I'm not on tumblr as much cause y'all niggas too sensitive for me

Can’t say nothing on here without somebody crying about it .
Most of us on here are young adults and should be able to read a post without getting all butt hurt about it .
Im not here to be politically correct all the time and you don’t have to be either
…. So say what you want , doesn’t matter who disagrees…. It’s a blog site like damn

The Mother Fuckin Thirst

Niggas are acting like if they don’t have a girlfriend by tomorrow  the world is over

I can’t with these niggas …… not at all and its getting outta hand

For the remainder of the day imma need for all thirst to end

That means stop liking all this bitches status,liking all her pictures, retweeting all her i want someone special tweets, telling her to inbox / text you …. ALL THAT SHIT NIGGA

That will not make her like you it will only place you in the long list of dudes that is doing the same thing