People thought of thinking is the exact reason why none of the Starks other than Sansa would have survived being put at King’s Landing surrounded by enemies because them saying the wrong thing or doing the wrong thing for something that wouldn’t even matter if they were dead would lead them to their death. She knew that escaping at the wrong time would lead her to her death. She knew that saying the wrong thing (sometimes even at the wrong person) could lead her to her death. She knew that in order to survive, she needed to appear like who she was before, not who she is now. She is strong, because it would have been so much easier for her to let it all out instead of keeping everything inside. There’s a reason why Tyrion said “Lady Stark, you may survive us yet.”, and that’s because of how resilient she is, and how smart she is about what she has to do to survive. She was strong every second she continued the facade to love Joffrey. She was strong every single second she continued this facade of being who she was before and not who she is now. And the thing is that lots of people like to pretend that Sansa only survived because of her name and beauty, but do you honestly believe that Joffrey cares about any of that. He killed Ned Stark despite how everyone around him (who actually cared about Ned’s name) told him not to. She could have easily ended up dead if she did any of the stupid stuff you suggested her doing. A lot of people like to act like she only starting playing the Game Of Thrones in Season 4 onwards, but in my opinion, she started playing from the moment her father died, and she surely played her limited cards right cause she’s alive at this moment. Practically everyone who stayed at King’s Landing for many seasons died because they did the wrong thing, said the wrong thing sometimes or solely used the way they felt as a reason to make a move and that’s starting from her father going to even the Tyrells but she survived and then she lived and now she shines.

Zodiac signs as Game of Thrones characters
  • Aries: Arya Stark
  • Taurus: Oberyn Martell
  • Gemini: Margarey Tyrell
  • Cancer: Catelyn Stark
  • Leo: Cersei Lannister
  • Virgo: Jon Snow
  • Libra: Daenerys Targaryen
  • Scorpio: Joffrey Lannister
  • Sagittarius: Tyrion Lannister
  • Capricorn: Robb Stark
  • Aquarius: Aemon Targaryen
  • Pisces: Ygritte
My first post...

…on this tumblr. I have another, but shh, let’s not talk about that. It’s mostly dedicated to fandom things that have no place on such a professional blog. Ahem.

Not that this blog won’t eventually descend into the yawning depths of fandom psychosis, but I’ll try and keep things to a minimum for as long as I can. I feel like the Winchesters trying to keep a Devil’s Gate closed…and there I go.

For the most part, I’ll try to keep this sane. And if I go on a reblogging spree and spam you all with Tyrell photosets, don’t say I didn’t warn you.