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As stated previously, my job is to drum up excitement for the Sinclair Mansion. Problem is, there’s a lot of stuff I ain’t allowed to talk about yet due to plot spoilers and Salad has already shown off most of the characters. 


What Salad has neglected to do is give a good idea as to what their personalities are like. This is where I come in. And what better way to do it than in shitpost format (at least for the ones that I have more than a passing knowledge of)!


- Will make you sandwiches for being a good little boi                                        

- Tries so hard but the world says fuk u                                                              

- Ugly as sin                                                                                                        

- I drink to forget but I always remember                                                            

- Just wants to sleep but nobody else works in this damn house


- He big                                                                                                               

- Like     rly big                                                                                                    

- Dark Backstory ™                                                                                        

- What is sex?                                                                                                     

- He’s a nice guy really (sometimes…maybe)


- Will fight u, stub his toe, and then cry for three hours                                      

- Really just wants a hug                                                                                     

- Tries to pay his child support                                                                           

- Has an odd attraction to abusive weirdo’s                                                       

- Don’t let him near yo kids


- Is everyone’s father                                                                                          

- Is the embodiment of daddy kinks                                                                    

- Dont u touch his baby girls or he cut u                                                             

- Loves (almost) all his children                                                                        

- Master Chef Gordon Ramsey, not Hell’s Kitchen Gordon Ramsey


- Your daughter calls me daddy too~                                                                  

- Very racist                                                                                                        

- If there is a drug he’s been on it                                                                      

- Crying on the inside                                                                                          

- Needs to lose em dreads srsly                                                                         


- Doesn’t really own it but doesn’t really care                                                     

- Would kill u for a potato chip                                                                           

- Dangerous without his morning tea                                                                  

- Could actually be the Queen of England                                                          

- Asshole


- Would kill you for blinking in his general direction                                            

- I had fun once, it was a traumatic experience                                                  

- Literally had kids and then forgot about them                                                  

- Refuses to pay child support                                                                           



- Tries to be cool but fails                                                                                  

- Has the ultimate daddy kink                                                                            

- tfw ur lover from an alt universe don’t love u no more                                      

- literal baby all the time                                                                                     

- Your son calls me daddy too


- Did nothing wrong                                                      

- What are parents?                                                                                          

- Just wants to watch Disney in peace                                                                

- Like actually did nothing wrong                                                                        

- Raised by his brother who isn’t his brother

That’s about all I got for ya. Hopefully this stirs some excitement. Have a lovely evening y’all

“Right actions in the future are the best apologies for bad actions in the past.”
- Tyron Edwards

Most of you have caught wind of accusations swarming this blog to be one in the same of gohliad’s. If you assumed that, you would be 100% right. I’m doing what should have been done instead of this chance for a fresh start fostered by alternate persona and ridiculous lies. I know it was wrong to put on a new face, and pretend to be someone else and run away like I have always done before, because that was always the easiest thing to do for me. I made this account out of fear, because I thought maybe no matter what I did that the community wouldn’t accept me no matter how much I’ve changed or am trying to… but that is just me again, being fearful, and not owning up to the things that have happened over the past couple years. That’s me being scared, and ashamed and embarrassed. Whether or not people accept me, or want to associate with me going forward is their right, and because of what has happened, I accept and understand that.

I’ve affected this community as a whole, and hurt people. I rejected the idea that what I do can influence other people, I neglected to take care of my mental health, I declined opportunities to correct my own behavior and make right with people and I even refused to take apologies from other people. Often I couldn’t even comprehend how others were affected by my aggressive ass and hostile behavior, because in my world “stuff on the internet didn’t matter” but that just isn’t true. We are all humans behind our avatars and screenshots. I was just so big headed I refused to accept that I wasn’t the only actual person behind a screen with a life and feelings. Over the past few months I’ve been lurking around, seeing what others said and all I’ve thought about is this community and how I put a giant nuclear dent in it, and it’s people. How some people are just upright scared of me, like I’m a ticking time bomb, and I don’t want anyone to feel that way. No one deserves to feel unsafe in the simblr community, and it sucks it took me feeling that way on my own to realize that. It took me several months of no social media, and a lot of behavioral therapy to understand that my actions matter, everything I do matters. I can’t act the way I have in the past, not on simblr, not in real life, not to anyone.

Nothing I say can change anything that has already been done because no matter what I say now, people have been hurt, and that never goes away. People I was close friends to, who are now enemies. People I don’t even know, too. I’ve deserved pretty much everything that has came to me so far, the burnbooks, the simsecrets, the bigger simblrs hating me, as well as the little ones, anonymous hate mail. Even when I didn’t deserve it, I never responded correctly, I never responded like someone who cared about anyone except my self. I’m sorry for literally everything, to anyone I’ve offended or hurt. I wish I could apologize to everyone individually, but I don’t want to trigger anyone because I know some people will be willing to turn a new leaf with me, and others will completely reject the notion. Either or, you have that right to feel that way, and I take full responsibility for any animosity you have towards me. If there is something I can do for you, if I’ve hurt you, or even if i haven’t, please let me know. And I will do my damn best to do it. You can take my word for it, or not but I am so healthy right now, and from here on out, I’m only going to do good for everyone around me. I want to bring you decent custom content, help you out with stuff (personal or creation) and be there for everyone the way everyone has been there for me. I don’t want to let my friends down, I don’t want to let me down, and I don’t want to let simblr down, not ever again. 


i-am-forever--bored  asked:

Tbh I have no idea who Bellamy is besides what you've wrote of him so could you please explain?

*cracks knuckles*

Okay. So. Bellamy was a practicing lawyer (and he later enlisted in the army in 1776) that Burr started corresponding with around 1775. I believe they knew each other because Burr knew Bellamy’s father, who mentored Burr in theological training. Bellamy’s parents were Rev Dr. Joseph Bellamy and Frances Sherman. I believe he also had three (?) siblings.

There really isn’t much out there about Bellamy except what we know of him from the letters him and Burr sent to each other, and from letters his father wrote as well.

Here are two letters that Bellamy wrote to Burr, taken from Memoirs of Aaron Burr by Matthew Livingston Davis;

“My dearest Soldier, I was infinitely surprised to hear from you in the army. I can hardly tell you what sensations I did not feel at the time. Shall not attempt to describe them, though they deprived me of a night’s sleep. But that was not spent altogether unhappily. My busybody, /Fancy/, led me a most romantic chase; in which, you may be sure, I visited your tent; beheld you (unnoticed) musing on your present circumstances, apparently agitated by every emotion which would naturally fill the heart of one who has come to the resolution to risk his life for his country’s freedom. You will excuse my mentioning, that from a deep, absent meditation, partly expressed by half-pronounced soliloquies, I beheld you start up, clap your hand upon your sword, and look so fiercely, that it almost frightened me. The scene, on your discovering me, immediately changed to something more tender; but I won’t waste paper. […] It rains, my boy, excessively. Does it not drop through your tent? Write often to [me].” Jonathan Bellamy to Aaron Burr, August 17th, 1775.

“My very dear friend, be you yet alive? I have been infinitely distressed for you; but I hope it is now safe with you as glorious. Doctor Jim Cogswell has left the army. A few days ago I received a letter from him. ‘I doubt not,’ he says, ‘you have most sensible pleasure in the applauses bestowed on our friend Burr; when I hear of his gallant behaviour, I feel exquisite delight.’Curse on this vile distance between us. I am restless to tell you everything, but uncertainty, whether you would ever hear it, bids me be silent, till in some future happy meeting I may hold you to my bosom, and impart every emotion of my heart.” - Jonathan Bellamy to Aaron Burr. Norwich, March 3rd, 1776.

These are the only mentions of Bellamy by Aaron in the book;

“He is one of the cleverest fellows I have to deal with. Sensible, a person of real humor, and is an excellent judge of mankind, though he has not had the opportunity of seeing much of the world.” - Burr to Matthias Ogden.

“My faithful Correspondent, my best, my, (almost), only Friend, is, alas, no more — J. Bellamy’s Death gave me Feelings, which few Deaths can ever renew.” - Burr to his sister Sally, 1777.

Unfortunately, Bellamy died of smallpox on January 4th, 1777 around the age of 24/25 before he was able to reunited with friends and family. He is buried in Litchfield County, Connecticut. 

In the book, The Works of Joseph Bellamy by Tyron Edwards, it is stated that Jonathan was “the favorite child of Dr. Bellamy” and the book shows the letter Bellamy’s father wrote to the woman who housed Bellamy when he got sick before passing away of smallpox:

“Mrs. Swesse: At your house, our deceased son, Jonathan Bellamy, was sick and died; and we have been informed of the great tenderness and abundant kindness, with which, stranger as he was, was treated by your good mother, by you, by Dr. C, and by all the family […] And God Almighty bless the humane, the kind Dr. C, and may the last words of my dying son to him be fulfilled: “I hope to meet you in heaven.” Perhaps never was a son dearer to his parents and friends.” - Joseph Bellamy, February 4th, 1777.

That’s pretty much all that is known about Jonathan Bellamy (or at least all I can find).