tyrone power jr

Remembering Tyrone Power, Jr. on his birthday  (5 May 1914 - 15 November 1958)

“Ty was everybody’s favorite person, and all agreed that he was that great rarity – a man who was just as nice as he seemed to be. With his flashing good looks, graceful carriage, and easy laughter, it was no surprise that he was a Pied Piper to women – they followed him in droves wherever he went – but Ty was a simple person, with a great down-to-earthness and modesty about himself.”  - David Niven


Happy 100th Birthday, Tyrone Edmund Power, Jr.! (May 5th, 1914.)

Happy centennial to a man who was so much more than “just a pretty face”. Underneath those blinding good looks, Tyrone had talent, humor, and a good nature – but no one was willing to look past his handsome face and give him the acting roles he deserves. But with what he had – and those opportunities that gave him the chance to shine, like Nightmare Alley, Tyrone managed to carve out an undying legacy for himself in the legends of Hollywood – and the hearts of several, even today, 100 years after his birth.