tyrion purple


Oberyn Martell: I’m sorry about your grandson.

Tywin Lannister: Are you?

Oberyn Martell: I don’t believe that a child is responsible for the sins of his father, or his grandfather. An awful way to die…

Tywin Lannister: Which way is that?

Oberyn Martell: Are you interrogating me, Lord Tywin?

Tywin Lannister: Some believe the king choked.

Oberyn Martell: Some believe the sky is blue because we live inside the eye of a blue-eyed giant. The king was poisoned.

Tywin Lannister: I hear you studied poisons at the Citadel.

Oberyn Martell: I did. This is why I know.

Tywin Lannister: Your hatred for my family is…rather well known. You arrive in the capital, an expert in poisoning; some days later, my grandson dies of poisoning.

Oberyn Martell: Rather suspicious. Why haven’t you thrown me in a dungeon?

Tywin Lannister: You spoke with Tyrion in this very brothel on the day you arrived. What did you discuss?

Oberyn Martell:You think we conspired together?

Tywin Lannister: What did you discuss?

Oberyn Martell: The death of my sister. 

Tywin Lannister: For which you blame me.

Oberyn Martell: She was raped and murdered by the Mountain. The Mountain follows your orders. Of course I blame you.

Tywin Lannister: I stand before you unarmed, unguarded. Should I be worried?

Oberyn Martell: You are unarmed and unguarded because you know me better than that. I’m a man of reason. If I slit your throat today, I will be drawn and quartered tomorrow.

Tywin Lannister: Men at war commit all kinds of crimes, without their superiors’ knowledge.

Oberyn Martell: So you’re denying involvement in Elia’s murder?

Tywin Lannister: Categorically.

-”Game of Thrones”