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I didn't know you liked game of thrones!! yay!! can I request platonic tyrion and Jaime, 3. "Are you drunk?" If you cant get inspired or if you have a lot going on you dont have to write this. Thank you, you're one of my favorite fic writers!! (・∀・)

Game of Thrones (Tyrion/Jaime) - 3: “Are you drunk?” - woah thanks for the original request, anon! Also for your sweet words, I must say it isn’t an easy one but I just couldn’t ignore this! It’s a bit short, but I hope you like it!<3 Let’s just say this finds place before… shit goes down xD

Bathroom, bathroom… Jaime yawned and rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he made his way out of his bedroom into the cold corridor. He hated having to take a piss at night. It was one of the bad sides of living in such a damn huge place.

He lazily scratched his head and slowly took quiet steps in direction of the bathroom. Just as he walked around the corner, he felt two arms wrap around his middle from behind, and he was just in time to slap his hand over his mouth to muffle the horrifying shriek that threatened to wake up everyone.

“What the-!” Puffing out air and grabbing at the hands, Jaime twirled around and already suspected what was going on when he felt a tiny figure clamping onto him.

“Tyrion?!” he hissed, trying to pry his brother off him, but the arms kept their grip on him and even tightened.

“Hmmph me too. Piss.” It came out as a low mumble, and Jaime sniffed when the smell of alcohol reached his nose.

“Are you drunk?” Sure Tyrion was the drinker out of all of them. But still, it was the middle of the night. This guy was really…

“Get o-hahaha hey!” Jaime gasped when Tyrion grasped his sides and pulled his tiny body up, climbing onto him like a monkey.

“Take me to the bathroom,” Tyrion whined, digging his fingers into Jaime’s sides and either intentionally or unintentionally tickling him, but either way, it caused Jaime to let out the most embarrassing giggles and he tried to buck him off.

“HAha w-walk yoursehelf!” Afraid the noises would be overheard, he covered his mouth with one arm while he used his free arm to try and pry his brother off him. This only caused Tyrion to seriously tickle him, and Jaime staggered and laughed softly.

“…Still ticklish?” Damn that evil imp of a brother! Jaime giggled uncontrollably and flailed his arm violently, but Tyrion squeezed his sides before grabbing him under his arms, raising himself so he could balance himself by clinging his legs around Jaime’s waist.

“HHEhe-shut up! S-stop that!” Remembering Tyrion’s request - er, order - Jaime saw no other option but to take him to the bathroom with him. Tyrion’s fingers were wiggling in his armpits, and Jaime had never performed such an idiotic walk before.

He staggered towards the bathroom, squirming, bucking and giggling while he clamped his hands over his mouth before he would create some seriously damaging noise that might pull certain people out of their sleep.

“Stahahap it y-you little brat!” he cried out when he nearly lost his balance after a few unexpected squeezes on his ribs, and he was really glad when he finally reached the bathroom.

Tyrion’s tickling had surely increased his need to take a piss, but the drunk little idiot actually jumped off him, and after squeezing both his hips playfully he dashed past him into the bathroom and he closed the door.

“Tyrion! You bastard!” Jaime pounded the door, huffing and blushing from the tickling he had to endure on his way, and he sank on his knees.

“Dignity. What’s left of it?” he wondered aloud in a dramatic way, and he yelped when the door was thrown back open, right into his face and knocking him down onto the floor. Nothing was left of it.

This was done for a contest at the Crimson Daggers forum. The task was to put a Game of Thrones character into a new era, genre and/or setting. After pondering over a few ideas, I decided to go wacky and sort of put GoT into an 80s Battle of the Bands metal hair band setting. Tyrion as the personified Rock&Roll of Westeros was the best character choice and the Bandname “Casterly Rock” was a no-brainer (although the alternative “The Lanni-Stars” briefly crossed my mind :)  )