I don’t know if anyone posted this yet, but the pirate outfit you can purchase from the gem store gives you an entirely new set of skills if you equip the “toy sword” it comes with.

My personal favorite involves summoning a tropical bird and “walking the plank”, which involves falling over like an ignoramus and water splashing everywhere from an anonymous magical source.

I really like how the Seraph armor looks. I’ll admit, that Logan Thackeray looks spiffy in that armor. I remember one of the NPCs in the center of Divinity Reach was selling the Seraph set.

I’ll make note to screenshot it next BWE. Anyways, this set (armor and weapons) are bought through Karma. And I believe they were like 35k Karma for each piece! Maybe 3.5k, and my memory added another 0. But still, I remember telling myself it was really expensive.