Erwin Hauer II Printed Model
Second generation Hauer panel, in this one i introduced the fluid curves. Was a little tricky getting the vectors on neighbouring cells to meet, learnt a few interesting bits about grasshopper tree structures. I started cutting out the Makerbot scaffold material, but liked the effect of leaving the edges, enhances the flowing form. I have now cut out the rest, but haven’t taken a photo yet.

The Leeds School of Architecture, Landscape and Design Prospectus

Two different projects featured in the university prospectus. Poor choice of images though.

Pretty happy that two of my projects were selected representing maybe 17 years of students split over 5 different courses. Good times!

But i do not agree with either of the quotes put next to my work;

“Staffed by a young and enthusiastic team, the School is rapidly engaging with these new contexts of architecture: societal change, climate adaptation and new technologies”

“Teams are assembled from across disciplines from Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape and Design creating a unique range of expertise”

Fabricate Conference trip tomorrow. So excited, its like a festival for architects, cant believe the line-up:

Bruce Davison

Phillip Beesly

Achim Menges

Sklar Tibbits

Mark Burry

Hanno Stehling

As well as architects and research groups such as Hadid, Cloud 9, Hyperbody, Arup and Fosters.

No wonder its sold out. Beast!

But on a serious note, im really looking forward to some in depth discussion on the subject of fabrication and its future in the industry. Ive recently started looking into the concept of emboddied complexity in the fabrication process. I only have a limited knowledge of the physical conditions and processes, but some supplementary mind blowing philosophy will be appreciated.


Erwin Hauer I Milled Panel
Double sided milling of the first generation EH surface. The weaving surfaces are fairly successful at creating the illusion of separation, while this panel was actually milled from a single piece of MDF. Hopefully the next generation EH panel will create a much more fluid and sculptural arrangement.

Double sided milling by Wade at AxisCutParts.com


Logo Experiments
In the process of moving house, I found these experiments using different mediums of branding. The first is pencil sharpenings on a sheet of plastic, nothing special I used glue to trace out logo then placed the shavings.

The second is a multilayerd lasercut perspex model, creating the title with voids. I liked the idea of no single layer being readable on its own, the text is only readable with all layers together. Unfortunatly some of the central pieces are missing.


Shop open! www.shapeways.com/shops/tyrertecture

Grasshopper Workshop I

Weekly grasshopper workshop I have organised and running with two friends, due to many student requests for lessons. We had to create two different classes, to accomodate the amount of people wanting to attend. This document is just a brief overview of what students will be taught in the first two 3 hour sessions, (along with many not-so-pretty definition). All money raised from the workshops will go towards purchasing a Reprap 3D Printer.

Erwin Hauer
Some lunchtime experiments trying to generate Hauer style panels. The original panels are restricted by the fabrication technology of the 50’s. So instead of recreating the tiled repetitive panels, i wrote the definition to be able to adapt to a non-linear grid. Creating elegant ripples of massing on the surface. A second parameter that i wanted to incorporate was the size of the aperture. Using an attractor point the surface varies in porosity. My intention was to cut the panel out on a CNC on both sides. To accommodate this method there are no internal voids that would not be cut in 2d.

This is a work in progress, so there are still plenty of of bits that need to be worked out. You can see the unaligned junctions and overlapping in third image. Will update with progress

New TYRERtecture logo

Keep finding myself working on different logo designs and the like, so thought i would try for a Tyrertecture brand, more for as a digital signature than anything else. Clean and simple, I was playing with symbols replacing letters but couldn’t get any to be fully cohesive in the design. So at the moment i have settled for the totally ambiguous square.