Tyrod Taylor on Bills Mafia, Ray Lewis Pump-Up Speeches, and Winning a Super Bowl #UrbNews

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Football 2 Futbol: Super Bowl 50 Preview Part 1, Calvin Johnson to Retire, & More

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Bills QB Tyrod Taylor, C Eric Wood heading to Pro Bowl

Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor and center Eric Wood will be heading to Hawaii this week to play in this year’s NFL Pro Bowl.

Taylor and Wood were named as replacements late Sunday evening for a pair of Carolina Panthers Pro Bowl players in quarterback Cam Newton and center Ryan Kalil. Both are going to be busy as they’ve advanced to Super Bowl 50 after Carolina’s win over Arizona in the…

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Let’s talk about the 2011 NFL Draft real quick, because it might be one of the greatest classes ever. 

Photo: @SportsCenter 

A.J. Green. Patrick Peterson. Julio Jones. J.J. Watt. Mark Ingram. 

Andy Dalton. Colin Kaepernick. Shane Vereen. Torrey Smith. Randall Cobb. 

DeMarco Murray. 

Richard Sherman. 

Tyrod Taylor. 

Malcolm Smith. 

Undrafted picks Dan Bailey and Doug Baldwin. 

But above them all were #1 Cam Newton and #2 Von Miller. 

And tonight, #2 beat #1. 

Offline the cpu DE always plays the handoff on a read option or triple option. Any way to fix this?

When I play online I use a lot of read option, triple option plays out of the pistol. I get a good mix of DE’s playing the QB causing me to hand it off, and DE’s playing the HB causing me to keep it with the QB.I started an offline franchise for fun with a custom QB who’s running abilities I basically maxed out. I noticed right away the cpu DE’s played the handoff 100% of the time causing me to always keep it every time.So then I created another custom QB with the exact same stats as Tyrod Taylor, and still the cpu DE crash the HB every single time.If I use an existing mobile QB like Tyrod, Newton the DE’s are unpredictable, switching between the HB and QB on option plays. But if I use any custom QB with at least 87 speed (I haven’t tried it with slower custom qb) the DE takes the HB 100% of the time.Is there anyway to fix this? I’m playing on all-pro.

I hope you’re getting paid for playing this because these characters are getting PAID! Put the controller down!

2016 Pro Bowl final score: Team Irvin 49, Team Rice 27
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Tyrod Taylor threw for 120 yards and a touchdown (and three interceptions) in his Pro Bowl debut as the Bills’ starting quarterback.

In last night’s 2016 Pro Bowl, Team Rice - which featured three Buffalo Bills players in quarterback Tyrod Taylor, guard Richie Incognito, and center Eric Wood - was blown out by Team Irvin, falling by a final score of 49-27.

The three quarterbacks on Team Rice combined to throw six interceptions in the defeat; Taylor’s three interceptions (half of his total in 14 games as the Bills’ starter in 2015) led the pack, with Derek Carr contributing two and Eli Manning throwing one, as well.

It wasn’t all bad for Taylor, though; he completed 8-of-14 passes for 120 yards, carried twice for 15 yards, and threw this pretty 31-yard touchdown pass to Jarvis Landry of the Miami Dolphins for the final score of the game.

Taylor was the first Bills quarterback to compete in a Pro Bowl since Drew Bledsoe did it in 2002. Bledsoe didn’t fare much better in his appearance as a Bill, completing 9-of-18 passes for 122 yards and an interception.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was named the 2016 Pro Bowl MVP; he threw for 164 yards and three touchdowns on just 12 pass attempts to help Team Irvin build their insurmountable lead.

2016 Pro Bowl final score: Team Irvin 49, Team Rice 27 - Buffalo Rumblings - All Posts
The Underlying Discomfort With Cam Newton's Blackness

The Underlying Discomfort With Cam Newton’s Blackness

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I’ve been intrigued by black quarterbacks for as long as I’ve been a fan of football. For me, the golden age was when I first picked up the sport in the early 2000s and Donovan McNabb and Daunte Culpepper were two of the best players in the game. Today, that space is filled by a handful of other players that you’re sure to see on my fantasy football team every year, such as Russell Wilson, Tyrod…

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2015 Fantasy Football: Week 6 QB Rankings, Starts & Sleepers

2015 Fantasy Football: Week 6 QB Rankings, Starts & Sleepers

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Note: Tyrod Taylor expected to miss Week 6 with a sprained MCL. EJ Manual ranked 25 in QB Ranks.

Full Week 6 QB Rankings: http://rotoexperts.com/99228/2015-fantasy-football-week-6-qb-rankings-starts-sleepers-sit-waiver-wire/

Pat Mayo reveals his Week 6 QB Rankings, telling you which Quarterbacks you need to get into your lineup.


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Tyrod Taylor becomes Bills first Pro Bowl quarterback since 2002

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Bills send Tyrod Taylor to the Pro Bowl

The Buffalo Bills have only had 5 Pro Bowl quarterbacks in their entire existence. Tyrod Taylor was name a Pro Bowler today, making him the 6th player to ever be named to the Pro Bowl as a quarterback of the Bills.  The last person to do it was Drew Bledsoe in 2002, followed by Doug Flutie in 1998.  Jack Kemp was a 6 time Pro Bowler and Jim Kelly was a 5 time Pro Bowler, leaving Daryl Lamonica as the only Pro Bowl quarterback not mentioned. 

Taylor in his first season as an NFL starter went 8-6 when he was in the lineup and his six interceptions were a league low among quarterbacks with 10 or more starts this season. Taylor’s 3.33:1 touchdown to interception ratio was seventh-best in the NFL.

He also ranked seventh in the league in passer rating (99.4) and set a franchise record for single-season rushing yards by a quarterback with 568 with four rushing touchdowns.

Eric Wood also made the Pro Bowl as a replacement player. 

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2016 NFL Draft order: Buffalo Bills picks, Rounds 1-3
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With the 2015 NFL season in the books and the initial 2016 NFL Draft order finalized, here’s a look at which picks Buffalo will be working with in the first three rounds.

The 2015 NFL season is complete, following the Denver Broncos’ 24-10 victory over the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. With that result, the 2016 NFL Draft order has been finalized, allowing us to track which picks are going to be headed to the Buffalo Bills.

The exact number of picks hasn’t yet been finalized, because the NFL still has to assign compensatory picks. The Bills should be in line to receive one of those picks this year, as their free agent signings (Charles Clay, Jerome Felton, and Tyrod Taylor) were outweighed by their losses (Da'Norris Searcy, C.J. Spiller, Erik Pears, Lee Smith). The Richie Incognito and Percy Harvin signings don’t apply to the compensatory formula, because both players had been cut by their former teams.

Because the Bills finished with the same 8-8 record as the Atlanta Falcons and the Indianapolis Colts, they will rotate in the draft order through each round. The Bills, having the highest strength of schedule (and therefore, the “most impressive” 8-8 finish), pick after the other two in round one, move up one spot in round two, move up again in round three, then drop back down to their original order position in round four as the rotation starts over again.

The other noteworthy information is that Buffalo will be without their seventh round pick due to last season’s Matt Cassel trade. That trade had Cassel and a 2015 sixth-round pick head to Buffalo in exchange for their 2015 fifth round pick and this year’s seventh. The trade which sent Cassel to the Dallas Cowboys, on the other hand, only involves 2017 picks: Buffalo will be receiving a fifth-rounder, and Dallas receives Buffalo’s seventh rounder.

Again, the pick numbers for the first three rounds below are set in stone (barring any trades, of course), while the overall pick numbers thereafter will slide down as compensatory picks are handed out.

2016 NFL Draft order: Buffalo Bills picks, Rounds 1-3 - Buffalo Rumblings - All Posts

“In Tyrod We Trust” ✔️
@TyTaylor attends the #ESPNtheParty event at #SB50
Jacket @godspeed.ny | Shirt @lostandfoundriadunn | @Denim @saintlaurentparis_official | Sneakers @saintlaurentparis_official (at Fort Mason Center)

Saturday one-liners
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AP Patriots CB Malcom Butler said Friday that he missed the Pro Bowl due to a sprained knee. Dolphins offensive coordinator Clyde Christenson, who worked with Peyton Manning in Indianapolis, isn’t buying the idea that Sunday will be the Sheriff’s last rodeo. Bills coach Rex Ryan said he’s open to drafting a quarterback, but that he’s not “done with” EJ Manuel, the backup to Tyrod Taylor.…

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