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Name: Drake Olin Marsh
Theocracy project manuscript writer/editor.
West coast, USA
Dimitrius, the headstrong leader.
My name is Drake. I’m a young romantic who fancies himself quite literate. With an extensive knowledge of the English language, I’ve attempted many times to write stories but they’ve all ended in failure. (And after all that gloating about never getting anything but a perfect score on writing tests!) Now that I have a team, I feel we can actually make something of this blank canvas. I currently have no occupation, but am starting college soon to become a Certified Public Accountant. Dramatic would be an understatement for the eccentric person I am, despite my mundane aspirations.

Personal blog: X

Name: Amy!
Age: 19
Country: I am from good old england, brighton!
Role: I am the comic and official art line-artist.
Character: Evie, your local ready to go cyber mechanic!
About: Hey there everyone, as you can see I am the comic artist for Theocracy project. I once aspired to do art for a living, but I still have much to learn and in this process I hope to improve to give everyone a quality webcomic they deserve. We are all working very hard to get pages out on a regular basis but of course, I am also still in education, still studying and hope to continue in higher education for nursing in the next 3 years. We hope everyone enjoys what we have to give!
Personal Blog: X

NAME: Tamsin
AGE: 19.
COUNTRY: England. Studying in Nottingham. 
ROLE: Colouring artist and editor.
CHARACTER: Gage, the smoky-lunged farrier. 
ABOUT: I’m Tamsin, and for me, art has always been and always will be a hobby. I’m currently studying Veterinary Medicine and Surgery at University, hoping to one day be qualified to treat animals! I’m a huge fan of spiders, particularly tarantulas, and most reptiles. I’m also very into tattoos. 

NAME: Nick Beecher
AGE: 23
ROLE: Artist/Designer and overall editor
CHARACTER: Percival, the charmingly weird cyborg.
ABOUT: You can call me Perci or Nick, Either way I’m sure we’ll get along swimmingly. Art is, has, and always will be my biggest passion and ambition. For years I’ve tried to go above and beyond my own financial limits to reach my dream of being an illustrator/comic book artist. I’ve always wanted to make a story with characters that people will love and remember. Characters that people will one day want to cosplay as!! I want to write a story to inspire people just like all the cartoons/games/anime I’ve loved have for me! I am currently working as a freelance artist, an intern at a Graphic Design studio, and a Barista at Starbucks. I am a hopeless romantic who can’t seem to shut up about his lovely girlfriend. My God, my friends, my family, and the love of my life are all the most important things in my life and I continue to cherish them every day as I forward myself towards my dreams!!

NAME: Ari/Rin
AGE: 17
COUNTRY: United Kingdom -_______-
ROLE: Story/Character Developer 
CHARACTER: Von the baddie 
ABOUT: Currently unoccupied! Baffled by the idea of having a future, my life is currently at a stand still. I’m interested in anime, manga and cosplaying! Cosplay is very important to me, along with all the friends I made along with it (AKA our very own Evie~)
I love all things dark, which is probably reflected upon Von’s character (lol), I love music - especially J Rock! Dir en Grey, Moi Dix Mois, 9GOATS BLACK OUT, Kagrra, Plastic Tree.. that sort of stuff…
I have no dreams or goals, the future is forever a mystery which must be unraveled by itself and I will go down whatever path it takes me.


Hey traders!

Are you interested in being a moderator at ACNL Trades? Well, you’re in luck! We are currently looking for at least 3 honest, available, trustworthy people from all time zones, over the age of 18 (no exceptions). We are looking for people to help post/edit submissions in a timely manner, help us handle blacklists, and work to make the blog better! Must have access to Skype CHAT(no worries, we never ever video chat at all), that’s where we do all our communicating i.e. relay ideas and issues, and just talk to each other in general.

Please fill out the following honestly and to the best of your ability and submit it to Mod Frances(@francesboobie) OR Mod Jean (@redbeanjean) via submission or IM. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us as well!
(Everything except the last question MUST be filled out, applications with missing information will NOT be considered.)

If you have filled out a response on the previously reblogged google form, please resubmit it as responses aren’t really working!

1. Preferred Name?
2. Tumblr URL?
3. Time zone?
4. Country? (If in USA say your state)
5. Friend Code?
6. Your times of availability?
7. Age?

Getting to know you!
1. Why do you want to work for ACNL Trades?
2. How often do you play Animal Crossing?
3. What is your favorite part about the series?
4. What other video games do you play?
5. Tell us a little about yourself in at least 4 sentences!
6. Anything else you want to say?

FY-SHINee World is now looking for people that can help us with all the updates we have to do everyday. We are looking for responsible Shawols and stans that can be part of our team.

So please help us to make this blog awesome: 

1. First you need to follow FY-SHINee World (we are going to check every single person, so this is very important)

2. Reblog this post (we also are going to check this , we are not going to consider any request if you havent followed this two steps)

3. Apply here 

If you have any question please send us an ask

FY-SHINee World Team - We love SHINee and we love you.

Meet the Mods!

Since two people are now officially running this blog, I decided to draw a little something to introduce them! Original blog runner, @zeitara​ (me) will be Mod Mob. New blog runner @fancyfennekin​ will be Mod Ritsu! Together we’ll help players with questions about Psychic Puzzle and other translations!! (These will just be codenames when answering questions from now on; completely just for fun too~).

[Mod Ritsu has already done an amazing job creating the FAQ!! Go check it out!]

Congratulations and thanks to Gaia, JC, Osiem, Carnivale, and SuburbanSamurai. We’re pleased to have everyone on-board!

PSA: I wanted to clarify on how we hire, because the timing on this was unfortunate and coincided with some behavior that we do not tolerate.

The way we hire artists is by having us approach them or them approach us (via the contact form.)

Please do not make suggestions threads in our forums suggesting positions for other players. It puts a lot of pressure and attention on someone else. If you make a thread like this your thread will be locked and you will be warned - do not do!

We had contacted Osiem before certain posts were made. There was a thread that went up it had us facepalming into forever because it specifically called out an artist; We do not hire based on drama or third parties putting forth someone without their permission; PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS. It is disrespectful to the artist or person you admire. Please be courteous to one another.

/end PSA

What is this blog?

anonymous asked:

It's hard for the regular members to see that the mods are there and actually HAVE a presence, especially if the records we don't see show evidence to the contrary. Is there a way you guys can show us you're still here and not gallivanting somewhere else?

We understand that some aspects of staff duties are difficult to see, and we have made an effort at transparency through things like the Staff Bulletins and minor Twitter announcements. 

However, it isn’t that hard to see evidence of activity if you really look. For example, maintenance requests do not tend to sit long, auxiliary requests are dealt with in a relatively timely manner, the Wiki logs all recent changes and a majority of them are made by staff, and the recent update of the RP Guide has brought forth many contributions from staff with many more in progress.

We have some damned fine moderators at CG

We have  a good core of 8 or 9 moderators on CoffeeGeek’s forums. Some more active than others, but all doing a really good job. One of them in particular (I won’t say who, for reasons listed next) is an absolute master of prose and calm mellow when dealing with cranky site visitors. And we do have some cranky visitors.

He got this email today with regards to an ongoing thread about a vendor (all names removed from the emails posted below) where the original poster (OP) harshed on the vendor, and the vendor responded. More responses, and we locked the thread before the vendor could post one more reply. Because the vendor had fresh accusations against them, our moderators decided to temporarily open the thread once more to let the vendor respond a last time.

Here’s the site visitor’s comments sent into our moderator. Normally I never reprint emails without permission, but I am doing so here. Because of that, I’m removing all identifying comments or names.

“By decision of the moderators, COMPANY was allowed to post one final response before the thread is locked for good.”;

I have never seen such unprofessional behaviour before, by COMPANY in actually coming onto the forum to answer the comments & help. I think it’s better the suppliers stay off the forums, otherwise “ordinary people”; either become reluctant to post or sceptical about the impartiality of the forum. That coupled with the decision to unlock the thread to allow COMPANY one more/final comment is an equally poor decision. Looks like the suppliers have a firm hold of the reins on CoffeeGeek. MODERATOR, your move to lock the thread the first time was a good one, it went downhill after that.

Bad bad decision….and will leave people less likely to want to comment. In the UK people are afraid to say anything on forums and as such, bad suppliers, poor products etc.. just keep on coming. You can’t stop this sort of comment without “throwing the baby out with the bathwater”; then genuinely poor service or products just don’t get mentioned and sterility reigns.

P.S. Just so you know, I don’t think this really did COMPANY any good, if I saw posts like this and I was in the US, COMPANY would be the last company I would buy from. Perhaps my attitude is different because I’m “old school” ;…..far better if COMPANY had stayed “professionally”; silent

Now, if I had gotten this email, I’d probably just bin it. But our moderators aren’t like that. Here’s the response the moderator wrote back to the offended CG member:


Thanks for your email. I agree with you on a couple points. First, I agree the final post didn’t really help much, and in my correspondence with COMPANY, I suggested it wouldn’t accomplish much. Second, I agree the decision to lock was good, but I waited too long. By waiting until the OP had made a second ranting post after COMPANY’s response, it set up the situation that the OP had 2 postings vs. the vendor’s one; that created an imbalance and unfairness. We decided to correct that imbalance through the final post.

I disagree with you on the basic premise that vendors should stay out. There is a place for them, and when they contribute constructively and deal well with public customer complaints, they create a good community and generate business for themselves. Here are a few examples of vendors who have helped, and created good relations with, customers through the forums:

1. Stefano’s EspressoCare: http://coffeegeek.com/members/stefano65
2. Kyle Anderson at Baratza: http://coffeegeek.com/members/KyleAnderson
3. Joe Behm at Behmor: http://coffeegeek.com/members/tahoejoe

There are also examples of vendors who for a variety of reasons (much having to do with personality and defensiveness) have not helped much, and may have created a contentious environment. Some of these have actually been banned from the forums. But I wouldn’t throw the baby out with the bath water as the metaphor goes.

I also disagree that this will make people less likely to complain. We do not censor posts, and intervene only when the community is getting upset with a posting or series of postings. If the OP had broken the rules, we would have deleted it, but barring rules violations, we let things ride, until it becomes clear that it’s creating discord and unproductive argument that is disturbing to other members.

Last, the vendors do not, and never have, had a grip on CoffeeGeek - not that they have not tried to pressure and bully Mark Prince and the moderators, as well as abused the forums (see the above-mentioned banned vendors). Mark is very adamant that we be impartial to all vendors wether they advertise on CoffeeGeek or not. If, for example, the original post was a rant by a vendor about a bad customer, and we had locked it after the vendor had posted twice, but the customer only once, and the customer wanted to have a last post in the interest of fairness, I imagine we might have allowed it also.

Thanks again for emailing your very thoughtful comments, and I will pass your comments (and my response) on to the other moderators, because we are always evaluating how we moderate the forums.

We have some damned fine moderators on CG’s forums :)

Seeking new mod - Deadline January 2, 2015

I do not have time to boost, recruit, and scour the Internet. Therefore I am seeking a mod to help assist with this.

Mods are not required to be activists, per se.

The new mod will

  • Write out promotional posts and request submissions.
  • Search the “autistic poetry” tag on Tumblr and request permission to reblog from the artist after confirming the artist is Autistic.
  • Seek to boost voices of multiply-marginalized Autistics, including but not limited to
  • —-PoC Autistics
  • —-Multiply-disabled Autistics
  • —-LGBTQIA+ Autistics
  • —-Nonbinary Autistics
  • —-Transgender Autistics
  • —-Autistics who are part of a religious minority
  • —-Autistics with mental illness(es) - especially mental illnesses that are not discussed as much (mental illnesses with psychosis, types of schizophrenia, disassociative identity disorder, borderline personality disorder, etc)
  • —-Intersex Autistics
  • —-Autistics with chronic illnesses
  • —-Autistic women


  • Appropriately tag submissions with trigger warnings as needed.

The new mod must be

  • Inclusive of all aforementioned identities
  • Autistic
  • Preferably having at least one of the intersectional identities mentioned above

If you apply, I will be background checking your blog.


Kit (k-pagination)

Looking for Mods!

Hello! This is Cierra from MBTI secrets, or Mod A. Managing this blog alone is becoming a bit difficult, so I am looking for mods!

Tasks as a mod:

  • Make new posts
  • Answer asks
  • Accept submissions
  • Interact with the community!

To apply, you must reblog this post (to get the word out), and then submit your profile to me including the following information:

  • Name (or nickname)
  • Tumblr URL
  • MBTI type
  • Why you want to join this blog
  • An example post

I will be choosing around 2 mods. You must submit by Saturday, June 20 12:00 am PST. The mods will be announced on Monday, June 22, at any given time. Please have your ask box open! Thanks!

We are AgenderSupport

But what we need now is mods! If you would like to apply to be a mod for this blog fill out this application and I’ll choose four other mods aside from myself!

Also, please reblog this post to spread the word!

I’ll be choosing the mods on the 15th of November so stay tuned!