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The Wolf Maid and the Dwarf

All of Sansa’s dreams shattered when they brought her to the Sept to be married: To Tyrion Lannister.

The Imp was so ugly, she thought, little and more ugly since he got his scar. But wasn’t he also kind?

But what could she do? She was the King’s hostage and he commanded her to be wed to his dwarf uncle. Her world broke apart but she had to obey.

They said their vows in front of the seven gods and she felt Tyrion was uncomfortable, too. She had to kneel down, so the dwarf could cloak her. The whole court laughed.

She did not want to celebrate their wedding. 

Some Tyrells danced happily. 

But she sat silent next to her husband who was drinking one cup of wine after another

“He’s a bigger man than he seems”, Garlan Tyrell tried to console her.

Tyrion’s father Tywin rebuked her new husband: “Stop drinking. You have a duty to fulfil. Get her with child” 

They quarrelled and Sansa left.

Only to walk into King Joffrey

“Do you like my little uncle? You’ll have a Lannister baby. What does it matter from which Lannister. Would you like me to pay you a visit after my uncle is done? It does not matter. Ser Meryn and Ser Boros will hold you down.”

She ran away. Tyrion saw her, he wanted to leave.

“Let’s bed her” The king screamed from the gallery. It was tradition for newlyweds to be carried to their chamber where the guests undress them to testify their union.

“No one will bed tonight!” Tyrion said, saving her from another one of Joffrey’s humiliations. “Not until you want to fuck your own wife with a wooden cock.”

The king was furious but Lord Tywin interfered.

Now they were alone Sansa knew what was expected of her. She held her tears back as she began to undress while Tyrion watched:

“I am malformed and small, but when the candles are blown out, I am made no worse than other men. I am generous. Loyal to those who are loyal to me. And I am cleverer than most, surely wits count for something. I can even be kind. Kindness is not a habit with us Lannisters, I fear, but I know I have some somewhere. I could be… I could be good to you.”

She did not say anything.

“Stop”, Tyrion said. “I cannot do this. My father shall be damned! You’re a child. I will not touch you until you want it.”

“And if I never want?”

“Then it might be so.”


My favorite characters. [ season 5 ]

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