tyrian equius

anonymous asked:

Hey, um, Equius? Sorry to bother you, highblood... I've more or less come to the conclusion that it's not worth living anymore. All my thoughts about this are rational, though. Currently taking 10 pills a day (which in itself damages my psyche..) to keep me from feeling sad, I don't have room for it though. Not to mention I'm just kinda.. not worth anything. I guess what I'm asking is some golden advice from a highblood. How to die or get better. I shouldn't even be asking a highblood for this..

EQUIUS: D —> I must admit that I am flattered by your praise 

EQUIUS: D —> However, I am also frankly displeased by the 100dicrous suggestion that you are not worth anything 

EQUIUS: D —> As irritable and irritating as the Vantas family is, they have some interesting theories about class stru%ure, one of which is that the highb100ds and lowb100ds are traditionally e%pected to care for each other

EQUIUS: D —> As such it is entirely justified for anyone to assume a position of command over anyone else depending on the situation because we each have unique combinations of talents and perspective which no one else can bring, be we tyrians or rustb100ds 

EQUIUS: D —> There is likely someone better than you at each thing you do, but there is no one better than you at every thing you do 

EQUIUS: D —> Therein lies your STRONGNESS 

EQUIUS: D —> You are an asset to the universe. If you are feeling suicidal despite your medication, that is a STRONG sign that you should talk to your meditroll because the medicine might not be working

EQUIUS: D —> They will be able to alter dosages or prescriptions in an attempt to STRENGTHEN the effects of the medication, which in turn should STRENGTHEN your resolve and ability to find meaning in what you do

EQUIUS: D —> These thoughts are dangerous whether they are emotional or rational, and in the meantime before you e%plain this to your meditroll you should make the conscious decision to stay alive, and make your environment as safe as that decision entails