getting glenn killed
ruining the iconic “we are the walking dead” line 
getting denise killed
recklessly going after dwight and leading to his, michonne, glenn, and rosita’s capture
punching negan when he had been told carl would lose his other eye
being gross af to beth
stealing carl’s comic dynamic with negan
stealing tyresse’s comic dynamic with rick
stealing glenn’s comic dynamic with rick
stealing abraham’s comic dynamic with rick
stealing jesus’s comic dynamic with rick
stealing a potential arc from dwight

look out for vol two coming soon

Let me tell you something.

All of you.. Beth fans who believe Beth is gonna come back ( I don’t know why, I really don’t get it). You should be grateful that she didn’t suffer an horrible death like Glenn. Beth died with a shot in her head. Fast. Not painful. 

She died fast, painless. Maggie didn’t have to see her die although she saw her dead body. She died and she didn’t fucking suffer. She died.

You should be grateful, because we had to suffer so much with Glenn’s death. Glenn’s death was painful and Maggie had to see it. It was so painful and sad I still cry over Glenn. I always will. But you beth fans, should stop and be grateful. And she died. She is dead and she is probably happy with Noah, Hershel, Tyresse, Glenn etc in Heaven. 

And, well, let me tell you something.

There won’t be Beth in episode 10. Only caryl.  And you must accept that Beth was just a sister to them, both Daryl and Carol. A little sister. Another Sophia. Even Kirkman said it.

And fuck stop, let us grieve Glenn and Abraham in peace. 

AND, Carol and Daryl are gonna reunite and they are in love, they have been in love for a while ( since they met for the first time). So, stop messaging me and insulting me because you don’t want caryl. Stop insulting us because Beth is dead. Stop insulting us because episode 10 will be a beautiful caryl episode. And it will be!

Just stop.

And Caryl on.

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can we just agree that the walking dead has the best cast members ever? 

Slightly pissed off at TWD fans today, cause as if being a fan of Beth isn’t hard enough we have to deal with assholes who think somehow everything means she wasn’t important.

People who enjoy the fact that there were c@ryl scenes in the trailer, great I’m glad you enjoyed them, I have no problem with the ship itself, but to say because there weren’t any bethyl scenes means Beth isn’t important is just foolish. 

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Me when I meet Scott Gimple
  • Me: Was it hard giving Tyresse a funeral?
  • Scott: well it-What?
  • Me: what about Dale?
  • What about Carol's fake one?
  • Scott: well...
  • Me: hell, even the termites got one.
  • Scott: um...
  • Me: you've always closed a characters story in a realistic way, what about Beth? She was shot in the head with a magical gun that changes bullet trajectory. I'm just saying it wouldn't be hard to give her a funeral, unless, you know, she's not dead.
  • *walks away backwards slowly*