tyrian pink


Each are $10 USD, and first come first serve. 

Below are the ideas for each of them. OFC you don’t have to stick with these, All I ask is that you don’t change the design too much and don’t change the blood colour. Genders are up to you, below are just my ideas and how I drew them. 

1. Brown Raccoon Girl 
2. Yellow Slime Boy 
3. Lime Vampire Guy
4. Olive Skull Guy
5. Jade Bun Girl
6. Teal Twoface Girl 
7. Cerulean Goddess Guy 
8. Blue Lich/Undead Queen (reserved)
9. Indigo Pumpkin Orc Lady
10. Purple Zombie Guy 
11. Tyrian/Pink Sea Queen (unsure if selling her, though feel free to ask) 

When bought, I’ll post the standalone walksprite and tag you! 


The figure of a Koi fish appeared, no note came with this one though many had been written or attempted to be written and all scrapped.
It was tyrian in colour, but there might have been a few spots on the scales that seemed a paler pink than tyrian should have been and they sat on scales a different shape. Instead of being the semi-circle like scales were normally depicted as, they were a bit more angular. Almost as if they were half of a diamond.