my birthday present to you is matt smith tied up in a box.

(i poked holes in it and gave him a pillowpet) I HOPE U AND NUGGY LIKE IT!!!!

i hope we can frolic around at pratt together like the weird as mutha focka’s we are! and we still have to have our date ok no matter how much u avoid me i will find u.


- jojoba.

Tumblr crushes.

BEST FRIEND! http://awolfinasheepskincoat.tumblr.com/

Who are you guys?! Why are you here?!:


This is for the one and only Amanda, my best Tumblr friend and one of the funniest people I know. AMANDA, I hope you are having a really wonderful birthday because you deserve it! You’re so funny and great and just an overall A+ person. We met on here like over a year ago and we’re still friends today, and I hope we always stay friends! :’) I LOVE YOU! P.S. This photoset makes absolutely no sense but I thought you’d appreciate their faces. Look at the girl behind Harry lol. I was just going to focus in on Quirrell’s turban, but I thought Snape was more dramatic. And I know Neville’s one of your favorite characters so I had to add him in!!! ha ha haa~ Oh, and I was thinking about adding tree man, Chris Hansen, and some cats, but that’d probably be too much/weird. MAYBE NEXT YEAR. Wow ok anyway happy birthday!~ :-)